The Smart Warehouse is a unique IoT solution developed by SGS for monitoring grain conditions, helping to mitigate multiple long-term storage risks such as insect activity and mildew growth. According to the FAO the annual spoilage of grains harvested worldwide is over 20%, and up to 30% in developing countries.
Keeping optimal storage conditions is a surprisingly complex puzzle to solve as conditions inside big stockpiles of grains and oilseeds are hard to monitor. Our Smart Warehouse sensors are designed for placement inside the stored products to enable accurate online monitoring of temperature, grain moisture, relative humidity and levels of CO2. This allows for early detection of possible spoilage, with wireless monitoring possible at a depth of up to 11 meters. Smart Warehouse enables clients to take timely corrective action such as aerating, turning, selling or fumigating their grains, helping them to reduce grain losses and preserve long-term value.
To examine the challenges of long-term grain storage, and how digital innovations such as Smart Warehouse technology can make it less risky, more sustainable and more profitable. 
Target Audience: The webinar is aimed at all organizations involved in grains storage, processing and trade.
Language: English
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