Alright, hi, welcome to tonight's keynote. I am so excited to be here with you today. I get to kind of kick things off. Then throw this to some of our newest friends. And of course, our aft president ***** Weingarten. Before we get started. I just want to welcome you and say on behalf of the American Federation of Teachers. It's just so great to be here. I'm Kelly boos, the director of the Afts. Share my lesson and I wanna say just a quick word about our sponsors. For today's today's virtual conference turnitin. Turnitin is a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education and meaningfully improving learning outcomes. You can learn more about turnitin by clicking on their logo on the right. We truly appreciate your support. Alright, So what I'd like to do now is just take care of a couple housekeeping items before we get to our main event. Hello everyone, welcome to our 2022 share my lesson virtual conference. 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My lesson team members is there and ready to respond to you. If you would like a copy of the slide deck or any of the related materials, you can find those in the resource widget. For those of you who want professional development credit, you will be able to download a PDF certificate at the conclusion of this webinar verifying your participation today, you do need to answer the poll questions that you will see throughout the webinar. To access that certificate now, let's turn it back over to your moderator who will put up a sample poll question for you to try. The poll question is located directly in the slides. You can answer your question. And then hit submit. From all of us at share my lesson. Thank you for joining us today. Enjoy your webinar. OK, and here is our poll question, how many share my lesson webinars? Have you attended as my first and I'm excited a few a lot, many to count and go ahead and submit your response for that poll question so you can access your professional development credit and then open up. That group chat and let us know what's your favorite web and RI tell you what I have been so excited for tonight's webinar with DMV. I feel like I'm fangirl Girling a little bit. Sorry, Darrell. It's so excited to be here, so I'll let I'll let that pole go for just a second and introduce Randy are you. Can you hear me? Are you on? Can I can't hear you, I'm just having tremendous technology problems today. But you know what? I think everybody has experienced technology problems over the course of the last. Two years, so I think everyone can completely understand and relate. So I wanna turn this over to. American Federation of Teachers president such a champion for so many teachers, educators, public employees, support staff, you name it. Our President a FT ***** Weingarten. Randy, thank you so much for being here today of course, and I really wish that I was on video because I really wanna see Darryl because we have been Kelly and I've been looking forward to tonight. Forget about last night we've been looking forward to the night tonight's keynote for like. Days already and been watching Daryl's video. And you know what this is is, it's how do you teach literacy? What's the word teaching literacy, the DNC way? And so I'm joining by hip hop legend Darryl McDaniels, founder of the iconic run DNC and author of the Best selling children's book Gary Gary's Dream and then by Nickelodeon Vice president of Digital Consumer Insights, Makita Maze, Green and author of Makita. Moving up in the media and you know this is really important that our keynote people outside of education are focusing on literacy and the work Nickelodeon's noggin is doing to support own literacy with music. So if you join my email last night, you knew no that the big focus at the FT is literacy. And we've launched this multi year literacy campaign called leading open to world is designed to support students and educators and families and foster an ongoing level reading. Because of course meeting is foundational. Everything we do, that's the magic of books where they take us what they can teach us. But it's really about how you get through and how. How do you really figured out how you get through to people and so every educator would tell you the first thing we need to do is get through the kids to give them the passion of leaving, because then they learn to read and then they can read tomorrow. And it really, really really matters. Before the pandemic under resourced schools were struggling to provide high quality reading instruction and support, whether it was in all sorts of different ways in the classes and after school tutoring and special classes and personalized coaching, but maybe didn't have books and students who were already marginalized, particularly those who committed the color rule or indigenous areas are low income neighborhoods. We see that they don't have books at home, So what are we doing? Part of what leading opens the world is about is giving kids books-a-million of them, young people getting free books to read, to, love to keep, and to open the world. And folks have diverse titles and subjects and and shoot kids. See something that they're interested in. Then we're gonna give teachers and school staff the tools and the professional development that translates the science of reading into usable, usable. Sorry, somebody else just tried to get me into, you know, usable stuff into, you know, translating the science and reading into these kind of resources. And then we're also gonna. And we started doing this already. Good parents and caregivers fun, I hope. Really fun and research based tips and tools to support literacy. And we're building out and forging the connections between families, communities, educators and schools to be partners and students. Literacy just like we did on Saturday in Chinatown, New York, with the UFT and AFT and other community partners distributing 11,000 books to kids and their families. So this is more than a book giveaway. It's a long term investment. Working with parents, caregivers, teachers, support staff, people like. Darryl so that we can actually open up the lid and create a little bit of joy. So I'm really looking forward to. This keynote as well as there's a bunch of other webinars on reading, opens the world and Kelly will tell you all about that, but this is what's going to make me really nervous and go and Makita, you're gonna have to tell me if I get a ABCD or F on this. The king DMC. With the FT the place to be to talk literacy we want. This way we talk this way we know what works and we know that works see. Reading opens the world. Take it over. Very impressive. Very impressive, awesome, very impressive wow. I don't like that a lot on Nikita. I hope I did. That was a OK. OK all the way. Great, great job Randy. Thank you for that incredible introduction and and love. Love to hear your flow. Darryl always says people are dropping bars so you drop bars. We didn't expect it. Love that and it really, really made your way. Really excited to be here today. We have the AF TDMCMMG so I want to kick off this session by doing something a little different to set the tone. Check this out. You ain't gonna believe this place word I'm telling you come on you gonna bug. Hey, this is a rock and roll museum. You guys don't belong in here. Right? To call me Sire Kingdom, you must choose fire. I won't stop Rocket Li re tired. Brett connect other rappers can't stand up but give us respect. We just had to set it off right now, but I really want everyone. Yeah, go ahead. That was that. That was Larry Bud Melman from the David Letterman show. Get the front job. That's crazy Mike yesterday. Yes, I remember that day like it was yesterday, you know. I I really wanted to share that with everyone here today because really, just. Your lyrical prowess cannot be denied, but what really struck me addition to the music, the lyrics in that song is the symbolism. It's like in just 45 seconds that we watched. There are multiple scenes of you opening doors and walking through them. Now we know it's one thing to walk through doors that are already open. But it's another thing entirely different level. When you open the doors so that you and others can walk through them and throughout the year, sterile, you open doors, you've opened minds through socially conscious. Messages, including the importance of reading. So my question for you is as an artist and education advocate, why has it always been important to you to use your platform to promote learning and literacy the demco way? Because learning starts with communication. And literacy is the power that empowers everybody to communicate so that they can become empowered. Everything starts with literacy. I love school since kindergarten. And the beautiful thing about literacy. You have all these experiences. You see things. And then you want to explain it. You wanna talk about it, you wanna learn about it. So I remember the whole thing that started me on my journey of expression was just seeing a comic book in kindergarten. So you could think as a kid in kindergarten everything was wonderful to you. So I saw this comic book and I was like I gotta know what that is. And I'm looking through this comic book. You know, I'm in kindergarten and I see him all the words. I'm seeing all the words and it was just something about what was in the comic book, which is just as powerful as what was in the world to me. So it made me want to. Learn, suck and understand what was going on in the counterpoint. So from when I got to 1st grade, you know you get you get the long sheet. You get to know you get the cue card and you do the ABC. Thank you, Start learning the words so. It was in first grade which started my resume of being a straight A student. But that was because I wanted to learn and understand the world that I was in. So everything about who we are, what we are. All possibilities. The things that allow dreams to come true is literacy. 'cause if and if you listen to the to the, to the to the words and at the beginning of King of Rock. It was very inspirational outside of new. Just saying this is a music thing. I said to burn my Kingdom you must use fire but I won't stop rocking till I retire so you can burn down this physical Kingdom. But as long as I got belief and I got cry and I got understanding then I got knowledge, I'm unstoppable. So the thing that allowed me to value literacy and learning what's the very thing that attracted me to living and being excited and enthusiastic about being alive? Oof, that's so good. So you had this innate desire to learn this thirst for knowledge. This motivation to succeed, and you mentioned the word dream. Thinking about the trajectory of your career, do you are in acclaimed artist right? We we saw the video you were trying to enter the back Hall of Fame. Now you're in in depth. See in the rock and roll Hall and fame, who won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award? But you didn't stop there. You became an author and now you were children author, so going back to that word dream, I just want to show the audience your latest children's book, Daryl's Dream, which is published in partnership with Nickelodeon and Random House Kids. Tell us a bit about how this book. This part of Darryl's dream came to be alright. Well everybody has a dream. And especially as young people, we come into this world. Everybody has a dream. And as we notice over the last couple of weeks, Makita visiting schools, even the grown up still have drinks, but they don't talk about it. 'cause they still caught up in their everyday hassles and pressures of life and we walked into schools and not just opening up the trains for the kids we opened up for the teachers, but the thing that allowed me to run the thing that wanted me to put Daryl's dream. Out is let's go back to King of Rock for a minute now. The King of Rock was about. Run DMC and hip hop music. Getting denied entry into the rock and Roll Hall of Fame so we made that song in 85 Makita so I was 18 year old kid just had a dream you know I want to be like Michael and Mick Jagger. You know it's all a dream like you know your favorite superhero or you know whoever you idolize growing up whoever it was. You know whatever it was he did. If it was a Disney movie. If it's a book. It was their athlete, a singer or whatever like that. When we got inducted in 2009, they called me over. DM C. Come here, we need to tell you something. What you know you're going in the rock and roll Hall of Fame, but you guys were prophetic and this is the power of literacy. You guys were prophetic. What are you talking about? They said in 1985? Y'all did a video for a song called King of Rock with Larry Bud Melman from the David Letterman show, denying you entry into Rock Roll Hall of Fame. And I was like, yeah, so what's the big deal? They said the rock and Roll Hall of Fame didn't start till 86. No way yes. Thank about how powerful is that is. So those words. All of those words which out of the imagination of just having a dream not only put me somewhere, but created the place for me to go. So, Fast forward to now to Daryl's dream. When I first started out my first record in the music industry, my first wrap, my my first round to the world, was on DMC and the place to be. I go to St. John's University. Since kindergarten, I acquired the knowledge after 12th grade. I'm going straight to college. I went back to that room and I realized everybody knows Daryl. TMC walked this way, my dear. This is tricky. But then I thought about if they know Darryl from high school to Saint Johns to walk this way with Aerosmith to my Adidas till now. I can represent for everybody by telling the world what was it like Madara was in kindergarten first, second, third grade. And what was he doing? I was learning. So learning literacy sets you up for learning so that you can be prepared for what is already waiting for you. Whatever your destiny or your purpose or your so called success. I don't care if you become a banker or cook or dancer or playwright and educator or rocker, or rapper or ballerina astronaut literacy. Sets you up for the train actually being able to come true. I'm living proof of that. So I said I communicated with. What what I was doing was I was going into high schools and speaking to the kids. And to educate us in high schools was like Yo Gary. You gotta take this to the middle schools so the same exact things I was saying to the high school kids I would go say to the middle school kids and attitudes towards learning. And what it meant to go to school and having the opportunity to have education, I mean across the board started changing to the point where when I got to the middle schools, parents was calling in to the principal? Did AMC come to the school? Yeah, yeah yeah, what did he tell my children in the principals like it's their problem. I don't know who my son or daughter is she reading and she's writing and she's being polite like total attitude. So then those middle school teachers was the educators was like Yo Darryl. I know I gotta go take this to the elementary school kids, so when I was going to the elementary school kids I noticed how could I represent them in their environment in real time? 'cause for us Makita our world is a family life, a household lives. Our friends in our daily careers. Do the exact same thing. We go through their lives is their household, their backyards, their neighborhoods, their classrooms, and their schoolyards. So I was like yo, let me just put the DLC King of rock guy that was able to get into the rock Roll Hall of Fame. Let me just put them, put Daryl in their environment. Let's put him in 3rd grade class what everything that goes on here. So that way the kids are able to see. Oh that's the guy and I've been around so long. Grandmothers and grandfathers not lying so they they go. That's the guy that my grandfather, my or my mother or my brother, my uncle or my God. He was just like me. So I had it's a great way for me to use me, but to expose the kids, not to the greatness of Darryl. And it's this isn't Jarrow Stream that's only coming true when the kids see young D of steel, or when the kids see the older DFC. I want them to see themselves, so it was a it was a way to say that Daryl's dream is your dream. Your dream is my dream, and everybody has dreams. And here's are the things that I did to allow my dreams to come true. I read I reading, writing, arithmetic, imagination. You know, I'm saying. Yes, yes, I. I mean, as I'm hearing you talk, of course I'm thinking so many things, but one of which is literacy skills or life skills. And every child, regardless of age, has a dream, right? And and schools and teachers have the ability to help them foster that dream and make it come to fruition. Make that dream and reality. Literacy illiteracy allows them to share who they are without shame. You know what I said? I was able to come GMC in a place to be St. John's University son of Byford, brother of Albanus. My mother runs my pal it's McDaniels, not McDonald's. He's ramser darrells those burgers are ronalds. I ran down my family tree. My mother, my father, my brother and me and the way I was. My presentation came from all the books that I read when I was a kid. Like when I think about my life and my let my. My literacy Pippi Longstocking Charlotte's web. Sound anything Curious George. Anything the peanuts. You know what I'm saying, so all Doctor Seuss. Why do I ran so great doctor Seuss? Doctor Seuss is the best rapper ever. And if you don't read Doctor Seuss. And it, you know, that's the census for young folks, but the adults as adult, you read it. His word play is ridiculous. Now my my doctor says collection. I'm not gonna look at it in the same way. I definitely wanna come back to that and I actually have another question about a spread you haven't jousting just before we lose Randy Randy, are you still there with us? I am still there, I am so I'm just taking all of this in. It's so glad Mandy I'm sad. Sorry Dad, I was just saying she's been such a like. Why don't you ask me? Sorry I can't see you so but I can hear you which is amazing. That's OK Randy, as long as you can hear us you've been such a huge champion made such a remarkable impact on the world given all the things that you've done, you hear Daryl, I'm sure what he's saying has great resonance with you. What we'd like to know is, is there a way that literacy champions like Daryl like noggin, can lend a hand for the work that you're doing? AFP has been so involved in leading the way with Reading opens the world. Do you foresee some avenue of partnership or relationship given the the great work that's happening right now? So it's a one big yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. And and and this is and and and what? What Darryl just said in the kidding you have said it too in the kind of questions in the framing and what you've said about literacy. We are, you know. Just like today, I practiced that rap few times because. I didn't know how to do it. I need to practice. I needed to feel comfortable because I wanted to. You know, I wanted to do something in your world that could create resonance. Yep, and and and one of the things that music does. One of the things that we in does. Is that you get better at it. With practice, you develop your muscles of understanding your muscles of of of you know if your little cat challenge out of words and then understanding that word. Then as you get two more complicated text, what did those texts or music or whether those texts are are are you know you you develop more of a more of a muscle in become more and more comfortable? But what we've never lose is on this experience. And our dreams and how we get there and kids particularly right now. After two years of disruption of a pandemic that none of us ever figured out how to really deal with, and all the twists and turns turns and the misinformation. When kids see themselves in others like the story you just told Daryl about how you became who you became. And kids then she's at and take and look and look at that and say, Oh my God. I can't do that, that's why we need to have. Celebrities, music stars Nickelodeon live in this because then kids start making the connections of. Maybe my dream can be a reality, maybe I have to write to dream and maybe that dreams can become a reality and so there's a whole bunch of different ways we can do it. Like you know we we have done in some of these leading opens the world events so we try to have spares. We try to have meeting circles. We try to do. You know some fun like this weekend we were blaring rock music and you know Chinatown was rocking. In terms of what we were blaring out of, the out of the you know out of that cafeteria part, right, right about how to do this in a way that you know we do read aloud or how we do us like we're doing this webinar, but really, having you with kids and teachers in schools or in one of these events that we can then just breakthrough. But it's really that kind of kids weren't showing appeals accessible. It feels connected and we would, so that's when I said yes. Yes, yes, we'd love you to be part of it. Yeah, it builds. It builds the children confidence and the literacy allows them to participate. Speaks actly exactly and they say. All those things, all that they were told that they can't do with breaking through every word and sentence a kid needs with every book a kid devours, we are breaking through all that crap. Yeah, a lot. A lot of kids read books and say the book was way better than the movie. And that's the powerful statement coming from a kid 'cause you know, most kids just wanna see it. But over the past couple of weeks when I'm speaking with teachers and educators about different books that they give to kids, even with the comic books, you know, 'cause they see Spiderman and they see Iron Man up to so now because of these Marvel motion pictures, these kids are starting to trying to figure out what these comic books in you ain't going to dig the comic books unless you you know you won't understand what's going on. A lot of the kids is going. Yeah, you know Tony Stark's is cool on the screen, but in the book in the book he's it's so much better. 'cause when you're reading. You're going through all of the emotions. Right and left. Right exactly and and exactly. Wow, wow, you know it the the thing that's really resonating as you are talking is that. Literacy reading. It builds confidence and it also builds character right? So Daryl, when you mention yes yes and when you mention this, the Marvel characters and ways in which kids can read and comprehend what's happening in this story, I want to mention another another special character. It's actually one of my newest favorite characters, Young DM. See who is featured not only in the book Daryl's Dream, but also in a very special noggin video. A series that you Darryl have done on what's. The word can you tell us a little bit about that? In your experience there? Why was that an important piece of content for you to create? Again, thinking about the connection between TMC. Teaching literacy in this way. Because one of the things that will make not just young people pay attention and learn, but even older adults. Could teach a lot of adults a lot through music. People learn or to drop of a dime through music that have being said. Music has been used to educate and. And teach people knowledge and language throughout the years. I mean, I've been around since 1983. Since 1983 I could go to the Philippines. I could go to. I've been to Moscow. I've been to Ukraine. Shout out to the people in Ukraine to this day for 37 years. People will come up to me and say deep your records taught me English. Like Records taught me and like really like I learn English because of you and the meaning of words and what was going on. You know I'm saying because of music. So now I can get a brilliant thing. They was like yo kids learn these songs in a matter of days and Makita. We know that there's a lot of songs nowadays. We don't want our kids singing. And