Understanding mathematics is crucial to tackling contemporary challenges and making informed decisions. Mathematical knowledge is relevant across various fields, from humanities to social sciences to STEM. Nonetheless, students often wonder, "what is the point of learning this?!"

Motivating and engaging non-math majors can be challenging. Luckily, incorporating real-world exercises into lessons can help make math classes less abstract and more enjoyable. This approach encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, connecting theoretical concepts to their applications.

OpenStax Ally, SOWISO, will provide educators with valuable teaching strategies and inspiration to overcome mathematical teaching challenges with technology-enhanced, real-life exercises. Fleur Zeldenrust (Radboud University) will share her teaching experiences with SOWISO and showcase how she has successfully engaged and facilitated students' success with real-world math exercises. The webinar will feature a discuss between this experienced educator and Dr. Luis Pires, a mathematics author at SOWISO, who specializes in creating interactive math exercises for higher education students.

We will demonstrate how digital platforms can enhance real-world problems through features such as interactive theory, GeoGebra visualizations, and automated personalized feedback, thereby expanding their possibilities.