Welcome everyone, we are excited to talk about the Orion and Red Tail coming together of companies in the next generation of CRM technology. Today my name is Todd Bertuzzi. I'm executive Vice president of business development here at Orion. And alongside of me today I have both Trent Muma. Which is our chief product officer? And Brian McLaughlin, the CEO of Red Tail, joined us and now he is our President of CRM here at Orion. So let's talk a little bit about the agenda today. Want to kick it off? Talking a little bit about Orion move in, turn it over to to Brian to go into Red Tail and then Trent and Brian will both talk about the road map and we'll close it out with a little bit of Q&A and next steps. So moving into Orion over the last, I would say 5 to 7 years. We really like went on a mission to power the advisor client journey. And that meant adding to our tech stack. But we do this through what we call prospect plan and best achieve, which is a tech enabled fiduciary process that can bring together into end processes from prospecting all the way to reporting billing, trading in the back office technology that Orion has brought the tables for so many years and tying that out for the advisors. So what does that look like as a as a process if we can move on to the next slide, we'll we'll dive a little bit deeper into this. So when you look at the companies that we've acquired over the last several years. Planning. Now CRM investment companies. We have the technology at the core to to provide all the foundational piece adding in a prospecting technology that that we call marketer. As well, that's allowed us to really drive a seamless new client experience to put the advisor at the forefront of talking to their clients. Being able to educate them first, through prospecting, moving into a planning here at Orion. We believe that planning centric advises is the next wave. We're already seeing that in the industry. Moving that into an investment phase and then at the end, how do you achieve all those results and continue to achieve that through being able to provide portfolio reports and a client experience? And trading those accounts and calculating your fees and so we want to put this entire process in the hands of the advisor. Now at that core, what we found was what we were going to need as a CRM, which we're going to talk about here in a little bit. But before we get there, let's talk about the timeline. I've gone through that a little bit already in 1999. We were founded by advisors, actually, a company called CLS Investments needed an operational support system, and so Eric Clark, our CEO and founder, started building that out. You'll see over the next decade, we took a. We took our time and we got that built out to a point where we started to heavily integrating with other systems, creating an open architecture. Platform. We started bringing in mobile applications and in 2015 we were purchased by a group called TA and Associates and and that that really fueled our growth and over the next 5 to 7 years with also an acquisition of Genstar and a combined. We have now grown quite a bit. As you can see with about 7 acquisitions in the last four years alone and those acquisitions again just to repeat those from planning to compliance to investments with with Brinker hidden levers proposal. Town Square is a recent one that you'll see coming up here soon. We've already announced that, but the most exciting one that I've been a part of because I've been here for 10 years is really Red Tail acquisitions and I'm so excited about what this is going to bring to the table. So where has where is Orion today we talked about all this growth. We've been very blessed as a company to to acquire other good companies that fit in our culture that fit into our mission. And with that, you know, with the red cell acquisition and now gone from two to three trillion when you combine the red sail, all the clients there are 5.8 million accounts on our investment platform. 85 Now third party asset managers that we work with 2300 firms and growing. Obviously with the the acquisition, so again very blessed to be a part of an industry that is growing that that do put their clients 1st and this has allowed us to create our mission and continue our mission of hiring that advisor client journey. With that said, I'm going to turn it over to Brian McLaughlin to start talking a little bit about retail. Brian, all of us at retail, are super excited to be now part of the Orion family. Back in 2003, I co-founded Red Tail in an effort to revolutionize how advisors run their business. Up to that time, everybody ran their business through the desktop applications on their computers and we were one of the first to put it online on the web and to make it all your data and all your client experience information available to you in real time anywhere, any location on any device. We started off with three employees. In fact, we actually have our first employees still with the team, but now we're over 130 different employees across many different locations with three main hubs, Sacramento, Phoenix, AZ and Atlanta, GA. And since then, we've now grown to actually service over 19,000 firms and 110,000 users on our platform every single day. Looking at our next slide, you'll see some of the big benefits that Red Tail can provide to financial advisors. First of all, one of the biggest things is that it's really low cost and feature rich. If you get everything in one. So for one flat price you actually get all the tools and all the different features of our CRM which include things like communication and collaboration, recording whether it's also delivering a client experience through our workflows and powerful automations. Also, we are going to show you in a bit how we also do opportunities and prospect tracking and have 100 plus integrations available to you to really optimize the way you run your business. So a little bit more about retail. We actually provide four different products. First, of course, is our flagship product, CRM also that we offer retail imaging and books and record storage. Keeping paperless office solution. Our retail e-mail archive and management solution to capture all your client communications and tag them to the client records of the CRM and Red tail speak. What first of its kind compliant text messaging solution originally developed during the Orion fuse hackathons and now available to all of our users. As a way to be able to talk in a modern way to your clients. Our mission is to be the essential partner in the financial services industry and helping you develop meaningful relationships through the use of high technology. So let's go ahead and let's dive into a demo now. Alright, so diving into Red Tail we're here logged into the front screen of Red Tail CRM and the first thing you can notice is there's a lot of information at your fingertips immediately. Kind of looking over to general navigation you can see on the left hand side are all the big topics, whether it's your calendar access to all your contacts, opportunities, workflows, etcetera and then on the top across the bar we can find that we can always search for anything we want. Anytime quickly add anything from an activity. If you have a new appointment coming up. Add a quick note into the system or even upload a document to a client real fast. We're also going to have access to all of our integrations. Recently contacted clients and any notifications for today. Going down, you'll see we actually have our calendar. We always trying to bring today to the front, so everything on this page is focused on your day to day. As you can see, I have a financial plan review coming up at 1:00 o'clock with Barry Williams, and so we'll have to make sure we're ready to go for that. And then below you'll see if we have any workflow tasks or birthdays today. We would also have them listed out. Going down the left, generally some of the bigger features that we have in red tail that are used every day. Starting off here, we can see a full colored organized calendar by client by user, by different types, and if we look at the top here I can see I can actually filter this down and say, you know, just show me, show me a couple different users, or filter down by types. I only want to see all the client reviews today and a simple click will automatically filter everything on the screen. In here you can see when we hover over any additional details that might apply. For example, this is actually a part of a workflow task that's due to on Wednesday the 29th. In here you can see there's actually notes in here. I can scan and I can see this also linked to John Mirror. A simple click on this will actually take me to that action so I can go ahead and work on it. Going back over to the calendar, this will also support day, week, month for you as well as as well as allow you to sort things by different categories and you have multiple users and multiple clients attached to different events. Additionally, we put in a whole bunch of different events for you automatically, whether it's client wedding anniversaries, client birthdays, holidays, etcetera can be loaded at your. Click here on the action menu. Going down to the contacts is really the core of what we're storing in the CRM rights client, relationship management, or contact relationship management so the contacts are definitely one of the most important features in here. I can see just 28 Oz listing of contacts, but they're more common people are going to use a couple of other features here like my favorites. So in here maybe I work with a handful of these people on a regular and I've just gone ahead and started them at any point in using the system and made them one of my favorites so it's quick access straight back in to any one of these people. Also on top we give you the ability to do a really deep advanced search. In here I can go ahead and build any type of query I really want on a different fields. So for example, I may go ahead and say, you know I really need to know everybody that has a birthday coming up in July, so we'll go ahead and hit that hit run and here we go. We have 44 people in our database with a birthday of July. Was really cool here is I can go ahead and hit save and give us a name and say hey July birthdays and now I never have to run the search again. I can always just go ahead and come up to my lists or on the very top up here as well. Hit quick list and come down to July birthdays and rerun this. An advanced search is a very very powerful tool inside the CR where I can build complex searches and rerun them anytime and get the most current data every time I run it. Additionally, in the arm or have a ton of different reporting options here, we've also added favorites because there's so many different options. You may only need five or six of these on a regular. By clicking this to, I'll bring it to the top, and when we come in here, we'll have different options like duplicate contact names. Maybe you're trying to clean up your data. This will go ahead and take a look at your entire database and identify which ones are potential duplicates that you can combine and make it a one contact. Going back here on the left again, we have a couple last features I want to show you. One is opportunity tracking, so this is your pipeline management. Taking a look at how much possible opportunity there is in the business and what are all the details. So things are kind of like a project. So in an opportunity there's a lot of different pieces that I can connect now. It's all optional, but generally you want to fill in as much as you can and we have things like. Obviously you're name stages which are completely customizable. The type of business where it came from, possible revenue amounts. And so forth. As you can see on the right hand side and you'll see this in a lot of different screens on Red Tail, we can link many many different things to a single object like opportunities. For an example, I can have multiple contacts here. Maybe attach a workflow, maybe even permission. This is only me and my assistant can see this and as well as see a full timeline of history of this actual opportunity. Seminars we also track very similar to opportunities, but for the sake of time I want to jump ahead a little bit to workflows as one of the most powerful tools in the system that you can use. Workflows allow you to consistently repetitively do the same interaction with the client. For an example, if we're going to do a client review, or if we're going to do a prospecting meeting, we want to make sure that we do all the same steps for every prospect or client every single time, no matter who in my team is actually doing the work. So for example here. I picked the client review workflow. We can see here that I have actually a couple different steps with a bunch of different tasks that need to be done, and this is pretty normal for advisors review workflow. You can see here Tucker or. I'm logged in. That's what should be me either needs to run some reports, confirm the meeting with the client and so forth, but we're going to hand it over at this point to Jack to run the actual report from the planning software. Here you can see also when I hover over I've added notes into my template. When I created this template to actually help remind Jack of what to do or how to do it so we can put in all that extra information as well as attached documents as well. Clicking here you can see that we have a bunch of other steps and what's really cool about the workflow is is that you actually don't advance to the next step, like from prepare to client review data items. Until all of these tasks are complete. That's really keeping you with your consistency over and over and over again, and we can do a complete reporting on this to show you who's missing some steps who hasn't completed anything yet, or presenting outstanding items. Get something done that will also show up back when you're today page or various workflow reports. One last thing I want to show you is the full customization of retail. If you come in here on the name on the top right and I'm just going to go ahead and click my preferences first of all, you can see we have dozens of preferences and you can configure just for you. These are your individual preferences and how you want to have a CR M look and act. When I'm used in it. If we're database administrator, we can actually go ahead and come down over here to manage your account. And we will see we have a ton of other options in here, and this is where we customize everything to fit your business and you can come in here and change things like activity templates. One of the cool, powerful features of retail is activity and node templates, where you can actually prebuild what the activity will look like. And then with one click automatically apply everything. So for example. This one assigned a Curtis rebalance will automatically put the subject the type the category if there are any nodes, and the attendees all automatically filled out. So really all I gotta do here at this point is add a note and I'd be complete with that activity template and you do the same thing with no templates. Let's take a look at another one here. We did a new account and we put in a little feel. It's kind of a prompt to know. Hey, we need to make sure we fill the client name. Going back to some of the other settings to real quick, you're gonna see we also have automation templates. That's going to allow you to kind of if then else statement, which says things like if a client status changes, maybe send an e-mail to the team or message to the teams. Maybe start a workflow. Could be a number of different things as well as access to our mail merge templates for doing the Microsoft Mail merge tool. And lastly down here I want to show you some of the database list. In here, we customize all the drop downs for you, so I have categorized categorization for different clients like a AA and AAA. But you might do Platinum diamond gold. So whichever way works for you, it works for us as well and we can make sure we get this customized for you. So there's a quick run through of just the CRM part of Red Tail. Later on, I'm sure we'll be able to show you, and you can always reach out to us and we'll happily demo the other three products as well so you can get a full picture of what the whole red Red Tail suite looks like. So now let's go ahead and toss it over to Trent's. Going to talk about the 2022 road map and some of the upcoming features. First, I want to talk about the integration that we're doing with the Orion dashboard and portfolio view. The Orion dashboard allows you, as a user, to create a customizable experience to look at your book of business or your firm from the top down. The tiles on the dashboard are customizable based on the actions that are most important to use the user, whether that's generalized reporting, data items around billing, or even RMD data. On top of that, we're also going to be implementing our portfolio view and to retail. The portfolio view is gives you the ability to drill down into specific client data, whether that summary data. Activity, game loss, or even have a view into the financial plan and see how your clients goals are doing. This integration is going to be rolling out in the next couple weeks, which is something that we're really excited about, so those of you that are current Orion and Red Tell users, please be on the lookout on how you can take advantage of this here in the near term. The second piece of the integration that I'm really excited to talk about is how we're going to be implementing in the Orion proposal and new account workflow. The proposal new account workflow is going to seamlessly integrate in with the red tail contact and from there the user is going to have the ability to pull in all of the contacts, personal financial accounts, build that household, and then from there walk through the steps from a financial planning standpoint. Ask questions about the goals of what's most important and then tie that back into an investment strategy template that is either for your own proprietary investment strategies or you'll have access to Orion's third-party asset managers as well. From there, you'll be able to generate a proposal output that helps tell the story about where the client is and where you're going to take them. And then from there you'll be able to integrate that into the new account workflow, where the attributes that you've collected as part of the proposal process will get