like the hotel, sing it and not know what they're saying. So now they came up with a great idea if it's if it. If it's easy for kids to learn songs and learn these words, let's use the music to teach them the meaning of the words that they'll be singing. And it's a simple thing like that, and how I could describe it is how excellent is it. How excellent and easy it is for any young kid I'm talking about. It could be a kid, two years old or as young as one years old. If you put a rhythm to it. They'll learn it, and the perfect example even before you get the words that start with the ABC's the ABC's is one of the best wraps in the history of rapid abcdefg, HIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY&Z. So you put that rhythm there, they're going to comprehend it in an instant. So what we're doing with noggin is, you know all types of songs. Nursery rhymes always work. I mean when you think about it, The Beatles and a lot of legendary rock groups was great at teaching us stories. By using music. You know, one of my favorites from growing up was the yellow submarine. That's like one of the best books ever. We all live in a yellow submarine. Yeah, in the town where I was born, so not gonna start. Wow these kids love hip hop right? So we was in the meeting Makita talking about putting the Daryl's dream book out. And then I was like man, maybe we should do a hip hop and use hip hop to teach kids words and then they gave me this scary look and I'm like what are they looking at me for? Who is the king of hip hop? Why not let the king of hip hop? Be one of the voices on the hip hop series of words on a platform to teach kids the meaning of words. So it's a great way to teach the kids meanings of words even at a young age that they hear everyday cooperation to get whatever it is. So we're using the music to teach the kids the meat, not just how to say the word. 'cause that's what they do with these calls them. And sometimes you look at your son and don't you go, where did you learn that from? But they don't know what they're saying. They're getting nervous, and we're not mad that they're learning, which is magic. You don't do. You know what you're saying? So to solve the problem of not having the kids not understand what they saying, let's use the music to teach them the meaning of these words. See the word you say the word you understand the meaning of the word definition of the word yes. Yes, yes, they get over it. Learn from repetition anyway. That's right, that's right. So I I know that everyone is eager with anticipation. I just want to give them a look at some of the great work that you and not gonna have done to create this. What's the word series? If we can roll that video? What's the word? The word football. They have never heard. Word habit. Come on, come on, let's go. What's the word happen? You do all the time. What's the word happy? Do you think you would please? Happy repeated over and over? That's a habit for a healthy life make your bed every morning rising. You know it's ironic. Well not ironic. You know what's beautiful about that? Bakita. We're trying to teach the kids good habits. I'm just looking at that video repeated over and over again so it's teaching them to to value their literacy and practice it. You know what I'm saying? Part part of a good daily routine, part of a good daily routine I wanna give. Randy, a moment to chime in if she if she can still hear me Randy, what what are your thoughts with all you're seeing here? I can still hear you look. I think it's really. I think you've just increased the curiosity of literacy by probably 100 fold tonight, so I think it's just really it's it's. It's a way in and it's so great and I loved you know how. I just loved the flaming and also both Makita and Daryl. How just how personal and how vulnerable. And how open you are right now. And I think that you know, I suspect, that our audience of educators are really grateful for this and. And and kids. So I just really wanted to say thank you. Well, well thank you. I mean, I I I've had great teachers throughout my throughout my journey, here in this universe because I remember in school. You had the teachers, you know I was so good at my work that in the middle of the class I would finish my ciment quicker than other kids because I wanted to learn to learn to learn so I can understand what was going on in the comic books. But the bad thing was I supposed to read the comic book store school time, but I would only read the comic book when I finished my work in class. So in my head I'm thinking I got permission to do that. So you did have those teachers that knew when I had the book up on my desk? Covering my face, they knew what I was doing is a comic book in the middle of the textbook or workbook. So you had some teachers that would take the book and never give it back. But I had a lot of teachers Miss Peterson, Miss Green, Miss Regina. They would take my book during school time, rightfully so. But at the end of the day, when the school is over school, they would give it back to me 'cause they knew I was reading. They put two and two together. This kid is reading this comic book every minute. That's why he's so good at reading. So let me not deprive him of the opportunity to. They took it from me during class. I mean, you know I'm saying, but they gave it back. And then when I got to high school brother Mike. A brother, Mike. I went to a Catholic High School in Harlem and brother Mike. He would allow us before before our English class. He would give us 10 minutes to you could even read or you could write. And even the students that didn't want to read or write, if you could draw, you could draw 'cause he wanted to. He wanted to pitch you into your mold to set you up so that you could learn this English he was about to give to you, so he didn't say put away your comics, put away your poetry books and put away your little your scribble pass. He said no. Take them out. You got 10 minutes before we go down this literacy journey to express yourself