Investors continue to seek income-producing investments. With rising interest rates and inflation driving increased volatility for traditional fixed income investments, the demand for alternative income generation is high. But this requires a dynamic, tactical approach to asset allocation. The Nasdaq-100® Index has generated a long and impressive record of performance as a large-cap growth equity strategy. Combined with traditional fixed income and an options overlay in a rules-based, income-oriented solution, it has the potential to deliver continued upside from secular growth trends and stable income throughout bouts of market volatility. 

In this webinar, Thomas Campbell and Jonathan Molchan, Co-CEOs and portfolio managers of STF Management, discuss a unique, yet simple approach they have built to meet the income generation needs of clients. They will focus on how this approach can be delivered in a tax-efficient way. Mark Marex, Senior Specialist of Index Research at Nasdaq, will discuss some of the latest research topics on the Nasdaq-100.

Key takeaways are: 

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