Gain best practice tips for server migration.

Traditional data migrations are painful and costly to business operations. Many tools require downtime of critical systems and often lack automation and testing throughout the process. The result? Data and productivity loss plus a drop in revenue.

There are also limitations when a vendor’s platform becomes end-of-life, leaving businesses at risk to run on an unsupported legacy platform, or migrate without a migration plan established.

For critical data and applications, a solution that ensures zero data loss is essential. Whether it’s part of a planned migration project or a disaster recovery effort, non-disruptive data migration is essential to protect IT investments.

Join our webinar on October 28 to hear Simon Mitrevski, APAC Solution Consultant and David Beeler, Senior Product Manager at Carbonite, an OpenText company, as they demonstrate how to achieve effective and efficient migration with minimal downtime and operating costs using Carbonite Migrate (formally known as Double-Take). They will address: