How Royal Sun Alliance uses AI-based Threat Detection & Response to proactively hunt down threats

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to profit from security weaknesses.  Meanwhile, the COVID pandemic lead accelerated cloud transformation has rendered many of the assumptions of legacy security approaches obsolete. Enterprises are realizing that modern cyber-attacks won’t be stopped by a purely preventive strategy. In fact, it’s almost a given that with sufficient time, motivation, and resources an attacker will always find a point of entry.
Join experts from Royal Sun Alliance, Wipro, and Vectra AI at this informal fireside chat, as they share best practices, organizational experiences, and perspectives on how enterprises can protect themselves from APTs and Ransomware attacks.
Key Takeaways

  1. How can organizations be equipped to detect and respond to APTs & Ransomware attacks proactively
  2. How to effectively use AI based Network Detection & Response (NDR) technologies in a coordinated manner with other security tools such as EDR or SIEM to stop cyberattacks in their tracks
  3. How usage of AI based NDR technology can reduce false positive alerts drastically and thereby increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your SOC

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