The Fed has triggered a Shocked Rising Rate environment in its effort to battle inflation with short-term market rates increasing substantially while Fed tapering continues to remove liquidity from the system. It is no surprise that managing deposit sensitivity is dominating strategic discussions, particularly as many institutions are facing tightening liquidity positions.

Competition is also intensifying as deposit specials quickly climb to levels we have not seen in decades, which is elevating cannibalization risk on large non-maturity deposit portfolios. The deposit pricing decisions you make as the Fed continues tightening will have a profound impact on margin and customer retention.    

Join Darling Consulting Group for deposit strategy insights during this tightening cycle. DCG Managing Directors Joe Kennerson and Billy Gurthrie will share live case studies from the vast Deposits360°® client base on recent attrition and migration trends, successful deposit promotions, and overall insights on deposit strategies.

Primary areas of focus will be: