Hi everybody. I'm Richie Favre and I'm the President of the newly formed Test and Measurement Group of NI, which is now part of Emerson. I'm incredibly excited about the acquisition of Emerson on October 11th. It represents an opportunity for NI to scale and to infuse new capital into our company. We will continue to remain focused on our current strategy which is to grow both our non direct channel as well as our direct channel. The non direct channel remains incredibly important to NI and has been the lifeblood of this company for many, many years. We have a program that we want to have grow your business and our business. We know that we've had challenges in the past and we're very committed to this program to revitalizing it. Luke Schreyer, who's a long time NI and a trusted member of my team, has been tasked with enhancing our partner strategy, helping to create growth and ensuring that we remain your partner of choice. We appreciate your continued commitment to NI as we go through this journey together, and I look forward to working closely with all of you. Hey everyone, my name is Luke Schreier. I'm the new leader of global sales, marketing and post sale services at NI. It is an honor and a privilege to take on this role after spending more than 22 years at NI if we haven't had a chance to work together before now. My previous roles have been in product management, marketing and most recently in the aerospace, defense and government business unit. All throughout, I've seen the critical role that partners play in our strategy from LabVIEW consultants and product partners all the way to distributors and system integrators. The ecosystem surrounding NI is critical to our success and more importantly, our customer success now more than ever. Having said that, I understand we haven't always been the easiest company to work with. Our strategy has changed a lot over the years. We've done more solution delivery lately than in the past. We've had challenges with lead times and operations. We've shifted your critical points of contact more often than liked. Even speaking to you now, I know I represent another change that may or may not be ideal to the relationships. That you've forged, but I want to leave you with a strong sense of optimism about the future. The acquisition by Emerson has reinforced our strategic direction and provided a clear sense of guardrails for our business going forward. It's going to take some time for all of this to settle, but I'm confident you'll have a more consistent partner in NI going forward. My commitment is to communicate transparently. Ensure that our business unit strategies fully account for your critical capabilities and to learn from mistakes when we make them. Thank you all for your investment and faith in an I over the decades. I look forward to seeing many of you in person in the coming months. As a matter of fact, my first trip after taking on this role was to visit a partner and I hope to learn as much as I can. About each of your businesses going forward, don't hesitate to reach out to me, Nathan or any of the other NI partner managers if we can be of service. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the meeting. Good morning, afternoon and evening, everyone. Thank you for joining our December meeting. My name is Nathan Gitro. I have the privilege of leading Ni's Global Partner Program and this new era. For and I in my nearly 20 years with the company, I've held roles across our business groups, marketing and and operations, most recently serving as your partner champion across the and I business units. And across all of these roles, I've had a first hand view of the importance you have in our strategy in our business and most importantly with our customers and. The opportunity ahead of all of us and remarks I made at NI Connect in May, I talked about the desire across business groups to grow more business with partners and to solve the strategic and often times operational gaps preventing us from doing that faster and that's greater scale. I know we have made progress since May, but I'm also clear eyed. About the work still ahead, as the lead of the Partner Program, I'm doubly committed to delivering the foundation and infrastructure all business groups and all partners need for success. Now. A few weeks ago I shared a number of updates in a letter via the Partner Hub, and I won't cover those updates again here, but I recommend you check that letter out if you haven't already. On the call today, you'll hear updates around partner collaboration, demand or opportunity generation enablement and a topic that your feedback triggered, an update on Live View. The team and I look forward to our time together today and all of our collaborations ahead. I certainly want to thank you for your business and partnership as we wrap this calendar year. Now I'm from Louisiana and there it's customary to say Laissez le Bolton roulet or let the good times roll. But I'll actually end with the saying Common at Emerson, Let's roll. Hi, I'm Graham on the software marketing leads at NI and I need to talk a little bit about LabVIEW. And one of the things that gives me huge confidence to this transition period we've had with our acquisition from Amazon is that they stated the reason, one of the reasons for their investment is the strong software position that NI have in the TNM industry now. We've now got a dedicated software BU not just focused on offerings for vertical markets, but on the platform and especially on lab view. LabVIEW is core to NI strategy and our success moving forward. And we've got an active road map for LabVIEW and it's going to focus in three areas. Firstly, we've got to be able to meet our customers application needs with the software and we know that those needs get harder and harder every year as the products get more complex. Now some of this work has to go into the LabVIEW dev experience. IP development speeding driver install Linux performance. Introducing some of the development features like zoom and quick change that we put in this year, but a lot of it, it actually goes into expanding Lab View throughout the development environment. We know that LabVIEW needs to be used in planning and building and deploying and managing applications as a single shoot single tool and if we can bring. This value under the Lavio banner, we can enhance