in whatever way and that created. I, I would think I don't think no kid in that class ever got lowered in a seat. Because the brother Mike allowing us to read our story, write a story or illustrate our story. So throughout my years, it throughout my years it's just like we said earlier, it's all preparation. Right, you know whether I would have became a teacher. It's also the way in which you know there's a little trick of our trade, which is unique kids where they are. Yep, you know, hopefully you bring them to you want them to do, but you need kids where they are and if you see as a teacher you know that this is what it's really interesting. A child or young adult you're going to find a way to make sure that you don't suppress that interest. I'm gonna go with it and you know, This is why we always say that teachers have to have, you know, the freedom to teach because they're gonna be kids where they are. They gotta, they gotta understand, they gotta diagnose and you know they have to be able to do that kind of do that kind of thing. You know, give this or didn't food back because. A book or a comic book is a pretty amazing forbidden food. You know exactly that that that that boy or girl, if he or she's in a superheroes she'll she or she'll grow up and be a superhero at whatever like my friends told me, do you turned into a real superhero on the microphone? The way you look and and you know you think about it. It's Darryl McDaniels, but he's the king of rock. I have the alias thing going on. You know what I'm saying so you? So he's so great if the kid is in the space he's gonna do well in science and he's going to do well in social studies. Give him some space books. You know, give her some whatever it is they wanna fly planes, give them books about plane. They love animals, give them books about animals and they will. They will put they will they will. They will get off social media 'cause a lot of times social media ain't giving them what they are. The book can give them everything that they are invincible. Well, we feed that first, we're seeing. Sorry, go ahead, Randy said. And then I'm gonna. I'm gonna jump if that's OK. That's part of the reason why I guess today I talked about project based learning a lot. If kids are working on their passion project. And they have a you know, with under those two dimensions, guidance of a T shirt and and they are really doing something that really interesting. And they have the skill of being under their belt. Thank you very much. This is. This is why we gotta be aspiration agents and opportunity agents that actually give kids what they need. Oh, that's so good aspiration agents, opportunity agents Randy that just brought it full circle, right? Underscoring the role that teachers play educators everyone in a childlike the power to empower and encourage them to follow their dreams. One of the things that we see here, this spread of Daryl's dream. Actually, this is the first spread in the book where Young DMC is engaging with his teacher, who is encouraging and empowering him. And throughout this conversation tonight, we've talked about opening doors, opening minds. And opening the world right so I wanna make sure that before we lose you Randy and I know that we're going to wrap up and cut to the audience and just admit for Q&A. Reading opens the world. Reading opens the world. A very special campaign at the FT is leading. I know there's a video we'd love to show to highlight that if we can roll that video. We're giving out a million books. I can't even count to 1,000,000. The second piece of this program takes a science of reading and puts it into usable resources to help students read and read well. Incredible incredible work by the general incredible work that you're doing on your side. In partnership with Noggin Nickelodeon. At this time I'm just going to turn it back over to Kelly. I know we have some burning questions from our audience. We want to make sure that we get those in before our time is up today. We sure do and I. The teachers but I am gonna take a point of privilege right now to do a call out some special guests who are gonna get the 1st. Group of students from Alexandria, VA. Directed by one of my friends just into Green who was also in the school board here in Alexandria. It's for the Ruby Ruby Tucker readers program, which is a volunteer. Established in 2009 in the in the Rupert Ecker neighborhood of Alexandria, to Foster a love of reading amongst our city's most underserved. Austin hey, my name is Roxana. From Alexandria, VA. I have one question for you, how has. Reading made you successful. Thank you. That's so awesome question. How has reading made me successful throughout my lifetime ever since? Like I said, I I was in school. I've always read books that would allow me to understand my experiences were similar or even the same to all those characters. In the books there was always obstacles and adversity and. Happiness and sadness on unrelated my life with my family, to the characters families that are read in the book and all my experiences. So reading gave me the confidence to allow myself to overcome like a lot of the people books that I read a lot of the characters in the books that I read in. Also at the end of the day, I realized that within me like what Darryl Stream stands for. We are perfect, just the way we are. My glasses is cool. The fact that I love comic books the way that I dress. The way my hair is I don't care whatever it is about me that the bullies and people tease me about. I'm not going to be ashamed of it 'cause we are all perfect, just the way we are. And because I am the way that I am, I can do and become anything that I want to be. So reading allowed me to. Relates to situations in my life that showed me just like all my favorite books I can succeed. I can be successful and everything will be alright. Terrific Daryl and I've I've got a number of people who want to answer some of the poll questions. So I'm gonna ask the next question. But then push poll question for