Well, hello everyone. Thank you for joining our webinar today to introduce Orion stacks. My name is Kyle Hyatt, EVP of our technology sales group. And today, we're going to hear from Orion's CEO, Eric Clark, and the President of Orion advisor tech, Brian McLaughlin. So we're happy to have them alongside me here today. To get a look again to these Orion stacks and how they can really, you know, seamlessly connect all the tools you need to propel your productivity, really to delight your clients and hopefully really grow your firm. Couple of housekeeping items here. This presentation is going to be recorded here today. It will be Amit made available. If you want to send it out to others in your firm, you can certainly do that. If you do have any questions today, we just ask that you use the Q&A box down at the bottom of your screen there. At any point in time during the presentation you have questions. Please type those in. And then if we have time today, I think we'll have time for a few hopefully. But after our prepared remarks here, we're going to address your questions that you do have. And if we don't have time, which I don't think we're going to have the time necessary for all the questions certainly that come in, but we are going to follow up with you and get those questions answered. So rest assured therapy questions you not get answered today. With that, I'm going to turn it over to Eric to begin our presentation. Thank you, Kyle. Really appreciate you all making the time to attend our webinar today. It's an exciting opportunity for us to give you an update on the Orion business as well as give you a look into some things that we're doing that we think are quite unique to power your business at Orion. Over the past 20 years, we've grown to a wealth tech business supporting over $3 trillion of assets and just over 100,000 advisors. That we support with the various technologies that we provide. There's never been a more exciting time to be in this business than today. You know, assets under management over the past decade have more than tripled. What an incredible business that we're in providing solutions for investors. But with that being said, as I talk to advisors, the number one issue that you all have, the main pain point that you experience is trying to integrate the technologies that you use everyday to help the clients that you serve. According to the 2022 Investment News Survey, it showed that this lack of integration of the technology offerings that you use is your number one. Pain point. At Orion, we really define our value proposition, our mission around what we refer to as the fiduciary flywheel. The fiduciary flywheel connects the advisor client journey across 4 strategic pillars that power your business, prospecting, planning, investing and ultimately achieving those goals for the investors that you serve that advisor client journey. Is ultimately what allows you to provide not only an efficient operating experience, but a great client experience to the investors that that you serve. As we sat down some years ago to really connect the experience that our advisors had across this fiduciary framework, we recognized that we had some gaps that we needed to fill. As a result, we have done a series. Of acquisitions, back in 2018, we acquired model marketplace provider FTJ Fund Choice. In 2019, we acquired a best in class client portal and financial planning experience business advisor. Then in 2020, we deepened our investment expertise and our ability to help you win high net worth prospects when we merged our business with Brinker Capital. In 2021, we were really quite busy having acquired the the hidden leverage business best in class stress testing technology. Pandemics allowing us to do a little bit better job in helping automate if you will the experience around alternatives reporting. We acquired basis code compliance really bringing technology focused on all of the tasks, responsibilities and duties that the the CEO's have. And then in 2022 we acquired the industries market share leader. And top rated CRM provider retail. Recognizing that our advisors needed an additional services layer to help execute the technology, we had an opportunity to acquire one of the fastest growing RA firms on our technology platform, Town Square capital, which we have now branded as Orion O CIO, allowing us to extend beyond the technology to provide portfolio consultation as well as an outsourced. Very dusk to the advisors that we serve as we bring this, as we bring these solutions together, we have focused on integrating the technology, user experience, allowing you to have a seamless workflow as you connect prospect data from the Redtail CRM into the planning and client portal platform at Orion planning and then connecting those. Financial plans to a best in class model marketplace allowing you to mix your own advisor portfolios alongside best in class institutional strategists, SMA's and other you know strategies that will meet that investors individual needs and then ultimately tracking how are we doing at achieving those investor goals with the Orion. Portfolio accounting technology. While we've integrated you know the the technology, user experience, there's still so much more that we recognize we needed to do to bring our business together. You know, many of these technologies and services are contracted separately with separate measures for the the invoice process, whether it's a per account fee or a per user fee or even assets under management. Well, I'm excited to announce that as of today that has all changed. We're introducing Orion stacks allowing you to have one user experience that is integrated. Alongside one contractual agreement with us recognizing all of the business that you're doing with us to bring all of the power of Orion to you, to your firm and the clients that you're doing business with. As you're doing more business with us, it gives us an opportunity to provide discounts for you and recognize the overall spend that you have with Orion as you partner with us to power your business forward. To go into more details about Orion's stacks, I'd like to ask Brian McLaughlin to join me to jump into exactly how