Your business relies on Microsoft’s cloud services; what have you done to make sure that you have properly secured M365 to protect your organization?

Over 300 million users rely on Microsoft’s cloud services every month. Attackers have followed the crowd and are now exploiting the default configurations of M365 to abuse Azure AD identities and gain unauthorized access to data in Exchange Online and OneDrive. Whether hackers are using Teams to gain access to documents shared through that platform or ransomware gangs are using SharePoint as the means to deliver their malware, security challenges within M365 are constantly evolving and their impact is being felt by everyone in the organization, not just security teams.

Join cybersecurity expert Aaron Turner for a webinar to learn how to prioritize making security improvements in your M365 tenant and leave with a clear action plan for how to avoid becoming another M365 security statistic.

Join cybersecurity expert Aaron Turner on 3rd of March 2022 at 08:00 AM PST I 4:00 PM GMT for a webinar to:

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