Hello beautiful people and welcome to this beautiful session. I'm excited bid to have you here with me today. Miss marisha. And before we get started, I actually want to kind of open us up with a thought prompt for today. I want to see how y'all are feeling today. So if you were to describe your mood today in terms of weather, what would be your forecast? OK, partially cloudy with some rays of sunshine showing through. I'm going to type that in the chat, but I love your feedback just to see how you're feeling today. Let's see. Alright, I would definitely be partly cloudy with sun here and there. How else are we feeling today? Partly cloudy, a little foggy, so hopefully we get you a little more sunshine today. Cloudy alright? Too humid. OK sunshowers I think we're all definitely fill in retrograde for sure. Is what it sounds like, but I hope that by the end of this session we can uplift some of those cloudy and foggy and rainy emotions to some sunshine. So let's go ahead and get started. Hello, beautiful people, it's me. Miss marisha. I'm a TFA alumni author, educator, advocate for personal well being and your earthly guide. To return you and humanity back home to Harmony. And I'd like to invite you to just sit back right now. Relax. And allow the sound of my voice to guide you. At this moment. I just want you to abandon the philosophy that your worth and productivity are solely tide to an external measurement or result. I want you to let me help you focus on a self betterment exercise focused on the practice of self compassion. This short session. Will involve a frame. A grounding exercise. Followed by a short guided meditation. And all you have to do. Is let go. Listen. And be here now. Now why focus on self compassion? Well, self compassion is an inside job. But it has the potential to impact our collective experience. It means letting go of what was happening prior to your tuning in to this message. Release any guilt. Or the urge to consider what's next on your To Do List. This moment is designed with your well being. Through self compassion as the core intention. So just breathe. This restorative journey you're about to begin is a guided experience to return you back home. To harmony. With self compassion. Now we've heard the word. Self compassion. It's a powerful resource accessible to you at anytime. And it's expressly essential in moments when life is unpleasant. When circumstances are less than ideal when others aren't who we expect them to be. And especially when we're not feeling as though we're showing up to life as our best self. So why I practice self compassion? Self compassion can calm and awaken your heart and mind. Self compassion allows you to both surrender. And embrace the uncertainties and undesirable now as well as catapult. You forward with immense clarity and inspired action. Self compassion requires intentionality though. This may sound heavy. It may sound like a really big and complex job. And indeed it is. But this is the stuff of the true essential workers. The social impact leaders of the now and next generation. But when we truly invest ourselves in the process required to strengthen our self compassion muscles. We become open. Adaptable. And adaptability allows us to not only survive, but thrive. Innovate move humanity forward. Collectively in harmony. Now you might be wondering. How does all of this look in action? With all of life happening inside and around me all the time, how do I actually do self compassion? In both a meaningful and manageable way. It's not easy in the beginning. And it certainly requires dedicated time and space for both reflection and deliberate practice. But like with any skill that we wish to improve or even master. You must be consistent. The first step to acting with self compassion. Is simple. Be here now. And that is my invitation to you. Where you are just as you are in your comfortable position. Breathe. Consciously. Together inhale through your nose. And exhale. Breathe a little more intentionally. Allow yourself to breathe with ease. Relax. Let your body soften like a marshmallow igu. Allow your mind to release. Relax. Become silent. Free from the commands and demands of life. Simply imagine. Lean into and feel what relaxation feels like for you. Indulge. Anchor in this good feeling experience. It is now time to ground in this space. With your body relaxed. Your mind still. And heart open. Together I will now guide you and give yourself your flowers now. A self compassion exercise that combines both mindful breathing and visualization. While comfortably relaxed. I want you to cross the inner part of your right arm over your heart. Then place the inner part of your left wrist over your right arm. Kind of like you're signaling Wauconda forever. And now that you're in a good filling position, I'd ask that you close your eyes. And imagine that you're holding two of your favorite flowers. One in each hand. This can be two different flowers