the experience that we get for our existing users as well as new users coming into that platform. Users should also be confident that by choosing NI Software, it's going to differentiate them from others in other companies who are not using our software. And So what is the North Star around which we can focus our investments and features? Well, there's two things that you should be able to do if you're choosing NI software, such as LabVIEW. The 1st is to be more productive. We know this is already a significant reason why people choose LabVIEW, but we're committed to develop features to accelerate their development faster in this area. This includes faster time to measurements and better support, abstracted development as well as exploration into the generative AI technology. That we've seen in some of the recent keynotes here at NI. And secondly, we know that Lad U users don't work alone. We're prioritizing functionality around collaboration, reuse, community, enabling engineers to scale their ideas and their code across wider teams, enabling remote work and remote collaboration. Now this is just the start one of the other. Things that we're looking to work on is around simplifying our software portfolio licensing. We know it's a little confusing right now. We've got a lot of different versions of software, additions of software, different names of software, and this will also allow us to accelerate the way we're able to bring value to our existing lab user base user base in an easier fashion. There'll be less confusion on which revision you have to have to get an update. Now we're going to share a lot more about this last part and the licensing in February and our next update with you all, it's going to be a big launch. I'm pretty excited about it. It's going to involve both a functionality and branding elements as well as a lot of promotion. I know it will be a real inflection point to allow us to be able to come out and talk about something new with our user base. So I'll leave you with those three things firstly. I'm excited about the future of Lab view. It's core to our strategy and through the transitions here at NI. We've got a team dedicated towards it and refocusing upon it. Secondly, we've got these ideas of what are we prioritizing, what we're prioritizing, meeting our customers needs to be able to build their product as a stable, as a table stake and then differentiating through making them more productive and making them more collaborative. And then we've got this big launch coming up in February, which is going to change the way we go to market with LabVIEW and make it easier for everyone. I can't wait to talk to you all about more about that then. So look forward to speaking to you soon in further updates like this. Thanks very much. Greetings partners, Channel Communications Manager Mel Smith here to tell you all about NI Connect. We know some of you were curious about this event, so I am happy to tell you to mark your calendars for May 20th through 22nd 2024 for NI Connect in Austin, TX. We are already working to put together a partner form even better than last year as we build agendas, book speakers, and finalize partner tracks. You will find the information online and registration is already open. So go to ni.com, search for events and look for NI Connect to learn more. We will also add information in the Partner Digest as we get closer to the event, which reminds me of the importance of making sure your contact information is up to date. Please make sure NI has all four of the following a primary point of contact, a marketing contact, a sales contact, and an executive contact. We are using these contacts to get relevant, appropriate information to the right person. The plan is to start doing this as soon as 2024. So if you have not given us this information, please do so. You can give it to your partner manager or e-mail it directly to me at melanie.smith@ni.com. I'm also very excited about our partner engagement strategy. And the tools we're offering to keep you informed. Just to recap, here are the best ways to keep up with what's going on with the NI Partner program. e-mail of course, which is improving as we send information by role. The NI Partner Hub, the monthly digest insight designed specifically for NI Partners show pad where you can see product Rd. maps get sales enablement tools from NI business units. And the NI Partner LinkedIn group, scan the QR code on your screen or search for the group on LinkedIn. It's called NI Partners. I thank you for your attention. And now I'm going to turn it over to Gabrielle Allengar, who's going to show us how partners are working together to increase sales. Hi partners. Thanks for being here. My name is Valeria Chavira. I am part of the Global Partner Program team. Updating the distributor and system integrator collaboration program, last quarter we talked about the collaboration success between Enochs and Innovas. What is a system integrator and how to identify when a system integrator should be involved in a distributors business opportunity? And today, two partners are joining us to talk about their experience working together to fulfil hard work in the loop for heavy matching system. I'm glad to introduce Daniel Maretti, who is the NI Product Specialist at JAV, our distributor in Brazil. Andre Corsett, owner of Omega 7A system integrator also in Brazil, and the distributor partner manager Gabriel Allenkar. Hi Jim, this is Gabriel Lincar from NI. I'm really excited today to introduce you for our partners down in Brazil, Daniel Morris from Jav, our distributor partner and Andre Corset from Omega Seven, our integrator partner in Brazil. And they'll talk to us a little bit about the success case between this partnership with a company down here. So Daniel, thanks very much for joining us and do want to kick us off with this success case. Yeah, great. Hello everyone. So there is a customer here in Brazil that is aged CEO. They manufacture heavy machinery for agriculture and they do a huge test for the ECU. And there is. An opportunity to upgrade the heal, but they start to ask specific questions about the use of Verstand and I could research for that. Dubs. The Dubs. So, but it will take time and I decide to invite Andrea there. They do everything by themselves. But with this bridge to introduce Andrea to them, I believe we could