All right. Welcome, everybody. Thank you for joining today's webinar. My name is David Mellhorn. I'm the VP of Business Development for Redtail. Today, we're going to be talking about unleashing your firm's growth and introducing our Redtail plan. So for those of you that didn't hear, we announced on May 9th. Some exciting new plans that we're going to be offering at Redtail. And so I'm going to take you through those as well. I've got Sean Holland, Shed from Orion is going to be talking about some of the Orion tools that are going to be included in these plans. So I want to kick off 1st. By saying if you have questions, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of them, go ahead and put them in the chat. We've got team members that will be responding to questions via the chat as well as if we have some time at the end. I will go ahead and and take some of them live on here. So feel free to type those questions in as as you think of them. And then at the end we'll address as many questions as we can with the time that we have. And if we don't have time to respond to your question, we will make sure and get back to you at the conclusion of the webinar. So I want to start out before we get into the plans themselves just to give a little bit of history and background for those of you that don't know kind of the history of Red Tail and the technology that we provide. So Redtail started in 2003, we launched Redtail CRM. At the time it was really the first web-based CRM that was designed for financial advisors and so we were excited to be able to offer that in 2006. We launched Redtail Imaging and Red Tail imaging was our paperless solution, same solution that we're offering today. And it was designed to allow advisors to get rid of all those filing cabinets that they had in their office and go digital, but also have it available on the cloud with their CRM in a in a tool that integrated well with their CRM. In 2007, we launched Redtail e-mail again, identifying that there was a gap in the ability for you to have all of your emails automatically tied into client records in your CRM. And so we launched A compliant Red Tail e-mail solution that allowed for those that needed hosting services as well as those that needed archiving services and. Then we took a little while off, continued to reinvent and improve those products and in 2017, we came out with our 4th product which was Redtail Speak. And Redtail Speak was again meant to address one of the shifts in the industry as far as how people wanted to communicate. And so Redtail Speak is our texting solution. And it was. It allows you to send text messages to clients, have those connected to their record in the CRM, as well as allow you to have a compliant way to chat internally without having to pass messages back and forth via e-mail or via tasks in the CRM. In 2022 the big news was obviously are coming together with the Orion technology and the Orion team. We're excited about the the ability to offer not only now these Redtail tools, but all of the technology and offerings that Orion has to be able to create just a an amazing experience for for our financial advisors. Later in 2022 we launched Redtail campaigns. Which was actually a a coop with with Snappy crack in which allows us to provide a marketing platform that not only ties in tightly with your CRM but also has connections directly into your financial planning tools and allows you to. Communicate to prospects and clients and really create those connections in a convenient way that's integrated with the other tools that you're using. So that gives you kind of a viewpoint that from day one we've all we've been about providing solutions that that impact advisors and based on the feedback I want to introduce. Our Redtail plans and so we're excited to be talking about this. We feel like this is the next evolution for Redtail to provide again solutions that are not only price right something that Red Tails always been known for, but also have that flexibility for firms of all sizes. We have firms that use Redtail that are. One person or one person and A and a admin all the way up to groups that have, you know, hundreds of users on Redtail. And so without any further ado, I want to start to kind of show what we're moving to from what we have today from a pricing standpoint to what Redtail plans are going to provide. So today our solutions are sold separately. It's really a la carte type of experience. You can have CRM and imaging, you can have CRM and e-mail. You kind of pick and choose those tools, which is great from a flexibility standpoint. But some of the challenges is that you end up with multiple invoices and build on this day for e-mail and this day for CRM and this day for imaging. It's also price per database, which is great if you're a large office, you know 15 users. All for the same price as if I was a single user. But for smaller offices, there wasn't that flexibility of a plan that was specific for them. And so we're getting away from kind of that one-size-fits-all approach and going into Redtail plans. And the advantages that we have with Redtail plans are we're packaging together our solutions, so CRM. Imaging speak bringing those tools together to create not only a better experience, but better value in what we're providing. One of the advantages of Orion acquiring Redtail is now that now we have all this additional Orion tech that we can provide to Redtail users. And so we've included some of the solutions from Orion in these plans to again just continue to provide value. We also will be moving to one invoice, so rather than having things get billed at different times, you'll just get billed once a month for everything that you're using. At Redtail, we're also moving to a per user plan, so plans are going to be charged on a per user basis. So if you're a one person shop using Redtail, then you know you've got it at a lower price than that of a larger group. So hopefully giving flexibility and for some of you maybe even saving you money by having a solution for smaller offices. And these are these bundles are going to be tailored for for every advisor. So we have, you know a lot of our users are just using basic features of the CRM they're not using. All of the more advanced features, they just want a simple tool to be able to keep track of their notes and their clients and the information related to them. But we also have these larger firms that are are leveraging workflows that have you know dozens if not more users on there leveraging it at the same time. And they need those tools like automations and workflows to help support the goals that they have and the processes that they have as a firm. So I want to get into what that pricing is actually going to look like. So this is the pricing that we announced back on May 9th and 1st off, we have our launch plan. So launch is really designed at smaller offices, people who are going to be again limited in, in what they're looking in for a CRM. So it's going to include, include a basic version of our CRM and I'll get through all the features that are included here shortly. But again build per month up to five users and we are offering now the ability for you to save money if you want to go on an annual plan. So on an annual plan it's $39.00 a user and it's just $45.00 a user if you want that same month to month flexibility that we currently provide. For those of you that are looking for a little bit more, the next step up is growth. And our growth plan I think is really where we're just providing tremendous value. So in addition to getting the CRM and all the features that you currently have, if you're a Redtail user, you're also getting Redtail imaging. And with Redtail imaging, you are getting 200 gigabytes of storage per user. So if you're a five person shop, you're going to get a TB of of storage of Redtail imaging. You're also going to get Redtail Speak, our texting platform. And for those of you that are current speak users, you know that we have various plans and they have a limited number of messages and if you need more, you can pay for more. We're getting rid of all of that and simplifying it. So now Redtail SPEAK is going to include unlimited messages, It's going to include call forwarding and all the features of Redtail Speak all included in that growth plan. And growth is going to be charged $59 a user if you're on an annual plan and $65 per user if you want that month to month flexibility. Now I know I may have some larger groups, maybe some representatives from broker dealers that are on this call. And so that's why we have our enterprise plan. So while we don't have pricing listed here, what it's designed for is for larger groups that maybe are needing multiple databases or currently have multiple databases and you'd like to come up with a a custom plan that meets the needs that you have. We are happy to talk through that and create something that will work for you. We just ask that you reach out to us and we'll get you connected with the an RM here at at Redtail who can talk through your needs and and come up with a plan that's going to work best for you. But as you can see we're trying to offer flexibility and different plans for for different needs. So with that I'll go through this this chart and it it may look like a lot on there and I think that kind of. Reinforces the sense that there's a lot of value that that we're providing in these plans and so this may be hard for some of you to see what depending on what kind of screen you're watching this. So know that if you look in the the admin console of the webinar, you'll be able to download this. We this is available for download if you want to see this. Also it's been communicated there as well and made available from our sales team as well. So if we look at the CRM itself, you can see launch is going to include pretty much everything in the CRM. The only things that will not be available in there are things like permissions, automated workflows, templates for workflows and and broadcast emails as well as automations. And the reason those aren't included is those are typically used for larger groups. So if you're really simple in your needs, launch may be a great solution for you for those of you that are looking for more than that. And workflows are a big part of your day and and your processes within the Office Growth Plan is going to include all of those features. But if you look on this right hand column, it shows everything else that's also included in growth. It's going to include Redtail Imaging and all the features. It's going to include Redtail speak and all the features within there. And again, now we are offering it for unlimited messages and call forwarding included. So all of those Redtail tools are in there. But one of the things that I know a lot of Redtail customers have already been asking is what about the Orion tech that's included. And so that's why I have Sean joining us today from the Orion team. And he's going to go through and and give you insight and give you a sneak peek into the Orion tech that is included in both the launch plan and the growth plan. So with that being said, I'm going to pass it over to Sean to be able to run through the advisor tech that we include in the growth plan. Thanks, David. And we really appreciate the opportunity to spend a few minutes with you from the Orion side. Obviously, this is really focused on some of the great Redtail changes. But this, this merger and acquisition from the Redtail side has been a real benefit from existing Orion clients, existing Redtail clients. And we have a really unique opportunity in this instance in the CRM world to also add some additional tools from the Orion tool belt, which is not that common. If you think about the way that the industry typically works, we've really segmented our technology over the last couple of decades and it's created difficulty in terms of integration. Using multiple systems and most importantly client engagement and one of the key components to this these growth packages from the Red Tail side of things is you have access now do a couple of key tools revolved around the client engagement piece which tends to be a real lack for for a lot of financial firms. If you looked at client engagement across the board and especially in terms of client portal, financial plan engagement, behavioral finance engagement. The, the numbers are pretty abysmal and and part of that is because the the conversation just hasn't shifted enough. And I don't mean to be speaking to any of you that you're not doing that, but I think many of you probably are nodding your head and saying, yeah we don't, our clients don't really access the portal very often. You know maybe they get their custodial statement and so the objective of this integration and especially part of this growth suite in Redtail. Is to provide you additional tools to not only win clients, but to retain clients. So I'm going to briefly show you three key additions to this growth suite that I think will help as you have those client conversations, you have those client meetings and most importantly some of the retention discussions when the markets tend to be a little more choppy. So the three things we're going to talk about are the proposal generation that's now integrated into Redtail, the Orion financial planning tool. And then a couple of aspects of the financial planning tool that are available through the client portal and some of the behavioral finance aspects. So let's dive in now and I'll show you just a couple of items there on screen. So one of the aspects of the system that's that made a lot of sense, you know in terms of integration and and and Redtail and Orion is we we already had quite a bit of of information going back and forth in the system. The integration was quite strong. This wasn't a situation where we had to start from square one. And so one of the first key things I want to talk about briefly. Most of you being familiar with the Redtail system is the ability to now run proposals directly within the Redtail application. So you'll see on my screen here I'm already in the contact page. We have contact record information and right within that account level or a contact level information area you can see this proposal aspect. 2 quick things I'll mention here if I've started proposals or we have previous proposals you notice down here. I can go in and I can edit what we've started. We can pick up where we left off and this can be really useful. If this is an existing client and maybe you're going to have a conversation around changing the asset allocation or changing a plan based off life circumstances, you can go in and you can now run some comparative proposals. If this is a prospect, I can go in now and I can create a brand new proposal for this prospect or existing client if they're opening a new account and you'll notice now instead of having to pipe out of the Redtail system. Pull up another tab, sign into another system, one of five or six or seven technology systems that you might be using. Now I have the ability to run the proposal right from the Redtail structure, so I'll just go through quickly. I'm not gonna go through every single step for time purposes, but if you look at the top here you can see it will just guide you through a step by step process to generate this proposal. The nice thing about the proposal system is it's dynamic in the sense that if there's areas that aren't applicable for you and your clients or this particular client, I can skip over those. So for example, we'll talk about the financial planning piece in a minute. But if I'm using the Orion financial planning tool, which is now included in the growth plan of Redtail, that planning information will pull in. And if I'd already gone through that with this particular Prospector client, I would see some of that planning information. If we hadn't, I have the ability to go through and we can designate whether it's a risk questionnaire, a couple of other items I'll talk about in a minute related to protect Live Dream, our bucketing strategy and some of our behavioral finance questionnaires, or I can go right into some specific objectives related to a potential plan. Now again, like I mentioned the beginning, you're not required to all the sudden build out a financial plan in great detail before I can generate a proposal if I wanted to skip this step. I can just move forward and I could go to the questionnaire. The questionnaire component's going to be related to the risk side of of things and we'll talk about the two different variations of the risk questionnaire you have access to in the system now through the the plans related to the the Redtail growth packages. One of them is what you see on the screen here. I would consider this a fairly industry standard risk questionnaire. The client or or you and the client can go through answer these questions. Generator risk score and then use that in terms of assigning the appropriate model or asset allocation throughout the proposal process. The other option you have, and I'll show you this in the Orion client portal and can also be turned on in the proposal is what we call the 3D RTQ. The 3D risk questionnaire is really built out for more of a behavioral finance side of things and is built to capture not just a static risk number, but a better way to help us understand not only what is our client's risk capacity. But what is their risk tolerance? What is their composure when markets make a shift and it can build a little bit better profile. If you want something a little more detail, the additional steps here, we can come in and we can designate what account we're opening for the client an estimated amount in terms of value for that particular portfolio. And then we can come in and we can even get to the point where we're we're establishing a model or assigning an allocation here. So we can get a sense of in this proposal what are we recommending, what are the risk characteristics of this particular model, How does this apply overall you know to to this, this client's portfolio and we we can come in and we can build this out in a structure that makes sense to to display to the client. Now there's a couple additional features in here that that are probably worth spending some time on that we won't do today in this webinar related to different functionalities around how you assign the models, how the risk capacity and stress testing component component works. For our purposes today, we're just going to say we're going to assign this model, save it and now we really have two of the critical pieces we need to make up the proposal. Really the other aspect you have in here is I have the ability to add in clients existing holdings. So this is the client that we know their existing portfolio or it's an existing client that that we have a previous model assigned to it. I have the ability to come in and say well we're going to propose this model, here's your previous model. Now let's generate a proposal and get a side by side comparison ultimately that output which this will look, you know you have some variation in terms of how you create these proposals, but ultimately I have the ability to put together a very nice white label proposal that I can now present. To my clients or my prospects. And the beauty of this proposal is this can tie into not just the investment side of the recommendation, but we also have the ability to show things related to goals and objectives. If you're using the planning function, we have the ability if you're looking at a bucketing type strategy and we want to segment those assets and earmark them for specific objectives related to our protective dream functionality, which I'll speak about in just a second, You can tie these into the proposal. As well as the investment recommendations, what's the, what are we, what are we proposing in terms of model or strategy, What does this potentially look like in terms of risk statistics? And so you have the ability to customize to some degree this proposal with the applicable pages that make sense for you. So certainly more to discuss here, but one key piece and I think this is a real big game changer in terms of CRM access is the ability to quickly run a proposal right from the CRM system. Two other quick items I'll speak about quickly. Is the Orion financial planning or Ryan Orion client portal are both included in that growth suite? The nice thing about the Orion client portal and the financial planning tool is they're integrated and they're one and the same. So you're not bouncing back and forth. We're not worried about data syncing and I'm not single signing into a planning tool and then back into the client portal. The objective is I can have one central hub where my clients can access data related to their investments, but more importantly, they can access data related to where are we headed, what's the objective, what are my goals, where do I want to go with these investments? And that in turn can steer the conversation more towards the behavioral finance side of things related to are we hitting the objectives. I'm not so concerned that that CNBC said that the market's going to tank this week or that it is. I'm more concerned that the objectives that we put in place. Understanding my risk composure and risk tolerance gives me a better chance to to not only stay invested as an as a client but gives me an overall better picture of what things look like. So in terms of a quick navigation view here, this would be a general screen that you would typically see clients land in. The only difference is your logo and branding would be at the top, so they would see of course your branding reflected. The client could log in and see some information related to their accounts and investments in in terms of their portfolio tree. If they wanted to piece together outside assets, they have the ability through an integration link through an aggregation tool. We use Plat in our in our portal where you can build in outside assets and then get a picture in terms of net worth on on what the network structure might look like. So you know assets and liabilities. How does that come into play? I have the ability to go through that process and I can see that that information click in the client, see their existing assets, but you also have the ability to add outside assets into this portal. And if I want to, I can paint the picture in terms of net worth and the client has the ability to see not just on the asset side but also the liability side, a broader picture of their financial structure. And these you have the ability to build these out in detail as part of the portal and the planning tool. But it gives you a nice picture, a nice display for the client to not just see the investment side, not just focus on returns, fees, etcetera, But again to get a much broader picture of everything related to their financial, financial future financial goals, objectives, etcetera. So if they have a secondary home, if they have a business that they have equity compensation, all of these functions can be built into the client profile in the portal in the planning tool and I can add, update and layer this in over time. The one thing I will say about this portal and planning system is it doesn't have to be the type of function that you pull every lever all at once. I can slowly layer this in with my clients and my prospects and as time goes on we can really build out a detailed financial future for them. But it's not a system that requires you to do that right out of the gate. We can start with a very simplistic objective in mind like retirement and over time we can build in some additional functions there. Now I mentioned as we went to the proposal, two other quick elements I'll discuss related to access to the client portal and financial planning tool. One of those is related to the risk questionnaire, what we call the 3D RTQ. I'm not going to go through this in detail, but I did want to give you an idea of what this looks like and really what it's trying to capture. So I mentioned you know a typical risk questionnaire is all tip all usually related around the risk number. The 3D RTQ is going to focus on three different elements from your client's perspective related to how they think about risk. So you have capacity, tolerance and composure. So this system will take us through a few questions in each of these areas. Aggregate those risk scores together and give us a much better picture of not just a risk number in terms of, hey, if the market goes up and down X percentage, how do you feel about this over the next period of time? It's really going to try to dive into more the behavioral finance side of things and capture that that that function. So you can still use a generic risk questionnaire here, but you also have access to this 3D risk questionnaire. The other element is related to the financial planning tool. So I'm going to dive in just briefly to finish up here on the financial planning side. And what this allows me to do is I can see the objectives that I've established for my client. So if you look here, this particular client, we have a number of items that we've earmarked in terms of their financial future. We have a retirement analysis, We have our son's education, secondary homes, debt management, auto loans, etcetera. So I can go into each of these areas and then I can get to the level that I want with my client. I can drill down and show them, hey, based off your your current retirement analysis, this is where you're standing. But you know what, Sean, what if? What if we add an additional $1500 per month? What does that do to my potential overall retirement savings or where we end up based off this analysis? So you have access to what if tools, what if analysis capabilities, you can compare plans. So if we wanted to say, well here's the current plan or here's the proposed plan and let's also look if we did an early retirement plan, I can get a side by side comparison within the planning tool that you can use with your clients. The other nice feature about the planning system is all of these things we're discussing can be done on screen with the client in a remote fashion. So as the advisor, if I'm logged into the planning tool, you'll see this code browse capability. This is built into the planning and the client portal structure that you'll now have access to. So if I hit Code Browse and we see that Alan Shepard is online, he's logged into the portal, he'll be able to access and we'll be able to access the same screen. And we can guide them through a discussion around their retirement income, their goals, objectives, a Monte Carlo simulation. All of that can be viewed directly in the portal view that you know have access to. The last quick thing I'll touch about touch on related to the planning is is more on the behavioral side, finance side of things and and I'm imagining several of your firms do some type of bucketing type strategy but associated with the planning tool you have the ability to use what we call protect live dream. And essentially that's a three bucket strategy that we can take in the planning aspect, the different assets and the different accounts that we have for our particular clients. We can bucket them into the three different buckets that we have created in the protected live dream structure. And this gives your client a nice visual visual to understand where where are my assets working for me in real time for the now, where are my assets working for my future financial goals. And where are my financial assets working for the growth that I have given my time horizon and you can see in these buckets here. I won't read each of these individually, but this is a really nice visual way that you can also tie into some of the proposals that you create that allow you to access information beyond just, hey you Monte Carlo looks good, it's at 98% or hey, we we think you're on track here. This provides a much more broad spectrum from a behavioral finance side of things where we can get a sense of are my assets at work, are they at work for the immediate term, longterm or midterm and and where are those tied in from an account standpoint. So this, this financial planning tool gives you the ability to layer in leverage to the degree you want details related to their investments, risk questionnaire, risk tolerance and then you can also layer in cash flow analysis on the back end. Where if you want to show them, hey, you know, once we get to retirement, let's look at what happened to your employment income. Well, island's retired, so he no longer has an employment income. Luis does have an income. So whether you're an objective based planning firm or a cash flow based planning firm, this tool can really feed either of those niches. So of course much more to talk about here. I'll finish with with those comments we're more than happy to discuss. What what's available and what's included in these packages now, but I'm going to turn the time back over to David to discuss a couple additional things before we wrap up. Awesome. Thank you Sean for running through that, I think. One of the biggest benefits that we wanted to be able to communicate in today's webinar, a lot of you are familiar with Redtail CRM and its features and and I think a good number of you are also familiar with Redtail imaging and Redtail speak. But one of the things that I'm most excited about is, is that the growth plan is in addition to providing these great Redtail tools, you saw the the power that there is in some of these Orion offerings with the portal with the planning. And some of the behavioral finance features as well that I think when you think about for 20 extra dollars a month going from launch to growth, how much more is included, it really provides just a tremendous amount of value for you and your firm. So for those of you that aren't familiar though with Redtail speak and. And Redtail imaging, I do want to give a little bit more information on those. So Redtail speak, as I mentioned is our compliant texting solution. So this allows you to not only text message your clients in a way that will be archived for compliance purposes. It also allows you to collaborate with your staff and teams. So think of like a instant message type of feature that will allow it to be easier to communicate internally. But Redtail speak features things like broadcast messages where you can send out a single message to a large number of clients. You can create templates to make it easier to text clients. You can schedule messages like if. You remembers it's someone's birthday coming up. You could schedule a message to go out at a later date, or if you wanted to schedule a reminder for a meeting that you have, You can do those types of things. We do assign you a phone number. You have the ability to select a phone number in in the area that you are located, but we allow you to set up call forwarding so those messages can forward on to the number of your choosing. But Redtail Speak is is something that we're excited about that we're getting a lot more users signed up on with the way that things are evolving. You know, I think at a time it was felt like more younger people like to communicate. Now we're in that range where I'm getting text messages from from my parents about things. And so people see the convenience text messages are are read so much quicker than than a e-mail and it's so much less intrusive than a phone call. So we really feel strongly about the value that Redtail Speak can provide to your firm and are excited to include it in the growth plan. Also included is Redtail Imaging. So Redtail Imaging is our compliant document storage. It allows you to create folders and subfolders. Get rid of the paper in your office if you have that. If you're already digital, there's an easy way to transition to Redtail imaging where you can drag and drop folders and subfolders and bring all of that information on. There's an audit trail on everything that happens, so if someone downloads something, if someone opens something. All of that is tracked. We also recently enhanced imaging to allow things like the ability to preview documents without having to download the ability to move around documents very easily within there. And as I mentioned from a road map standpoint, the goal for Redtail imaging is it becomes that central source for all documents across all Orion and Redtail tools, so. Any documents that you're saving in any of the tools end U in red tilt imaging? Again, that's not here today, but that's something that is on the road map as well. As far as how these tools feature, one of the things that we we have done is we've brought together Orion and Red Tail tools to create a better experience, to create more value for you, the user. And really for those of you that are aren't aware of some of the other Orion offerings, I wanted to spend just a short. At a time to explain kind of how this all progresses together. And so it really all starts with the CRMI think for most businesses, for most firms, CRM is kind of that hub that's where you start with, that's where your information lives, that's where most people spend the majority of their day. So we offer Redtail launch which is that basic version of the CRM that it also includes that that client portal. A proposal generation and 3D risk profile from there for those of you that are looking for more. You get the full features of the CRM with workflows, permissions, those things that accommodate to those larger more complex groups. But also included in that is speak and imaging and planning and account opening and all those features that that Sean went through on the Orion side. For those of you that are Orion users are considering Orion. Back in February, we announced Orion stacks and so we have the essential stack that includes everything that I just mentioned in growth plus the Orion portfolio accounting tool, Orion trading, access to Orion OCIO as well as business intelligence tools. And then from there, you progress to the Orion Advantage stack. So it's everything that's in that Orion Essential stack plus our risk intelligence tool, our Orion compliance tool, our Amazon Redshift data streaming tool, as well as our an Orion advisor advocate. So as you can see, there's progression into meeting the needs of firms of all sizes. But really providing value in that. So wanted to be able to share kind of how these plans fit into the overall Orion environment and tools. So with that being said, I know we have a ton of questions. I've been seeing a lot of questions that have been streaming in. And so I want to be able to get to as many of those. I might have Sean jump in on a couple of them as well. As I mentioned at the start, if we don't get to your question, we will stay on messaging via chat as well as we'll follow up after the webinar if we're not able to respond to you during this Q&A time. So I won't waste any more time on that, I will. Fit right into the questions that we have. First question that came up, when will my pricing change? Great question. So on June 9th is when these plans become available. So at that time for new users you could sign up, for existing users you could switch over to one of these plans. But you will not be actually moved over until your first renewal date after June 9th. So if you're currently billed on the 15th, you wouldn't get moved over until June 15th. Now I mentioned this, this is for people paying retail price currently if you're on a discount through your broker, dealer or some other affiliation. Your changeover will be dependent upon when that broker dealer agreement has renewal. So those will continue to be happening throughout 2023 and into 2024. If you have questions on that, feel free to reach out to us and we could give you a better idea if you're with a broker dealer when yours might be changing. Next question, how do I get access to the new products that are included in the growth plan? So once we release these on June 9th, these will be turned on for you. SPEAK and imaging will be turned on for you and you'll, it's something that you'll have access to. We will communicate between now and then information on getting started with those tools. Obviously our support and sales team are here to answer questions, but those will get turned on when you get migrated over to that plan. So if your date is again the 15th and that's the date you get moved over, that's when you'll get access. To both imaging and speak for the Orion tools, it will be something that you can request access to. So it is included in the growth plan. And so if you want to turn on the advisor portal, you would just reach out to us and we would turn that on for you. All right. Next question, do I have to use all of the products included in the growth plan, so? You absolutely do not have to use these features. Obviously, they're providing value to to what you're the offering provides, but you do not have to use any of these tools. Obviously, they're optional. You can leverage the tools that are applicable for you, but there's a great value even if you're not using all of the features. All right, next question is. Can different users be on different plans of Redtail? So can I have a user that's on the growth plan that really wants to use workflows and speak and that and someone who's on a different. If you're on the same database, all users are going to be on the same plan. So within a single database, you can't have some on the launch plan and some on the growth plan. They all have to be on that same plan. All right. Next question. And we're we're turning through these, so I'm going to get to as many as I can. If I already have all of these products at Redtail, am I going to need to do anything or will I lose any information in the transition? The answer is no. So if you already have these, all that's going to happen is we're going to consolidate your billing. So if you're billed on different dates, those will all get consolidated to the same billing date, but nothing will be lost, you're not going to have to do anything to move. Those tools, over to the growth LAN, you'll just start being billed for the growth LAN instead of a la carte like you are today. Next question, will Redtail e-mail still be offered? Yes. Redtail e-mail will continue to be offered. It is going to be sold separately from the plans because a lot of people have e-mail solutions already. Some are just looking for Redtail for archiving, some are looking for hosting. So we are leaving that separate from the growth and launch plans, but you'll still be able to purchase that. If you're an existing subscriber, you don't have to do anything. We'll continue to host your e-mail and archive your e-mail. One thing I will mention is something that we have coming soon that you may have seen on the sheet is our e-mail and calendar syncing tool that will be included in the growth plan. So this is going to offer flexibility for those of you that either already have an e-mail host and don't need red tilde host or already having your emails archived. Or maybe you're more looking for more flexibility. Our e-mail, the way it integrates with the CRM is it archives all sent to received emails. There's not the ability to pick and choose. The tool that we're going to be releasing later this summer is going to allow you to integrate with Outlook 365 or Gmail to be able to pick and choose the. The emails that you would like to integrate over. And so that's going to be something that again comes out later this summer shortly after the release of these plans. It's also going to have a calendaring, calendaring syncing tool with Outlook 365 and Google Calendar. That's going to be enhanced as well and it's going to address some of the challenges that some of our users had leveraging our current syncing tool with tools like Calendar and other scheduling tools. So we're really excited about that. It's been something that people have requested a ton. And so again, that will be coming out and be included in the growth plan later this summer, All right. So we're right at the end of our time. So I want to be respectful of everybody's time. So we'll do one last question. Last question here and this one's actually going to be for Sean. The question is, if I have interest in the in the Stacks offerings, how do I get more information? Who do I need to reach out to? Do I reach out to Redtail? Do I reach out to Orion or where can I get more information on that? If you look on your screen, there's a link For more information related to the Orion stack, so feel free to grab some information there and then you can contact directly the Orion sales teams to discuss what that potential looks like. If you have some contact at Redtail, feel free to go through them as well. We're all part of the same team in terms of company now, so don't hesitate to ask. If you're going through some of the new additions related to the gross suite, feel free to contact your your folks at Redtail. You can come directly to Orion, but I would point you initially to the link that's on the screen there that'll give you information in some next steps. So you understand kind of this entire ecosystem of the Orion Advantage stack, which includes everything that David has been talking about on the CRM side. And some additional tools related to the Orion structure. So with that we'll we'll we'll finish up the webinar for today. We really appreciate everybody's time and we'll look forward to speaking with many of you soon. _1686131656287

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