that you enjoy, or even two of the same flowers. But with your eyes closed, your arms still crossing your heart. With a flower in each hand. I want you to simply inhale through your nose. Filling your belly with air. And exhale through your mouth. Again, inhale. And exhale. Once more inhale through your nose. And exhale. With your eyes still closed. Turn to the flower that you're holding in your right hand. And with your mind's eye, I want you to admire all of it. From its detailed visuals, the texture. Even its fragrance. Really bring this flower to life in your hand. Admire it. Now take a deep inhale of the flower scent. And turn to the flower in your left hand and exhale. Gently, slowly. Careful not to blow off the pedals. And let's repeat that for the flower and our left hand. Admire all of the details. The visuals. The fragrance of the flower in your left hand and really bring it to life, as if you're truly experiencing it in your hand. Lean in now. And take a deep inhale of the flower scent. And turned the flower in your right hand. And exhale their licks peppered out. Gently. Slowly. Careful. Not to blow off the petals. With your eyes still closed, you can turn your head back to center. Uncross your arms and place your flowers in front of you. Rest your hands in your lap or by your sides, whichever is comfortable for you. And together I still closed. Let's inhale deeply through our nose. And exhale. Inhale through your nose. And exhale through your lips. One less time. Inhale peace. And exhale love. This mindful moment of pause. It's for your restoration. It's a demonstration of self compassion. Let's journey further into our experience of living with integrity. While your eyes remain closed, I'll guide you with the sound of my voice. And you can simply relax. You are the main character. And you're on a mission. You're walking in the mountains. Near the coast of a quiet and beautiful land. You're not in a rush. You're walking holding a steady pace. Breathing consciously. To a melodious rhythm. You are inflo. You're carrying a backpack. And inside contains the habits you've adapted. That don't align with self compassion. Mental paradigms and actions that disturb your mind body connection. That keep your environments in disarray and dishonor your boundaries. The items in your backpack have prevented you from operating in your power and highest mind. Can you imagine any other habits or mindsets of yours that do not reflect self compassion? Picture them. Imagine how you feel or. React when you dishonor yourself with these actions. Just notice them. Acknowledge without judgment. Because now. Now you're on a mission with a deliberate intention. To restore your connection to and reap the benefits of choosing self compassion. As he walked this mountainous land. You're eager to take the contents of this backpack to a place where they can be released, minimizing their negative impact in your life. So you continue your journey. Up up up the side of a mountain. Finally. You experienced peace. As you've reached the mountain peak. You take in all of your surrounding. What is? Is it? There that you see. Take a 360 view. Make note of the sounds or the sense that you recognize. You stand with a sense of accomplishment. At the top of this mountain. You take a moment to scan your body with your mind's eye. Let's practice that now together. Starting at the crown of your head. Imagine the good filling thoughts that come up when you achieve a goal. Big or small. Hard or simple? What thoughts come to mind? What internal monologue do you play? To acknowledge yourself. When you attain a goal, you set out to achieve. Continue scanning your body. Your face. Neck. Shoulders. Back all relaxed. Acknowledge how you feel as you scan down down down your body. The way you feel when you've committed to living with integrity. When you prioritize and commit yourself. As you continue scanning your body, you make note of what truly feels. Like self compassion. You complete your body scan. And you breathe in deep. Then release. Finally. You walk over and sit on a large Flat Rock on this mountaintop. Allowing yourself. To simply breathe. And relax. This is self compassion. The heavy bag you carried the backpack back that contained the routines and decisions you chose that stifled your harmony that contradicted your true essence. That obstructed your ability to exist with integrity. You finally feel like you can put these burdens down. And so you do. One by one. You take them out. You acknowledge what no longer serves you. What held you? Out of alignment. With what it means to choose self compassion? What are those things for you? From the bag you unpack, you acknowledge and release those habits and philosophes. From negative self talk. The choice to abuse substances that create imbalance in mind and body. You release chaos and clutter from your external environments that leave you feeling frustrated, uninspired and unproductive. You discover that you hold onto poor habits around boundaries. Not speaking your truth or asking for what you need. But here. Right now on this mountain peak. You released them all. What did you purge? What did you leave on the rock next to you? Observe them. Mindfully. Scan your bag. Scan your memory bank and your body's energy field. For all that does not serve you. For all that does not feel good for all that prevents you from living with integrity. From living with an existence in self compassion. Don't your bag and your body feel lighter now? At this moment you are choosing to live with integrity out loud. You are being a true friend to yourself. And a kind friend is both encouraging and holds you accountable to the mindsets and actions that will. Sting you that will optimize your existence as a whole human. Self compassion though is not just about extending grace and kindness. But also, honest accountability. Which can sometimes be challenging to accept initially. But we must acknowledge our problematic patterns. Take ownership. Of our faults. And deliberately choose to grow and improve them. Self compassion is about watering our own flowers and being honest. When we're not doing what we need to truly care for and nurture them. Living with integrity out loud. Choosing self compassion means that we take the time and space to truly evaluate where we are. Mind, body, spirit. So that we can intentionally choose a path of practices and processes that propel us forward. No one gets to take this birthright away from you. So unapologetic Lee, and without trying to reason or provide anyone an explanation right here and right now on this mountaintop, take the time to allow yourself. To anchor in harmony. Wrap yourself tenderly in the arms. Self compassion. Just be. Just breathe. Now. Let's take one more conscious breath together. Inhale deep. And exhale. Release. Inhale 3. Your nose filling your belly with air. And slowly exhale. Last time. Inhale through your nose. And exhale through your mouth. And when you're ready. You may gradually open your eyes. And bring awareness back into your body and the space. Around you. Right? Just for a little recap. Why self compassion? Self compassion, beautiful people is the result of choosing to commit to the practices and processes that returned you back home. To harmony. Another way to think of this. Just like the experience we had together. Taking mindful moments of pause. To reflect. Is not only essential to enhancing our self awareness. But it's imperative to sustain our individual and collective to consciously construct life reimagined. A life where we stress less. Because we know and do. What's essential to prioritize, promote, and protect the well being of all? To achieve this end goal, though, we must live with integrity by intentionally integrating practices that support our well being across life areas. Self compassion not only allows us to recognize and honor our own needs. But it's crucial we engage in this practice consistently. As it also teaches us to be open to understanding the perspectives and needs of others. And this is the work of you. The social impact leaders. Of the now in the next generation. So. How is your forecast now? How are we feeling? How to let me know in the chat please? How does it feel to anchor in harmony? How does it feel? To practice self compassion. Relaxed. Feeling good? Rejuvenated. I love that. Good to hear. Well. I'd love to hear from you in the future, and of course I would love for you to definitely tune into this message as frequently as you might need. As I mentioned before, you can choose to modify how you engage with this guided experience. You can either stay fully engaged or allow yourself to linger in a relaxed, lucid state. But what's always the priority? Is that you do what feels natural to you? With the intention to receive what's needed for you at that time. So please feel free to check out the additional resources in our resource tab that I've curated for you and be sure to stay connected to me socially on the digital channels that I've provided. I hope you enjoy. Enjoy this mindful moment of pause and have a renewed commitment to doing what honors you. Now and beyond this space. That's my time for now. Beautiful people until we connect again. It's miss marisha. Love, peace and mountain Peak. _1695744080720
Mindful self-compassion combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance our emotional well-being. While mindfulness increases our awareness of the present, self-compassion encourages greater kindness and understanding of periods of suffering. Individuals who are more self-compassionate tend to have greater happiness, life satisfaction and motivation, and overall better physical and mental health. Join Marisha Dixon, Wellness Leader and TFA alum, as she talks through how to become more self-compassionate, use self-compassion practices, and harness empathy for growth and impact._1695744080899