Want more bang for your buck with project document control software?

Despite the many technological advances in the digital world, companies still struggle with the fundamental challenge of securely developing and delivering the right information to key stakeholders in real-time. Many organisations want to efficiently and securely find, share, and collaborate on critical business information with internal and external stakeholders. Unfortunately, traditional platforms aren't quite up to the task.

What if there's a flexible and modern alternative? With an AI-powered, metadata-driven content platform, document-intensive businesses can access embedded search, access, workflow, and collaboration capabilities. With the ability to integrate with many commonplace software such as Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as the ability to digitise many aspects of everyday tasks like document signing and content tagging, this smarter technology will provide an easy-to-use and secure "single source of truth" for content and audit control so organisations can work smarter, not harder. As a result, companies will be able to reap the operational savings benefits, improve stakeholder satisfaction, increase staff productivity, and maintain control during construction projects.

See how we have utilised the M-Files solution stack to solve the collaborative needs of Large Capital Asset Build (LCAB) projects both during construction and then operations. Want to learn more and see how it works in a live demo? Register now to attend this live webinar.