the Orion stacks can help propel your business forward. Awesome. Thank you, Eric. Hey, I'm Brian McLaughlin. I'm the President of Orion technology, and I have the honor of sharing with you more information about the Orion stack that we've built. And I'm excited to bring some more information to you today on this webinar. By bringing our most powerful tools together, users can realize the full functionality of the potential. Of Orion's integrated wealth tech solution for advisor growth, scale and to approve the client experience with the Orion stacks, we brought together all the best of the fintech tools we have to offer and put them into one package for you. Meaning 1 Integration, 1 user experience, one invoice and one contract when you work with Orion. Let's take a look at the Orion essential stack. This is a powerful combination of all the standard tools that Orion has to offer, even includes things like Red Tail CRM and Orion planning. So if you're just getting started with Orion, this is a great solution to get you all the basic tech you need to start running your business. When we look at the next stack, the Orion Advantage stack, this offers even more integrated technology together, which includes both the Orion technology, all the CRM technology of the retail suite and puts it all into one convenient package for you, again with Orion compliance and Orion risk intelligence products included. Let's take a look now at some of the more details in here. So we've covered the details of each stack, but we thought it'd be really cool to show you some of the examples of how the connected experience is and how it comes together and works for you. So let's start off with one of my favorites, of course, the CRM and portfolio accounting integration. You know, we released this actually not that long ago when Redtail joined the Orion team. And so typically in the past you might have had to SSO into links that would actually let you engage with Orion Connect. And open up the portfolio county. Now we've made it so it's completely seamless. It's just embedded into the CRM contacts. It completely removes you from having to look at multiple places for information and reduces the friction and time that you spend your day navigating between different functions of the Orion technology and Redtail technology. Now we literally took the Orion portfolio view, which is like your homepage and we put it right into the CRM. So now you can do your work, Arian work and your retail work all seamlessly. Together and the data just talks to each other. Just synchronizes magically. It's fantastic and saves you a huge amount of time. All this data that automatically syncs includes your contact record information and prepares you for doing new account opening and proposals that are also available in the CRM as well. This is something you have to see to fully understand how awesome it is and once you get a taste of it, you're going to wonder why. We never had it before, but it's here now and we're excited to share it with you and show it off. When we take a look at some more of the integrated technology. One of the number one requests we have from advisors is especially when it comes to trading that are Orion, we want to combine this tech. Together from risk compliance and trading into one integrated solution, we've integrated risk stress test with portfolio analytics right into Eclipse so you don't even have to leave your trading screen. The compliance and free trade validations are now also fully integrated into Eclipse trading, and these validations are based on custom policies that your users can set up to view and manage from the Eclipse and portfolio view trading screens. So the controls in your hands are how you want to customize this. The Orion's trading tech also now delivers proactive real time risk and compliance with an improved all-in-one simplified enhanced trading experience. The portfolio view trading is also available from one view in Eclipse. Also, we're really excited to show off our new proposal tool which creates an awesome experience for your prospective clients by bringing in the elements of behavioral finance, risk, intelligence and financial planning with your client data all in one beautiful package. Your first impression on perspective of clients needs to be a good one, and we're so excited to make this awesome impression for you using our new proposal tool. One customizable proposal integrates all the elements you need to really give a wow experience to your prospective clients. The intuitive guided advisor experience also includes new account opening from the proposal tool, so now we can spend less time spent on pulling data from all the different locations and putting them into a report package and send more. Time with your clients and growing your business. And that of Ryan, we strive to provide the best digital service experience and support, so you get the most out of your technology offerings with our essential stack. You get access to hundreds of people that are SME's or educators, trainers, plus hundreds of educational courses online available to you through the essential stack. And about 85% of our current clients actually use our embedded in app service technologies like chat and they do this because it saves time and provides a really excellent experience, but when you upgrade to the Orion stack advantage. You get also a new item called the Advisor Advocate. This new person will join your team and help understand how your firm needs to use the technology to provide better growth and better opportunities to help build and elevate your advisor practice. The extra layer of service to help you ensure you're getting the most of everything the Orion ecosystem has to offer. You know, the number one technology problem that advisors face today is integration of technology. And what we're here to solve through Orion's stacks is that connection of all the pieces together to help you elevate your business. So I hope all these examples can give you a look into how Orion's stacks can drive efficiency and scale in your business. So now when I pass back over to Kyle to explain some more. All right. Thank you, Brian. You know the the really