Amino acids are of vital importance for humans and animals since they are the basic modules of all proteins and contribute to various biochemical processes. Some amino acids cannot be made by the body and have necessarily to be taken in by nutrition. Consequently, the analysis of the amino acid composition plays an important role for various food & feed products with special focus on products such as dietary supplements, clinical nutrition, meal replacements, sports nutrition, infant and baby formulas as well as feed for farm animals and pets. Beside this, there is a huge variety of other applications which make this kind of analysis irreplaceable in the food & feed industry.


This webinar provides a brief overview of amino acids and typical applications of amino acid analysis in the food and feed industry. A comprehensive understanding is given on the chromatographic methodology which includes conventional methods from ISO, AOAC, and reg. (EC) 152/2009. New analytical methods are also considered in this webinar since they can provide significant improvements to the method’s efficiency, turn-around time, and accuracy. One of these new approaches has been developed by SGS Germany and is presented along with a brief overview of the amino acid capabilities in Germany.




  1. Background (what are amino acids and why are they important to analyze?)
  2. Conventional analytical methods (AOAC, ISO, EC reg. (EC) 152/2009)
  3. New analytical approaches

Target Audience: The webinar is aimed at Health & Nutrition colleagues from lab, customer service, and sales which are involved in analytical products for the determination of amino acids in food and feed.


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