accelerate the opportunities, guarantee that they keep using an eye and guarantee that they have all the knowledge necessary to keep going with an eye and keep going with their project. That's all. Thanks. Thanks Daniel and Andrea for you as the integrator partner of and I, how it has been your partnership with Jav and most important how it has been the customer reaction in the end of this process by leverages Ni's consistent of partners? Hello everyone. It has been a great partnership. Jav has been working with this client for quite some time, so they made the bridge and for us it's been great because we got a the lead with much better information. We got the the lead with the needs of the client. It was much easier to to start conversation much better than going at the client alone and say hello. My name is Andre from Omega 7. So we could do a much better offer. We could actually deliver the value the client needed. So they were already a heavy user of LabVIEW and Variston. But they were a little bit stuck trying to do a new system, new tests. So they were starting to look into other options. And when Java brought us, we could actually show them what they had to do, what they could do. And all the possibilities. So we started building new custom devices, evolving the system. So it was really great in the end. Now the client is very satisfied with what they're achieving with Verisand and LabVIEW. So now they're very happy with the platform and all the possibilities. They are now using it to to build their new system. Thank you. Now that's amazing. Thank you both of our guys for joining us and telling this really success case where we could see customer navigating from a dissatisfaction point by not knowing the full potential of our technology to a point where they they see now more potential for new projects actually. So we'd appreciate it and have for you guys. Thank you very much. Have a good one. Thank you. Bye, bye everyone. Hello, partners, David Baker here. So this part of the presentation is all about understanding partner value both from your customer's point of view. And then I I want to touch on three key topics, the first of which is the partner directory, the 2nd is opportunities and finally case studies and solutions. So on to the first topic of understanding your partner value, which is related to the partner directory. Now I have spoken about this before and firstly I want to thank the dozens of partners that have already gone into PRM, gone to the account management page and updated their profile on that account management page. This means that both customers and and I can truly understand the value that you are bringing to the marketplace for those partners that have yet to do so. I strongly recommend doing that. As soon as possible. This will then allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but also allow as I said customers and NI to truly understand your value and then be able to engage with you on appropriate opportunities. So this leads nicely on to the second topic around partner value and this is opportunities. So you may remember and some time ago. We did introduce the idea of submitting an opportunity to NI so we can understand firstly which customers you're interacting with, but also recognize those partners that are working with customers to influence purchasing decisions. So on that topic, we've had some fantastic opportunities close through this process ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars through to a $0.00 value for NI. And you may ask why would NI be interested in a 0 value dollar opportunity? This is because again, we understand the customers that you're working with to make successful. And again, we want to recognize those customers that are being successful through partners and of course the partners that are making them successful. So how do we recognize those partners are informing NI about those $0.00 opportunities? So as a reminder for last year's program, those consultant partners which did help us understand and close business which was related to $0.00 purchases from the partner, we did offer a free entry to Niconnect in May. And similarly, I'm very pleased to say that we intend to do the same for this year's program. So for those partners that are providing opportunities where they don't necessarily buy anything from NI but are influencing end customers to make purchases and those opportunities are successfully closed for NI at the end of this year, then we will ultimately provide those partners with again a free of charge entry to NI Connect in Austin in May. I need to point out that does not include hotel or travel expenses and those seats will be limited. So please make sure you're providing us with those opportunity details and successfully ensuring the customer closes those opportunities before the end of December of this year. The final topic to discuss around partner value is the submission of either a solution or a case study through PRM. This allows potential customers and NI to truly understand the value a partner can bring through this medium, whether it's a partner solution which has been completed successfully or it's a case study which talks about a solution that needed to be solved and how it went about solving that problem. NI provides a template, provides a completed example, and clear instructions on how to submit both case study and solution. The action really here is to go into PRM, look at the getting started page, and go ahead and complete either a solution or case study that we can review and add to your profile onni.com. So finally, if you have any questions on any of the topics that I've raised, please do reach out to me directly at david.bakerni.com. Alternatively, just reach out through the partnersni.com and I look forward to hearing from your questions. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. The. _1701695097771

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The leadership of the Global Partner Program may look a bit different, but NI’s commitment to its partners is stronger than ever. Join Nathan Guitrau, Joshua Landau, and the rest of the Global Partner team as we highlight successes of the past year. We will also empower partners with updates and actions you can take to accelerate your growth with NI as it emerges as the new test and measurement division of Emerson.