AQbD Symposium 2023
Enhancing the Quality of Your Analytical Procedures

Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) is a science and risk-based approach to analytical procedure development that “starts with the end in mind”.​

Embraced by industry, regulators and academia, the application of the AQbD principles aims to improve the quality of analytical procedures by using enhanced approaches to development, validation and performance monitoring.​

Join us on November 28th and 29th to hear from subject matter experts on recent development with ICH quality guidelines, implementation in the industry, and chromatography technologies that mitigate risk in the pharma QC laboratory.​

Each session will feature a panel of 3 forward thinking leaders on the topic who will present their recent work and participate in a round table discussion. 

Day 2: Risk Mitigation in the Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory

Application of Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) principles in the pharmaceutical laboratory aims to mitigate risk in routine testing and to enable the continuous improvement of the method quality. ​

Using risk management tools, enhanced method development approaches, and innovative technology, the analytical LC method can not only be successfully transferred and deployed into routine use, but also remain fit-for purpose over its lifecycle. ​

Join us on Wednesday, November 29th for presentations by our subject matter experts followed by a live panel discussion. So have your questions ready!

AQbD Benefits