Tasty, local-friendly, and nutritional quality are musts when formulating protein-boosted mealtime and snacking solutions that help consumers achieve their healthy aging goals. Protein intake is key to building and maintaining muscle, important for strength and mobility across life stages. Join this webinar to gain inspiration and insight from Southeast Asian nutrition and innovation experts into bringing delicious and nutritious new products powered with U.S. dairy proteins from concept to reality.

Registered dietitian Pauline Chan, Director of Singapore-based Food and Nutrition Consultants will introduce newly developed U.S. dairy protein product and menu ideas that can seamlessly be integrated into the dietary habits and preferences of Southeast Asian consumers at various stages of life. These concepts are specially tailored to meet the protein needs of the region’s consumers for their healthy aging life journey, fortifying protein content in familiar and comforting traditional foods and filling the nutritional gaps in daily protein intake.

Martin Teo, Technical Director - Food Applications for USDEC Southeast Asia, will also showcase several exciting Southeast Asia friendly product application prototypes and the bright opportunities they represent across food and beverage manufacturing, food service, and home cooking meal solutions. His talk will feature a kitchen demonstration and will incorporate consumer feedback, further unlocking the secrets to success for innovating healthy aging products and harnessing the nutritional and functional advantages of U.S. whey and milk proteins.