the beauty of Orion of these stacks is that the more tools you use the more you can save. And so you know that's what we're really calling our stack and save here and you know hopefully take advantage of these discounts that you can earn by using more of our technology. And then in terms of next steps here, if you're already in the Ryan client, you should have received an e-mail about three weeks ago, I think it was. With details around these stacks, you do not have to wait until renewal time to to move into one of these. You can do that at any time. Again if you are interested, click on the blue button there on your screen. If you want to get a demo of any of the tools inside of each of the stacks, we happy to do that with you as well. But our teams are really, you know, equipped to provide you necessary information you need to make up the appropriate decision as to what stack is appropriate for you. So again, just encourage you to click on that blue button there and schedule time with our team to walk you through any questions that you have or any demos. If you're not in the Ryan client on the call today and you like you're interested in Orion and how these tasks can benefit you as well, we'd love to learn more about the technology that you're using in your firm today. And perhaps how that could fit into these technology stacks. And what would be best for you? All right. I think we'll get into some questions here. We've got a lot of questions flowing in here. Again, not going to have time to certainly answer all of these are quite quite a few here. So I'm going to pick a few outs, but let's see here. OK, so. What if my firm has other vendors supplying us with a component of a stack such as a CRM? I'll take that question. So clients already using a multitude of tech products can most likely save us significant amount by, you know, using Orion's new stacks that include CRM risk compliance. And and much more so our our tech platform platform is very well integrated. Again we can walk you through that and show you that that integration between particularly Redtail CRM and the arrest of Orion's features. So, but we found that advisors can gain gain a tremendous amount of value by utilizing the right and Redtail together because of those integration efficiencies and duplicate data entry doesn't have to occur. And so you're going to see us doing a lot more I would say you know over the next several quarters and how you can and that integration, how it's working between Orion and Redtail CRM. So while you're current, you know. Orion agreement remains in effect. We'll continue to support you. Your current integrations, but again, you're encouraged take advantage of these new stacks and you know, unlock any potential benefits you can get from those integrations. OK, let's see some other questions here. What happens to my Redtail contract if I go into a stack? I'll take this one again. So your Redtail subscription is going to be combined into one invoice. You'll be invoiced on a per account basis. Any promo codes or discount codes you were getting through retail? Those will still remain into effect, so you'll you'll you'll keep those. Moving right along here, popular question here is around pricing. To be expected. So thank you for that. All the questions around pricing, so there there is a multitude of factors involved. When it comes to the the pricing, we do want to spend some time with you and understand and learn more about you know obviously what you're using through Orion but also outside technology using. So again a multitude of factors that we have to consider here and we can give you a very transparent pricing. If you should move over to one of these two stacks, you're so happy to walk through that with you again. Just click on that blue button there and we'll reach out to you to to go through that. Let's see a couple more. I think we have time for. Here we have one. Let's see. That's if I go with the essentials bundle. Can I still buy Orion risk intelligence separately? So yes, yes you can. I recommend you connect with our team via again that blue button. Click on that blue button again. Can't say it enough. And you know that said, you can still buy it separately, but there are discounts available if you buy it through the stack, OK? One last one will take one last one. Can I make my own stack? Can I swap something out? Unfortunately, no, you cannot create your own stack, right? So the the stacks are what they are. And again, so you choose, should you choose, to take advantage of them. Great. We love to walk you through that. And to learn more about that so. I think that's all we have time for today. I do want to thank everybody for joining us here today. We're super excited. We hope you're super excited about these stacks. Again, click on that blue button. Schedule some time with us to walk through the stacks. You know, one-on-one conversation. I want to thank Eric. I want to thank Brian for their time today and until next time. _1718399752550

Introducing Orion Stacks: One Integrated UX. One Agreement. All the Power of Orion.

Almost 60% of advisors believe a lack of integration between their core applications is their biggest technology pain point.* Meanwhile, 50% of advisors report increased growth through new client acquisition when their tech is actually integrated.**

Introducing Orion Stacks: a new way we’re banishing siloed advisor tech forever and helping you harness growth for your firm.

Join Eric Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Brian McLaughlin, President, Advisor Tech, and Kyle Hiatt, Executive Vice President of Business Development, for an exclusive look at how Orion Stacks empower you to seamlessly connect all the tools you need to propel productivity, delight your clients, and grow your firm within Orion’s Fiduciary Flywheel: a tech-enabled process that empowers fiduciary advisors to attract new clients, connect planning goals to investment strategies, and ultimately achieve each investor’s goals.

Watch now to explore the best stack for spurring your business to greater momentum and finally focus on what matters most - growing and scaling your business.


**Orion Advisor WealthTech Survey, 2023.