Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil and a common ingredient found globally in many food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics and personal care products. Due to the growing populations and demand for products, the need for palm oil has never been higher and is forecasted to increase.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Certification Standard is presented as a series of auditable requirements designed to be used by organizations in the palm oil value chain to demonstrate implemented systems for control of RSPO certified palm oil products.

RSPO certification gives you the opportunity to position your product as being sustainably produced. As an RSPO certified organization you are able to prove that you follow responsible management practices and have an in-depth social and environmental awareness program. With consumers increasingly demanding sustainably produced products, ensuring your palm oil is RSPO certified offers them the right choice. 


The objective of this webinar is to help participants understand the importance of RSPO SCCS and become aware of its requirements. This will be a useful introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of a company’s management system of RSPO Supply Chain standard and system. Participants will also be able to understand the stages and techniques of implementing RSPO SCCS within an organization. 



Palm oil is used in everyday food and personal care products such as beverages, food, cookies and ice-cream. With yields ten times higher per unit area than soybean, rapeseed or sunflower oil, the demand for palm oil and palm kernel oil is increasing. The sustainable production of palm oil is already considered at the forefront of the industry compared to other oil crops, however there is still concern that the growing demand could lead to rapid and ill-managed expansion of palm oil production.

Currently, many consumers across several industries, have an inextricable link and dependency on palm-based ingredients, including pharmaceutical, home and personal care and consumers around the world. SGS believes that RSPO physical supply chain certification for Mass Balance or Segregation is necessary because it ensures that sustainable raw materials are drawn into supply chains and consumed. 

The process positively connects everyone operating in the global palm oil supply chain. As a result of your commitment to RSPO certification, growers are supported in improving agricultural practices and connected to trusted traders, buyers, processors and retailers. Your choice for RSPO certification ultimately connects with consumers and allows them to make the right choice for sustainable palm oil.

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of a company’s management system of RSPO Supply Chain standard and system across food, pharma, and cosmetics and personal care industries.

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