Culture can be seen as the main contributor for poor food safety practices, but it is also the key factor in establishing high standards of Food Safety and Product Safety in Food and associated industries.
Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) defines food safety culture as “shared values, beliefs and norms that affect mindset and behavior toward food safety in, across and throughout an organization.” Dynamic food safety and product safety culture help to minimize risks and ensure safe food is produced for consumers.
This webinar provides an overview of key requirements and indicators in developing a successful food safety and product safety culture as well sharing information on SGS Realize Food Safety Culture Program.
The objective of this webinar is to help you to:
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The webinar is aimed at Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, Food Safety Team Leader, HACCP Coordinator, Management Representative, Departmental Managers & Executives (QA/QC, Regulatory Affairs, R&D, Production & etc.), Auditors, Consultants, Practitioners and Food Safety Personnel.
Language: English
Cost: Free
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