Many companies expand their footprint by purchasing existing companies and/or building facilities near critical resources or business markets. This can lead to companies doing business in locations with diverse environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) regulatory paradigms that are structured differently. Global – and even regional – EHS&S managers can run into challenges related to language; cultural nuances of how business is conducted; and time zones differences. This can be challenging when trying to understand the requirements from a distance when travel bans preclude EHS&S presence at the facility.

Join us Wednesday, December 7, at 2:00pm EST for Order from Chaos – Global EHS&S Management Challenges and Solutions, as our experts detail how they have worked with global clients in the technology, manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, and energy sectors to help them identify and control risks in compliance with the laws and regulations of the local authorities. You will hear them discuss the key best practices for each stage of facility development – from deciding which country to operate/build in and selecting a site and/or acquisition, permit to operate, and fulfilling operations and sustainability goals to decommissioning of a facility. 

By attending the webinar, you will gain a better grasp of:  

We hope you will join us!