Join Global X to understand how transformative technologies are disrupting our economy, creating exciting opportunities for investors. “Charting Disruption” is Global X’s annual flagship thematic outlook for the trends, technologies and bold ideas shaping the future. Join VettaFi | Advisor Perspectives on February 21st for a webcast to learn more. 

The pandemic demonstrated vividly that disruption accelerates in a crisis, and nowhere is that more evident than in financial services. On consumer side, adoption of digital payments and online financial services continue to outshine even as COVID tailwinds disappear, potentially having lasting consequences for the traditional finserv industry. Fintech solutions on the enterprise side are allowing banks, financial institutions, as well as SMBs to actively digitize. Meanwhile, foundational technologies like Blockchain and Web 3 could revolutionize the internet, redefining money in the digital world. Global X will discuss the how for fintech, blockchain, and web 3 will serve as general-purpose technology across many sectors of our economy in this webinar.  

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