Move your Cisco Business Edition phone system from “On-Premville” to “Cloud-landia” with Webex Calling!

Let's be honest, the way we communicated prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was already changing quickly—the shift to distributed communication that followed accelerated that change at an exponential rate. When the world changed, the workplace changed.

With the workforce now spread out between those working in offices and those working outside of it, the quickest path between “Point A” and “Point B” is no longer strictly through office communications systems; it’s actually through the cloud.

How do I get to “Cloud-landia” if I’m using the Cisco Business Edition 6000 Bundle?

Cisco’s journey—from rudimentary Voice over IP (VoIP) routers back in the 1990’s to the enterprise-class voice video and collaboration solutions we know today—is legendary.

Much like King Arthur owed much of his success to the knights of the round table, one of the keys to Cisco’s success was the Unified Communications Business Edition 6000 solution. The Business Edition 6000 did not help much in a joust, but it provided the right combination of on-premises call processing, voicemail, instant messaging and mobility for many small and midsize enterprise customers.

If you’re one of those Cisco Business Edition 6000 users watching an ever-growing number of organizations or other applications shift to a cloud-based architecture, we’ve got some great news for you. Switching to cloud calling is not only easy, but can help your teams communicate faster, more efficiently and more effectively, no matter where they are.

During this twelve-minute webinar, you’ll learn more about: