Phase noise is a complex and often counter-intuitive specification that can plague even the best RF design engineers, and had long been an overlooked part of the RF design process in need of innovation. Historically, long test times and complicated equipment set ups made phase noise testing cumbersome and costly to test. With a new architecture concept, a digital phase discriminator, the capabilities of phase noise testing have dramatically improved.

Building from a brief basic review of phase noise and how it can affect common RF systems, we will discuss the architecture and engineering trade-offs that went into the design of the R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester. We will learn about how these trade-offs led to large improvements in speed, accuracy and versatility while simplifying setup and measurements at the same time. Advantages in testing concepts like pulsed phase noise and pulse stability measurements will solve engineering challenges in Radar & EW systems.

This webinar is generously sponsored by the Association of Old Crows, Granite State Chapter.