added to the new account paperwork and will also be added to the new account and Orion, such as the fee and model information. This integration is is slated to be rolled out here later in Q3, but with that I'm going to turn it back over to Brian to where he's going to talk about some really exciting things that we're doing from a data and document imaging standpoint. Thanks, Trent. I have two more things I would love to cover. One is real time data sharing one of the awesome opportunities of having Red Tail and Orion combined is for us to be able to actually share data behind the scenes in real time. For an example, we'll be able to bring it over updated account and position balances. Performance, cash flows and other data from Orion and share back prospect data, document storage, communication information like maybe your text messages for retail speed or even portfolio updates. We'll also be looking. I've really seamlessly tininess in to the red stiff platform. The redshift platform is going to allow you and your business to be able to actually actually work with the data in real time, so real time data shares will be a high priority for us as we look and share information between the two platforms. Looking at the next opportunity is document storage. This was also really exciting because Red Tail imaging has been around for quite some time. Doing books and records, keeping for advisors across the country. Well, we looked at the opportunity and said. How about bringing it automatically more of the Orion document storage directly into your CRM and automatically tag to your client records and to the accounts. So for an example it could be something like a custodial statement or a tax report. When that's generated, we'll be able to tag it and apply it straight to your contact records for immediate access and retrieval. Same things like quarterly statements or things with a state documents. Also, we're really excited to be working on the OCR. Each years for automatic tagging of documents and retrieval of information from those documents, it's going to be a really exciting new upgrade and enhancement coming out in 2023. Great job, Brian. All right now. Some for some more exciting news. We have some special offers for anybody here joining us on the the the webinar today and we'll also be offering this up on the market so if you don't get there today, please come back and and you can take advantage of these special offers. So here we go for current Orion clients. If you switch to Red Tail CRM by the end of this year, you're going to receive three months. For you, there's a bug for that. On your screen you click on to get started. Or you can go to redtailtechnology.com and get signed up there for current Red Tail clients. If you switch to Orion's platform by the end of this year, you're going to receive six months free. Again, that's six months free, so take advantage of this one. There's also a button you can click on to take advantage of that special offer, or you can complete a form at orionadvisortech.com back slash contact. So hey, we look forward to hearing from you. This is. Citing news great offers. Please take advantage of them. With that said, why don't we move into some Q&A and we'll grab a couple questions here? Or a few questions. I think the the the first one that came out right away with with everybody was the impact this is this was going to have collectively a coming together. So Brian, I'm going to ask you both you to answer this, but what's the single biggest? So what if you will of us? Bringing the two companies together? And what that means to the advisors? The great question. I'll take the first stab at it all right? So one of the things that's I mean if you read the article and so forth. This is something that's been a partnership probably long into making. We worked so well together over all the years doing various proof of concepts for different institutions and advisors. I think the biggest take away is that it's such a natural union of teams, right? And there's just so much we can do, and one of the great seller takeaways is that the technology can now. On together and really work seamlessly rather than having to always be integrated or as added on through development teams and so forth, we can work directly as teams to solve big problems. How about you, Brian? I think that's a great point. The the thing that I think is really going to be a differentiator is when we look at the tech enabled fiduciary framework, the prospect plan investor chief pillars. I mean basically the road map that we've laid out. It's a seamless experience right all the way from the prospect piece opening up the new account, adding in the investment management side, the ongoing reporting back with the dashboard and the portfolio view. I mean the the experience being seamless. All-in-one it. It's going to be awesome. So I think that leads into are we going to remain open architecture and coming together now as as one? I think there's a lot of questions out there and people are wondering what does that look like? Because we've preached open architecture, both of us for for years? Do you guys see that continuing or or not? Yeah, I think the short answer is absolutely yes, right? I think keeping to Eric's mantra of most of the one that's all in one, you know we've learned over the years that we want to keep the environment ecosystem open to all players and everybody participating. You know, we hopefully will have all the right tools for you, but if we don't, we'll integrate with them. Still, I mean, red tails bringing in to the ecosystem a couple 100 integrations and start with, and those are broad, and they cover a lot of different areas. And we're going to continue doing that every day going forward. Yeah, I well said Brian. I mean, we're we're we're going to continue the the open architecture standpoint. Although we're really excited about you, know the experience that we're creating. We also understand that it's you know, one size does not necessarily fit all, so we're going to continue to support and build out. You know, other great integrations that we already have. That's great guys. I think I think choice is important, and we see