people. Credit for participating today. Martha Jo Martha Joe asked, I wish I could bring you to Alabama. I teach at a facility in kids with behavioral and mental health issues. Ours and I have one who have have has some talent, but none of them see the correlation between school literacy and expanding their rap skills. Do you have anything like? For them to let them know I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Yes, all right. So for all of those wannabe rappers. To all the wannabe rappers you are not going to be great. Unless you learn, unless you educate yourself, unless you value literacy. I'm not talking about popular rappers today. I'm talking about the famous rappers who changed the world. Will all our oil book readers GMC have run D MC KRS-one who causes self to teacher the greatest voice and presence in hip hop at the top of the chain. Chuck D of Public Enemy Eminem. You think Eminem don't read and all those words that come out of his mouth they lost soul rock him the God MC of all you want to be rappers. So everybody who I'm not talking about who sold records. Everybody who sold records changed the world and made everything that they touch better. Are instilled to the state or readers, so to perfect your craft. To those rappers. They're in Alabama to perfect your craft. You need to value treasure and cherish reading. Reading and literacy will make you 100 million times better. And I guarantee you it'll get you to record. Deal that you want. That's awesome, I've gotta figure out the time for maybe one or two more questions, Becky. Have a favorite teacher in school? How does your literacy program help at risk students think? What happened, I didn't hear that. Where did it go? Becky, can you hear me now? Yes, I can hear sorry Becky ask Darrell, did you have a favorite teacher at school? Program help at risk. Students and thank you. Oh yeah, I went to school. I went to school in Hollis, Queens, NY. It was a Catholic school called St Paschal, Baylon Elementary School and there was a in the middle of the hood like it was the only Catholic school that didn't leave my neighborhood and I went there from kindergarten to 8th grade in our library teacher Mrs. Brown. She had a skill and a gift. For noticing the student that always got in trouble, my best friend, Douglas Hayes. He was like the class clown. Then you had the athletic student. You had the student that talk, talk, talk a lot. Miss Brown had a great and then you had me being into my comic books. Miss brown. She had a great gift of saying, OK, this guy Jarrell likes the Silver Surfer. Let let me get from books about the universe. Does the Silver Surfer surfs around the rings of setting and all through the galaxies? So let me give Daryl those books and because she noticed what I was into she would give me that book. My friend, Douglas Hayes. She would give all the she would give Doug all the books that were humorous and funny and we're we're we're very comedian. That the the guy that always got in trouble in our class that was always had to be involved in something she would give him all the books about adventure and battles and stuff like that. So Mrs. Brown did the library and I think she was in my school till like 7th grade. She would give each student books based on their personality, something that me and Makita and us talked about earlier. Look and see where the kid is at and meet the kid. Meet the student there. That is great. Alright, so I'm gonna I'm gonna throw one more question from those great Ruby Tucker readers in Alexandria, VA. And I just got a note that they are listening live right now. No. Gas. I know their director, my friend, Miss Green is watching him. My question is actually one that I've seen many teachers ask the same question tonight, and it's also we've seen it in the chat box, so I'm gonna play this for you right now. Hi Mr McDaniels, my name is Amy and I'm a Ruby Tucker reader from Alexandria, Alexandria, VA. I have one question for you. Will you come read to us one day? Thank you. Oh, that's the easy answer for that one. Yes, I'm coming. I'll be there. That's that's a done deal. As and I know, just like over just just just like the voice of Daryl's dream. Ask and it shall be given to you, so I will come through Ruby Tucker and we will read together donedeal. That's so awesome. I love it. I can tell you. He he is definitely in the place to be and and the visits that I've had an opportunity to accompany Daryl with to schools have just been absolutely amazing. Not just for the students, but for the staff and even the parents who've been able to come in and see it. So it will indeed be a very, very special visit. I do want to quickly say before we. You gotta come down you're on the hook. I I know that we very special to them. I do want to mention for for nagging that we've had an incredible session tonight. There is another very special session tomorrow on the big heart beats using music and movements to teach social and emotional literacy skills is at 4:00 PM. Featuring the big Heart Beats album along with some of my esteemed colleagues Michael Levine, Sean Ferrell, and Julia Levy. So I hope that you all are able to check that out as well. Oh, and did we have this pole here, Kelly? Yes we did. I did push the two Poles so the the one I'm DNC in the place to be. I go to Saint Johns University and. College and after 12th grade I went. And it looks like the majority said straight to college. Yeah I know it. Yep, they know it. Oh so cool. You know what I like that I could switch it up. I like owner Hollis. Well, unfortunately we are. We are starting to run out of time. I feel like we could go on. I I have one request Terrell and I'm putting you on the spot right now. AF TDMC rap. That I've just put back on the screen. If you can see it. And then we'll let you say some closing words, and you will walk. And then I will do some housekeeping item. OK, the King DMC with the FT the place to be to talk literacy. We walk this way we talk this way we know what works and we know the perks