Like all software, your test applications have a lifecycle that gets harder to manage as the complexity and scale of tasks increase. And, like most companies, your test engineering team is most likely short on time and resources.

By adopting modern software development processes and standardizing your software development tools, test architectures, and proficiency programs these challenges can not only be mitigated but overcome to a level where the output of your team becomes a competitive advantage.

Effective standardization initiatives have been shown to:
- Decrease NPI development schedules therefore accelerating time to market
- Improve tester quality and stability by minimizing errors and downtime, thus reducing product and manufacturing costs.
- Reduce maintenance burden to free up resources and lower sustaining costs

NI provides a complete software, service and instrumentation platform that has proven itself in tens of thousands of deployments worldwide as they have gone through successful standardization initiatives.

This webinar will explain the stages of standardization and lay out the implementation steps to get there before explaining how NI can assist you in the journey. We shall discuss industry best practice and case studies from Philips and GN Audio along the way to give tangible examples to the theory.