null Hello, I'm Mike Nixon, Director for Orion Portfolio Solutions. And today I am joined by Brian Towner, Director of Strategic Planning and Advisor Experience. And what we're going to talk about today is the enhancements we've made to the proposal generating process. So at Orion, many of you out there know us, but we're always trying to improve. And we're trying to take the advice from the many advisors that we're working with across the country and figure out the best way to improve client experience, everything from client acquisition to client retention. As you'll see here, we have close to 52,000 advisors that we serve across the country, 3.7 trillion on platform assets as well as north of 60 billion in assets under management. And throughout the experience at Orion, we are consistently seeking feedback from the advisors we're working with and trying to find the best way to assist those individuals and having the most efficient practice. The clients are are retained by these advisors on a very high rate. And so today we're going to talk about the framework of the Orion fiduciary flywheel and how we can help. Throughout the the client prospecting piece of the equation to the client planning part of the equation, to the investment equation, to the achievement of a goals equation. So from a prospecting standpoint, what you're looking at is our ability through the Orion technology and the Orion proposal system to allow advisors to take a client's. Existing portfolio, do analysis on it to determine how much risk the individual's taking to determine if they're in the right portfolio and and prepare a side by side presentation to the proposal that our advisors are putting towards the client to show them maybe they're taking on too much risk, perhaps they have an inordinate amount of risk in a portfolio and perhaps they're not taking on enough risk. And so the tools that we have within our proposal program will allow advisors to evaluate where somebody currently is and then make a succinct proposal as to what we're recommending planning. So with the planning component that we can enable through the proposal process, we have the ability to have a more holistic view of individuals financial life. And have the ability to do a financial plan that we've integrated through the client portal, through the Orion Client Portal to help people focus on the goals that they have as far as their investments go and be able to assign the goals to each individual investment. At Orion, we have world class investment solutions to fit about any situation clients can fall into. So as we're going through the process. Each individual advisory work with may have a different investment philosophy as far as deploying investments with individual clients. We have world class investment choices including tax management, high Network Solutions and the best way to help clients achieve success and given the highest probability of success and finally achieve what we have made available to our advisors is world class reporting. And then if you look across the fiduciary flywheel, you'll see Orion planning and so being able to incorporate Orion planning into the client's client portal. So have the ability to view and track progress, look at different scenarios as far as stress testing within their portfolio and have the ability to bring to the table not only world class reporting but also commentary from an investment standpoint as well as a client behavioral standpoint. So before I kick it over to Brian, there's a few things about the new proposal output that I think are absolutely fantastic from an advisor perspective. We all run different practices and so it's very important that we have the ability to tailor the proposal to the way that we sell, the way we present the clients and then also have the ability to white label everything so the experience is tailored towards your individual practice, so you'll be able to incorporate. Your logo into the new proposal system, you'll be able to incorporate your bio as well as your picture within the process. The other things that I like about the new proposal system is the ability to compare an existing portfolio to a proposed portfolio and then provide risk metrics for that individual to aid in the sales process and also aid in the delivery process you'll be able to see. How much risk somebody's taking currently, how much risk you think they should take and then a succinct breakdown of the portfolio. And then you'll be able to see from a standpoint of combining multiple, let's say, multiple accounts, multiple money managers within a client portfolio and put together a blended performance for each one of those. And so without any further ado, let's turn it over to Brian. Thank you so much. Mike, we forgot to mention it, but if you do have any questions on anything that Mike said or anything that I'm about to present on, please do post your question in the Q&A and we will get back to you with those answers. All right, Mike, you kind of teed me up here, so let's showcase a little bit of what the new proposal output looks like. So first, we're going to highlight some of the planning that we built in. Mike did a great job talking about and highlighting what we provide here with our Orion planning. It is free to all users and you can see if your client goes through those planning and those workflows, we want to highlight where they're at in their journey. So on the right you can see if it's funded, the cost, number of years depending on the workflow. And on the left hand side, you'll see all of the goals that the client has actually gone through. So we want to make sure that when you're presenting this back to the client, they understand that you have gone through this with them and what you're going to do to help them achieve those goals. So it's right there as part of the proposal output. Next set of pages here really highlights the investment category that Mike was talking about. These are the investments that you chose that are available on the platform and that you're going to help allocate your client towards that they can reach those goals. So on the right, we have our fact sheet, we'll highlight the risk return, I have all of the performance metrics and then on the left, just a breakdown of the current blended risk score, excuse me, as well as the top 10 holdings. Stuff the client is interested in, what they'll actually be holding within these models and these allocations. You can showcase that as well as the rationale and why you chose this investment blend. Okay. So let's take a deeper dive into Orion planning. In case you're not familiar with what we do offer through Orion planning, 93% of planning specialists consider planning key to a strong client relationships. And within Orion planning, we can help that not only on the planning side, but also on the prospecting side. So our client portal is actually a prospect portal as well. You can send these out to clients that you haven't brought over yet. They can go through those workflows. They can take the RTQ and get a risk score and allow you to easily start the conversation. You can see here 40% higher a UM for advisors that do provide planning and so we want to make that easily accessible for you. Average fee for a comprehensive financial plan can range north of $2000. And again this is something that you can charge for or again make it just an easy add on for your business. We also highlighted some of the goals and workflows on the previous page, but here you can see a couple more where we have healthcare workflow, home purchase, debt management. Your clients do want to provide their logins, they can input that in the client portal and you as the advisor can see that the assets that they hold even outside of your management. Through the proposal, you can see a risk score of those as well. Mike mentioned that kind of current holdings as well as what you propose. And that's a really easy way where you don't have to worry about getting those statements, inputting that data to get a risk score. The client will actually integrate that through our website, then that will come over to you and you can utilize that data right away within the proposal process. So I mentioned it's available at no additional cost. We gather all the necessary data through different workflows. Whether is an all-encompassing one or you can break them down into smaller bite sized chunks as you see over to the right now let's jump in a little bit on Orion risk intelligence. This was previously called hidden Levers and Orion acquired this very recently. This is a quick screenshot from Orion Risk intelligence where you can see the side by side comparison of different model allocations, see that risk return and risk stats and this same information is within our proposal that you'll be utilizing. So you can see their current holdings, get the risk return metrics, stress testing as well as sector geography, asset category, asset class breakdown and comparison amongst the two. And once the client actually becomes a client, you can see this with inside a portfolio view. So you can see that risk profile, you can see stress testing. If anyone is using Eclipse, we also enabled those same risk profile metrics and stress testing metrics, excuse me, inside of Eclipse before you make a trade. And then we also have the ability to add a lot of the same information within our report builder. So Mike mentioned one thing that we're known for within Orion is our report infrastructure that we have. So for quarterly statements, for one off reports you can add a lot of this information to those reports. And so you sell them on that proposal and have that information upfront and you can make sure that you have that information going forward as well to continue and build that relationship. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit more about our proposal as well as the aspects that we integrated with. So from our planning software to our risk intelligence software, there are a couple of links down below. One is a white paper on risk intelligence. You can dig a little bit deeper on what we provide. And then we also have provided a sample proposal, so you can see all the pages that I didn't show here as well. If you do want to get a personalized demo, please reach out. We're really excited to talk with you and answer any questions. Again, please. If you have any questions, post it in that Q&A. Thank you so much. _1721338762187

Your Proposal Generation Process Just Got Better

To help you better meet the needs of your firm and your client’s, we’ve empowered you with a more modern, more flexible, and more intuitive way to win and onboard new clients.

Join Brian Towner, Director, Strategic Planning Advisor Experience, and Michael Nixon, VP, Regional Director as they showcase three key enhancements to the Orion Proposal Tool: