Deposits are down, cash levels are shrinking, and wholesale funding is on the rise. Furthermore, deposit competition is intensifying as the Fed continues to raise rates during this historical tightening cycle, and the delta between wholesale and deposit costs reaches extraordinary levels. Undeniably, liquidity is coming under pressure and regulators are taking notice. This webinar will address upcoming liquidity challenges in our industry, and what every credit union should be doing to develop a “best practice” approach in liquidity management.

During this webinar Joe Kennerson and Jeff Croteau will share recent regulatory feedback and provide action items to enhance liquid reporting including dynamic forecasting, stress testing, early warning indicators and effective policy development. Additionally, the session will include case studies which highlight deposit strategies to manage the rising cost of liquidity most effectively during this tightening cycle.

To help position your credit union for success in 2023 and beyond, this webinar will address the following: