Tame the Alert Storm

Chaotic to Predictive. Reactive to Proactive. Manual to Automatic.

Alert storms happen and organizations can’t afford to get caught unprepared. While tickets are flooding dashboards and inboxes, it’s easy to lose visibility of what’s critical in the sea of redundant alerts, leading to increased time to resolve the issues threatening the business. 

The DRYiCE™ Software-Zenoss partnership leverages Zenoss Cloud’s intelligent monitoring and AI/ML capabilities to derive much-needed visibility for ITOps, enabling DRYiCE iAutomate to intelligently automate and remediate IT incidents. The result is a dramatic improvement in efficiency while simultaneously lowering costs, mitigating risks, and unlocking opportunities.

This session will focus on recent enhancements in AI/ML capabilities of both HCL and Zenoss as the foundation to automate and simplify IT and business operations for the digital enterprise.

Key Takeaways