SAP is a core system for a reason. Challenges arise when workflows change, data must be modified, or performance needs to be analyzed – it’s not always easy to pull, push, or manipulate data in SAP. How do you streamline workflows that occur outside of SAP? How do you ease data accessibility in SAP without disturbing the security of the system? How can you get more workflow automation out of SAP?

In this webinar, Andy Kumrai, Senior Business Systems Analyst at Rockwell Automation, and Ashley Banning, Quickbase Solutions Consultant, will explore how Rockwell Automation paired SAP with Quickbase, a no-code application development platform, to enhance processes across their organization. Know how Quickbase helps organizations gain easy data entry and modification, accessible business analytics for internal and external parties, and streamlined workflows in asset management, procurement, labor management, etc.

Attend this session to:

• Learn how to progress the digital transformation of your supply chain.
• Get tips to efficiently leverage data in SAP.
• Understand the impact of new technologies, like no-code, in your industry.
• Understand ways to streamline workflows dependent on SAP from a real-life example.

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