a lot of different entrance into our market from the financial space things that we're not thinking about today, that two years down the road could be very impactful that that we don't integrate with, right? So I think keeping that road map open for integration. Is very smart, but allowing us to actually do some things, maybe a little bit different internally is also good. So operationally, OK, so I think questions coming in too about the impacts. Does this have any operational impacts on the current users of Red Tail or the current users of Orion? So and then I'll turn that over to you from the Orion perspective first. I mean, the day to day no, right? I mean, I think the the biggest thing that you're going to start to see as a red tail and Orion user is just alerts about you being able to take advantage of the road map that Brian and I went through, right? You know, I mentioned earlier about some of that stuff coming out here in the next couple weeks. You know, we're excited to get that and everybody's fingertips, but no day to day. There will be no disruption. Just a lot of great stuff that that folks will be able to take advantage of. Yeah, exactly, and I think you know behind the scenes teams are moving really quickly to integrate and communicate with each other. We can all get on the same page. You know there's the technology and the people integrations, and I think they're going very smoothly so far. We're about a month in. We're already almost ready to release some stuff. I mean, it's pretty awesome and we showed earlier. You know we got a road map already being really well built out for next few quarters so the teams are ready to go. They're excited, they're just pumped up to move forward. And as we do, our planning and our strategies, you know that's the best part of this is that we're executing with such speed similar to the close that was in the news, right? We're doing the same type of speed execution to, really, you know, get value to the advisors and the staff as fast as possible, and I think that's a testament to to your product teams. And then two companies being aligned for so long in industry and and doing, you know what's right by by the advisors. And then ultimately the the investors. But you guys talked a lot about Rd maps, and I know you talked about it. During the presentation, but why don't we do a quick recap of these timelines of some of the things coming out so you guys want to go through that real quick and then I'll close it down on some last questions that are coming in here as well. Yeah, I'll go first with that, you know. So as I mentioned during the presentation, the dashboard and the portfolio view integration, those are going to be rolling out here in the next couple weeks. So again, you know users of retail you're going to be seeing some notifications here soon, talking about when you'll get access to that. How you can turn that on and we're really excited about that that some of the team you know you know hit the ground running right away with you know, so that that comes out here near pretty quick. The next thing is the proposal, new account integration. That's going to be later in Q3. Again, something that we're really excited about being able to get into the red Tail users hands, and then Brian, you want to talk a little bit about the data integration and imaging. Yeah, so the the other two parts there were the red shift integration where we can help enable doing the real time synchronization of data. That's basically the idea of you know simply if you change the name it shows up in all locations seamlessly or an address. Stuff like that. Sharing the the key components of the CRM data that you have over red Tail with Orion and vice versa. We're looking at that one being some, probably early 2023. We're going to try and be as fast as we can on that. The other one is Doctor Management, which is definitely a 2023. Project, that's the Red Tail imaging enhancements also enhancing Orion Connect and so forth. And combining as I said earlier, the document storage and the tagging of documents into all the various applications and making that really efficient and effective, and I think that's going to be a huge win for everybody here when they see that coming out next year. Well, I can tell you from coming from a sales guy. We're pretty excited about what's going to happen. What's coming together? Is this a ton of benefits that are are going to be? Or the advisors that we're working with and I can always say it's always boils back down to the investors. You know how well can we service them all the way through the process of the fiduciary framework we talked about. So guys, super excited about what's to come. I know there are some questions coming in about. Hey, if we have specific questions, who do we contact? We'll have some follow-ups after the webinar that some things, information there that you can grab and and you can contact anytime if you're working with someone at Red Tail already or Orion just reach out to your contacts here will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Specifics, things that weren't covered today. Also don't forget to click on the buttons if you'd like to. 30 day free trial of Red Tail or to learn more about Orion. You can find those on your screen. But with that said, hey super excited about where we're headed guys and thank you for your time today and we'll catch up on this. I'm sure the timelines are going to come quicker than than we think, but we'll wait to see you. So thanks again. _1716957454555

Orion + Redtail: Transforming Advisor Growth through Next Generation CRM Technology

The widely awaited deal between Orion and Redtail has closed. Together, we are ready to transform the way advisors grow their business through a cohesive, tech-driven experience designed to connect every stage of the advisor-client journey.

Join Trent Mumma, Orion’s EVP of Tech Products, and Brian McLaughlin, Redtail co-founder and now Orion’s President, for a first-hand look at our roadmap for combining Redtail’s next-generation CRM technology into Orion’s open architecture platform to help advisors scale essential operational functions and strengthen client relationships.