Winning the Biofouling Battle with DuPont™ B-Free™ Technology

Biofouling is one of the most common and severe operational issues plant operators face in today's Reverse Osmosis (RO) operation. The detrimental effects of biofouling in RO systems can decrease water supply reliability significantly. At the same time, it increases the total cost of water by additional energy, chemical consumption and reduced membrane lifetime. 

Join our subject matter experts Marc Slagt and Guillem Gilabert-Oriol as they will explore the DuPont™ B-Free™ pre-treatment. It is a novel vessel-based media technology that effectively and efficiently mitigates the negative effects of biofouling downstream in RO systems. The DuPont™ B-Free™ designed to instantly create and sustain a biostatic environment reliably.

This novel treatment system can significantly improve the ease of operation, sustainability footprint, and plant downtime thanks to the reductions in CIP frequency up to 75% and in membrane replacement rates, without the need for chemicals and resilient to upstream upsets.

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An industrial-scale pilot trial was conducted in a desalination plant in Spain suffering from the negative effects of biofouling. During the extensive trial at the plant site, DuPont™ B-Free™ demonstrated zero biofouling and trouble-free RO operation in the pilot plant. Register to learn more.