see our flag it is unfurled because you know reading opens the world. Shut up. Those those are bars. Those are powerful bars, those are bars. I'm telling you that might be your new record. Right, yeah? Kelly, can I mention one other quick thing? We have a very special treat for those who are here tonight with the FT, so there is a very special noggin coupon that they will be able to access. Now that's providing a coupon to all the FTD's noggin for free and kids can also download the app at home with that FT coupon. So more. What's the word with Darryl to come? More of our interactive games and videos? And we'll have to see it at Daryl if we can get that FTAFT. Rap that you just did an album soon. Oh yeah, yeah yeah well knocking what's the word is album of the year for sure. For sure for sure and check it out and check out more absolutely. I'll, I'll let you guys say final words and then. Thank you so much. This is. We've done a lot of keynotes, but I really feel like we could go on and this is just so much fun. Still have more webinars that are coming up even this evening and and over the course of this. Thank you guys so much. I let you say those words and then we'll close this out. Yeah, I just want to encourage everybody out to teachers. Keep encouraging the kids to read and all you young people out there. Read books and then tell the world your story. Those people in those books like the Young DMC and Daryl Stream Daryl streamers, your dream, your dream is Daryl Stream and everybody has a dream. Even to the point at the back of my book. On the last page is Daryl Rep and right next to Daryl's Rep is a blank page and the blank page is there for all of you young people. I want you to write your name and then write wrapper after that. Whatever your name is, it'll be your Rep and you can write down on the blank page next to Daryl's rap. You can write down your dream, whatever it is, how you look at yourself and what what it is that you dream about. Every day and always remember, like a lot of I told a lot of the young people the poem or the rat does not have to rhyme, because if you're good reader like me, you will learn that all poetry doesn't rhyme, so you can write your name. Your rap is your dream and how you see yourself. If you see yourself in that same in a certain way. When people reach your Rep. When they read about you, they will learn how great you are, how special you are, how awesome, how awesome you are, and how unique you are. So right down your rap, write down your dream. 'cause like the young GMC and Darryl Stream. I'm living proof as the King of Rock that dreams do come true. So well said, Darryl, I, I just want to echo. Everything that you just mentioned, particularly the aspect of dreams coming true on behalf of Noggin and Nickelodeon. A very special things to Kelly Randy the entire AFC team. Special thanks to you Darrell's always for being here so passionate it it's an honor to have you on board and all of my math and colleagues and yes dreams do come true and literacy skills are life skills. Thanks so much for being with us tonight. Great, thank you so much and. Download that PDF certificate for your participation today and what I'm going to do is place kind of some final closing housekeeping notes and then the webcast will end. So do you take a moment to download that PDF certificate and thank you all for joining us. We've got more keynotes coming up this week. Randy's keynote on public education was excellent last night. It's now on demand. You can get professional development credit even for our on demand webinars. And if you're in New York to teacher, we RCTLE and. In Illinois teacher where I SBE approved and then we've got tomorrow night's keynote teachers unified and gun violence and then Thursday's the freedom to teach honestly. So hope you'll join us either live. Alright, thank you again Darryl thank you again Makeda thank you again. Michael Levine who's on here. Nickelodeon and Nick we're so grateful for the relationship, the partnership, and for bringing us the love of letters. See your buddy. Hi everyone, Kelly Boos rejoining you again. I hope you enjoyed today's webinar as much as I did. I want to go over a couple reminders and I have one big favor to ask of you. First, you should now be able to download that PDF certificate for your participation. Today you can access that PDF certificate using one of the widgets, the one with the checkbox. From here you should be able to open up that PDF certificate and download it. The certificate will be saved to your name for up to a year. Now you are required to have answered at least 2 poll questions and met the criteria for watching the minimum amount of time when you open up that PDF certificate, it will be populated. With your name, the date and the title of the webinar. Second, when we closeout this webinar, you will get access to an evaluation for today's webinar. We really appreciate any feedback that you can provide to us into your presenters today. Your feedback and written comments help us continue to provide excellent webinars year round. Now I have a request for you. You know at the end of podcast or at the end of YouTube videos you get those you know. Give me a thumbs up rate and review. While we're asking you to do the same thing on share my lesson to help us continue to grow our community. And here's how. Log in to share my lesson. 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Join hip-hop legend Darryl McDaniels, founder of the iconic Run-DMC, and author of the best-selling children’s book Darryl’s Dream, along with Nickelodeon’s vice president for Digital Consumer Insights, Makeda Mays Green, author of Makeda: Moving Up in Media, for a compelling fireside chat. They will discuss how spoken-word, interactive media content can be an asset to educators. The session will feature Noggin’s new early literacy and vocabulary music video series, “What’s the Word?” which promotes early literacy skills for all children.

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