Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) refers to 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3550 MHz to 3700 MHz range that the FCC has designated for sharing among different tiers of users. Wireless operators, for example, are expected to use CBRS to enhance their networks with a mid-band spectrum. Cable operators that deliver mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services can offload traffic, while both the wireless and cable operators could use CBRS to deliver fixed wireless access (FWA) services. For the first time, enterprises will have access to their own spectrum to build their own 4G or 5G private wireless networks. 
In this educational webinar, we will provide you with a broad overview of CBRS and then take a more detailed look at the various building blocks that make up a CBRS network. We will then look at the practical considerations when deploying a CBRS network as well as several popular use cases for CBRS today. 
What we will cover: