While pesticides offer a variety of benefits, they also pose potential health and environmental risks. Therefore many countries have put in place regulations for Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) on pesticides for the food they come into contact with. Food importers, exporters and producers must ensure that they comply with these country specific MRLs for the markets they are selling to.

Unfortunately, pesticide regulations are ever changing. Countries have their own rules, making it difficult to stay on top of each market’s maximum residue level (MRL), test screen options, and country-specific import/export screens.

This webinar provides UK- and EU- based food importers, exporters and producers with everything they need to know to remain compliant moving forward. It explores recent regulatory changes, highlights major hurdles to watch out for, and outlines SGS’s unparalleled pesticide screen capabilities.


Target Audience: This webinar is aimed at UK- and EU-based food importers, exporters or producers who are interested in pesticide testing for regulatory compliance, or who are concerned about regulatory updates.

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

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