During the webinar, we will discuss the suction blister technique in detail. We will also examine the parameters that can be investigated in the obtained skin samples and interstitial fluids.



There are many approaches to studying the effects of skin care products. In addition to biophysical parameters, such as skin moisture, depth of wrinkles and skin elasticity, molecular biological analyses have also become increasingly important for the cosmetic industry and for dermatological research.

By preparing skin samples after an in vivo product treatment, the product’s in vitro efficacy can then be easily examined using a range of molecular biological methods. Suction blisters offer a far less invasive sampling technique than the common alternative, punch biopsies. Both the blister fluid, which is largely derived from the interstitial fluid, and the blister roof, which contains the epidermis, can be used to analyze different biomarkers in the skin. Suction blisters therefore provide key insights when investigating a wide variety of product claims.

Target Audience: The webinar is aimed at cosmetic and consumer skin care product manufacturers, product performance evaluation teams, and marketing teams who need to have their skin care products tested for claim support.

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

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