This session is part of Day One of the 2021 Pipelines Summit. It will be available On Demand following the live event. 

Are you new to automating workflows and creating integrations?  Do you want to schedule the creation of tasks / action items?  Are you trying to replace Automations in your apps?  In this session we will explore how to use pipelines to enhance the capabilities of your Quickbase apps.

In this 90-minute session, we will:

During this session we will be downloading a workshop app from the Exchange, which requires you to have permissions to create apps in your corporate account. In addition to that, we will be working through a couple of exercises where we build Pipelines from scratch. This will require you to have access to Pipelines in your corporate account. Unless you are an account admin, you most likely don't have access to Pipelines, and may even not be able to create apps.We want you to be able to build along, so we ask that you please open a Quickbase builder account before joining the session. This is a free, personal Quickbase administrator account that provides you full access to all Quickbase features.