Hello everyone, welcome to or knew within hour of Destination number one. No good series of web casts organized by the Lions today. February 16 we are going to present you a topic about protect water. Three billions humans will face what does stress by 2035. As said by the World Health Organization. It's already critical in summer for countries in Australia, in California, in Africa, of course, in many other areas there is a lot of stress. We will take that to pick together. But before that, let me share with you some. Key notes the rules for no telling you that all questions you can submit through the queue. Any engagement tool by written you will have written answers. During the session or later by males. The webcast will be available through an email link sent to you in the next 48 hours. You can have also other content available on the Low Alliance platform. Without further delay, I let me introduce you or panelists who will today present to you how the IO T with law one can tackle the challenge of protecting water. It's my pleasure to welcome Pierre Emmanuel Dubois from burns. Exactly brother from equitable. Dominique discharge from Struga Technologies and Silver Spender from Robo. Water. Is a scarce resource for humanity. We are all living on the blue planet. Plenty of water, but bad surprise, only less, and three percent is pure water. More than this. We think that the most important is drinkable water, but most of use. Of clean water is for food. For irrigation it's also for energy. Also for other washing proposed etc in residential or building areas lost in industry. What's wrong? Who is protect water? What are we doing wrong, Lee? What is the urgency? What do we have to change? That's exactly the points addressed by the United Nation. When listing the Sustainable Development Goals for humankind. The cool work to change for a safer and more affordable drinking water for all by 2030. We must realize the facts, that 8% of wastewater is untreated. And still 844 million people lack access to drinkable and sanitation. This stress is over. The world is affecting many countries. It's one of the key goal to improve this. The definition by the Ward has organization is when water availability is less than 1700 cubic meter per year, per betont. The map shows. The average exposure of water users in each country to the baseline was just stress. It's the ratio of total withdrawals to the total renewable water supply in a given area. Higher percentage from yellow white to dark red means more. Just users are competing for limited water supplies. And today the reality is 2 billion. So in the next 15 years, if we don't change. This number will increase and reach up to 3 billion. How the technology? As law, one for connecting IoT sensor can help us to change that. That's one of the reason why law was designed. For providing better performances. Two local rare water meters used in metering for water but also for gas and other utilities. Better those water networks are suffering. Because of aging infrastructure because of misoperation because of some water leaks due to corrosion or other. Potential issues such as. Waterworks or misoperation, so by average more than 24% of the produce water is lost over the network. Where again, can we change and improve this? Through, let's say, a water cycle, an artificial one, not the hydrological one. We try to represent. How do I UTI indifferent? Key points can, in fact for the best. The use of water sensors such as quality sensor for perms or other pollution control systems, or metering systems, water leak detection, etc, or type of the new sensors then can profit to utilities to improve the efficiency. Without more I would say yeah. Dillett, let's look at the solution provided by one of the the most important player in the sector of water supply. The company birds of area. Thank you very much honey and good afternoon to everyone. So my name is Pierre Emmanuel Duah, an international business developer at ten Birds. So first, if you let me, I'll share a few words about birds activity so birds provides environmental smart solutions for industrial ioti as 100% subsidy of the Valley group birds. Is the IoT digital Center competent center of the group serving customers such as municipalities, commercial or industrial companies both inside and outside of the vehicle. Our domain of expertise lies in environmental verticals, monitoring on daily bases, environmental data such as water, temperature, humidity. Waste collection or indoor air quality and many others. We operate more than 3.2 million connected devices every day through various LP. One technologies including Laura one. Borrow one festive deployment represents a significant booster for smart water service adoption and enables a more effective water service at the managed cost. Currently wilion birds are deploying in friends over 3,000,000 smart water sensors in the next 10 years on the public Laura one network through our engine, powered by activity. Before going any further, let's have a quick look at Water Network and all the process from RO Water resource to water consumption. This is called the small cycle of water which he was introducing earlier. So step one the source itself so the water usually comes from surface water like lakes, rivers or reservoirs. But sometimes it can come from groundwater. Can be bumped up via wealth. Step 2 is the treatment. The water then gets treated to remove any dirt, chemicals or organisms that may be harmful to people. This process involves filtration and disinfection to make sure that the water is safe for us to drink. Step three is distribution. The water is then sent out through the Water pipes network to areas of the cities where it is needed. In Step 4, the quality monitoring help municipalities ensure a high level of portability reduces risks on network incidents and alerts on the contamination. Step 5 is the storage, so after being distributed and checked for quality control, the water is stored in water tanks before it's used. And fine. Leave the use and that's how the water rise in our taps and showers. Am how to measure water quality and how? Capital which you can see here is birds smart water quality solution. Monitoring water quality is crucial for water utilities and music municipalities as they have a commitment to permanently deliver a high level of water quality from production to income and consumer. The World Health Organization has defined key parameters for the woman, the monitoring of drinking water, including connectivity, absolute pressure, temperature, active chlorine and others. Why measure water quality? Well first to ensure a constant high level of water quality from production to end consumer. Second, to improve the management and monitoring of the drinking water supply. 3rd to reduce the impact of water network incidents. Fourth, alert on contamination and finally supervise critical locations as a stepping stone. For city resilience. Contains diploid in in 12 countries worldwide and protects in France only around 8,000,000 people. Capital has been rolled out for large international events or venues, such as your Disney in Paris for the Cup 21 and in London in the 2012 Olympics. As you can see, capitalized is directly installed inside piping systems. It is fully autonomous in energy and connected through mobile connectivity. And it can also be served. Of course in Laurel, one through the local module which combines Lorawan an with blockchain trace ability. And through this solution, birds digitizers the monitoring and protection of surface water. And contributes to the preservation of the quality of the water resource. The Swarm System is an innovative solution by birds from for monitoring the quality of surface water. Currently, if you wish to monitor water quality, assemble usually is taken and send sent out to labs with the results coming within three to four days swarm on the country allows you to monitor water quality in real time. The boy measures the water quality parameters and transmit data. In real time for analysis. On top of the measuring system, the boy comprises an anchor that flows and an energy generating module allowing self sufficiency. The boy can be installed directly and easily on any type of surface water. Using the storm system. The water supplier can continuously monitor changes in the seven parameters for the quality and condition of surface water. Hence, deploying Swarm is a guarantee for municipalities to protect the assets of surface water resources rapidly detect the variation in water quality. Limit the economic impacts of any type of pollution and secure the water resources against accident. Accidental contamination of malicious act. I'm swarmed. Let me emphasize on the on their experience of the Swarm project deployed in Culligan Water in Australia in 2018. This project that had two objectives objective one was to measure in real time the blue green concentration in the reservoir. The second objective was to optimize the downstream water treatment. The trail with Colibri and Water was mainly about testing the boy in harsh conditions and it came out with very positive outcomes. First the model self learned to account for oxygen evolution at daytime and night time. Second model has also been able to determine both algal and bacterial concentration. And Moreover, an artificial intelligence model was built to predict how iterability varies overtime. And that model can now predict the turbidity over 30 days. As a consequence, if durability increases above the limit threshold, then an increase in chemical dosing is required. In order to support you in the integration and deployment of any Laura, one based IoT project Burst Birds has launched, launched to the market and environmental IoT data platform called Iota Drive. I think drive is basically a software as a service data integrator and management solution. It is fully agnostic of sensors regardless of their manufacturers. Ignostic of software applications and of environmental use cases. In other words, it is the Google Translator. I would say after I see complexity. In terms of pricing, I to drive comes at a very competitive cost with a yearly subscription fee per device, which is highly competitive compared to alternative solutions. Are you to drives is besides way more plug and play than these alternative platform solutions? Birds and myself are here to support you on any of your environmental Lauren based IT projects, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Will be happy to get in touch and thank you very much for your attention and I will now leave the floor to exactly from equitable. Thank you very much Peter Emmanuel for you lyrics by nations. About your multiparameter probe. And for this case in Australia. And now let's talk about water quality monitoring and pollution detection for wastewater treatment plans and surface water. So my name is Sally was and I'm vice president of the company accountable. A quick novel is a manufacturer of smart water quality sensors. Today I will introduce our digital sensors in the Aqua mode, which is an emission lower module that can be used without probes. As you can see on this slide we have developed a wide range of sensors for multiple parameters. Optical dissolved oxygen. PH conductivity. Optical tremiti, optical TSS and sludge level. And we have recently launched a UV254 sensor to measure CD, Beauty and TLC in the water. So what else do USP's of Aqua level sensors? First of all, the sensors of smart. All the intelligence is done inside the sensor calibration compensation. Rungis management or Durnin selectronic of the sensor. So you get a digital signal with the water quality value that you can immediately use for your process. The second point is the low power consumption of the sensor. As you can see on slide when you don't measure, you can use the standby mode. Annual consumption will be between 25 and 50 microamp. If you request. One measurement every second, for example. You can say your consumption Siri will be between 4.42 eleven milliamp. Each sensor comes with a fully open modbus and as the trial protocols so together with the sensor we provide you all the information to configure our sensor to your modbus master. As you may have understood, so your sensor is a slave and needs to be managed by your master. And we have developed the Aqua mode. An which is able to request image. German to the sensor so you Aqua mode will be the master. The Aqua mode will be able to send the data to Aloha platform because it has a lower emission capability. Also, in this gate we have a small Wi-Fi system, so you can use your mobile and Android application. If you want to take access locally on the sensor, if you want to make the maintenance of the sensor. If you want to do the. Calibration of the sensor. So now let's see some application where this package can be useful to monitor water quality. Industry oil and domestic wastewater must be treated so as you can see on the slide as the treatment process is composed by different steps and the challenge is to discharge at the point #6 so you can see on the slide the outlet point #6. Water that fits with the regulation given by the local authorities and to make sure that you don't pollute the water. In the process, we will remove the contaminant in the water so we have a physical, biological and sometimes chemical processes. For each treatment, water quality is required. Water quality monitoring is required to optimize. And control the process. So for example plan. We will measure dissolved oxygen in order to optimize the blowing system, measure the pH to optimize the dosing of the chemical product. Industries also use a lot of water as we have seen in the introduction for their processes and they have two main options for their wastewater management. So first one is to have their own wastewater treatment plant in industrial wastewater treatment plant and the second one is to pay. A fee to the local municipal water treatment plants and just sends water to this plant. But in any case, as they have to measure, the water quality is a discharge to prove that they do not pollute. So the rules are different in each country. For example, in India, CPCB regulations impose as water to monitor of some water quality parameters and this organization has fixed some target values to be reached. An at the beginning in India, this administration was targeting the biggest. Industry hosted by Step Zero, also targets smaller industries, so the market for water quality monitoring for industries in India is bigger and bigger. In Europe we have some water agencies. We can call them also police of the water, and each industry must find an agreement with the administration according to their activities according to the volume of water discharge about the monitoring they have to do so. Sometimes they just need to install a very simple stationary sampler and take some sample and go to the lab. But sometimes they also have to measure of water quality online. Another very interesting market is a fish farming and aquaculture. This market is booming at the moment. And fish farmers may need our technologies for three reasons. The first round is to optimize their production process. They need to keep a certain level of oxygen in the water for the fish. And they need to optimize the feeding system so they will monitor dissolved oxygen and to ability in order to save energy costs and feeding costs. Which of two major expenses in a fish farm. So second one is that a fish farm becomes like an industry becausw. They also create a pollution so more and more they have to prove that they do not pollute and they have to monitor their wastewater. And last point is about the security of the site. Fish farmers to lose all the predictions they have and to lose all the fish. So for example, in the summertime, when the temperatures are very high. So dissolved oxygen in water is going down, so they may need. An oxygen sensor connected to a lower system to send an alarm or SMS or an email in case the Geo level in the tank is too low. Last application is about surface water has we have seen in the introduction surface water. Is used sometimes to produce drinking water, so when civil engineering companies are walking in a River. What they do is more and more control. So for example, if you build a bridge which is crossing a River, or if you do a dredging campaign in a canal. You must measure humidity before and after the workplace to make sure that this work doesn't have a bad impact on the environment. So thank you very much for your time and now Dominic will introduce Trigger and his solution for water networks. Hi everyone, so my name is Dominic de Shawn Gee. I'm the sales director of Strega and we're coming to actually from the telemetry business, so we have a long experience with the water environment but concentrated on Laura, one for the last four or five years. So what we have developed is the actuator side of the story so we have developed smart files. And this marvelous can be installed in many news cases, different use cases. So this shut off Valve that we produce is leveraging actually all the power of flora one and one of the main benefit everyone knows is extreme range propagation and ultra low power. And as you will see, we have gone a little bit further than that by adding several features that. Are quite interesting for the water and the Protect water business, so I'm going to give you a few examples of the technology used for water distribution companies. So before we go that. To that I will just briefly explain what what we have developed and why. This is it called a smart valve. So first of all we have added a real time Clock in the in the device which permits to make automation like time controlled operation an I give you in a couple of slides the example of water flushing. Another possibility from the devices to make. Discounting so by coupling the device with a very simple water meter, we can just detect every every usage, calculating the values an uploading the information of the counter value up to the to the control room. We have also some some digital and analog inputs we can control, for instance the pressure into the pipe. We can detect leakage. This is another example. We are going to to explain now. Now regarding the consumption we have a little bit oversized. The product it can work on one or two batteries because we have lots of requirements to fit what the smart metering world is asking for 10 to 15 years ago. Cortana me most of the projects we have today are running in Class A, which means running only on batteries. But we've also some other time critical projects where Class C is requested an because we are doing a lot of control and what we call downlinks the classy permits to control the valve with no no latency. So the design is industrial grade. We can work with in very high pressure. The valves are rated PN 25, so it's up to 25 bars. We can deal with cold water but also with warm water up to 140 degrees if it's if the device is used for smart metering. Whenever you open the lid you get a ****** detection of. Temper that is uploaded up to the controller control, so let's talk first about a very common example of the usage of the smart valve is for network flushing. Some people call it purge the. The idea is the following, so if a water company as a lot of of pipes all over the city, you may have some. Cars very far away where the usage is very low can be only a couple of houses very far away. If the water stays too long into the pipe, you can have the risk too. Get bacterias Zavia explained. How is the sensors can control or monitor that? Well, one of the direct solution that many water distribution companies are doing is flushing the network. Let's say 10 or 15 minutes per day to manage to mechanically get A to get rid of the Debris's Anne and batteries and all all the other potential problems and the water goes to the trash or to the River. With the time control features of the this trigger valve, we can fetch into the device to the different timing for opening and closing according to the day and the time. The day of the Week, or the time of the day. Another example of the usage of this trigger valve is the prepaid or postpaid water, and we see many areas, maybe not so much in in Europe, but more in Middle East Africa and this kind of of countries where you pay in advance the amount of water that you're going to that you're going to use and the the lower one here is perfect. For a valve like we produce becausw, we can again detect the number of pulses coming from a water meter and when we reach the the amount of water purchased by by the user after decrementing the value, it will shut off the valve accordingly. For some countries where closing the valve is is not allowed. We have also specific models of the valve where a trickle of 50 liters an hour is sufficient sufficient to drink, but not enough to take showers or everything. The last example is leak detection, where we have more and more dim, and so the problem with leak leak detection or with leaks in general. Is that basically you have way more chance to have a water leakage in your house according to the insurance companies then a fire or even a theft. So what the striga valve can do is automatically closing the water mains in case of lead detection this is done through a wired leak detection sensor or through a lower one wireless. The sensor and it's either up to the application to detect and to decide to close or directly from the valve itself that has the space smart feature enabled. So now I leave the floor to silver for the other sensors Robo is producing. Yes, thank you to make for these interesting business cases about smart water distribution. Now let's have a look about the way to protect water from end users perspective and to start just a few other bots. Robo. So I see my Spinrilla engineer founder and CEO of Robo. We are delivering a turnkey solution to measure water consumption in real time and detect leaks in real time. Also when we are using of course Lauren Protocol to help us to cover any kinds of structures, cities, farms and buildings. We are evolving water protection and conservation or commitment is to change the way anybody uses water. So consumers are at the end of the water cycle and we are convinced that we can. Help end users to use less and less water by changing behavior and by using right tools like a solution offers ended. Consumers can save water between 20 and 50%. Yes, yes it's true. Just by decreasing number of leaks inside buildings it's possible to save 25% of water. Used. Lease rate is about 20% in buildings in France but can reach 40% in Ireland where we are. For example, because we water pipes are very are there and there is not a lot of investment in virtual networks due to the fact that there is no payment of water used by consumers in Ireland. Not sure it's possible to save again more than 20% of water consumption by managing people, especially in industries. Pay more and more attention about volume of water used everyday. Industrial using about 20% of worldwide weather consumption. At least by adapting and optimizing equipment used is possible to save again more than 10% and not only in buildings. For example in agriculture, agriculture uses 70% of the world wide water consumption. In this area, issues issues are a bit different because water is used for irrigation and livestock feeding so difficult to reduce consumption. But we can help to use only the right level of water on avoid wastage. Means we have to regulate irrigation to avoid to spread feels when it's not necessary. Maybe savings are less than in the building in terms of percentage but not in volume. So as you can see there is room for improvements here with consumers. Well, we saw that it's possible to save water, but it's not only to save money, but especially to conserve this resource as long as possible. But there is a bad news because we've climate change to these shows that during the last 25 years water available is the world decreased by 26% and population increased by 36%. The question is not good. There is more and more drugs by more and more people moving from other countries too big house but quantity of water in the stores doesn't. Increase and we realize the same volume to spread to more people so we can't face necessary to start thinking about setting simple worse, because even if today consumers in towns just open that up and water flows with these new changes tomorrow, we should change habits. So first of all we need to raise people awareness about ways to use less water daily. We need to avoid watch over stage. We need to detect leaks as soon as possible and we need to repair and maintain maintain. Water pipes in good condition, easy to say but not easy to apply. Just a few example in France where to urgencies lunch. Lunch in the marketing campaign in town to ask people to pay attention about their tops to avoid wastage is returns panel. Don't let water flow anymore. Water primitive West in capital of Africa after a big growth in groundwater reservoir. Utilities explain to people over to use only 50 liters of water a day by person. Yes, 50 liters with only two liters for day lesion, 15 liters for 92nd shower and two fresh today in Tyler's just imagine. But in California, two years ago, government decided to limit daily personal water use to 210 liters. So as you can see, vertical separation should become a priority everywhere because Edric stress is a reality today on Earth. So how can we help? Well treacherously if you have a quick look around you, you will notice that nobody knows about its own water consumption. For example, just ask to a technical director in a food firm how many cubic meter used a same thing for a facility manager in the building, or ever knew. You don't, but why? Just because you don't have this information available in real time, you can find this data once a year or month. Baby print on your water invoice. If you eat well because first things you see on your invoice is not the consumption, but so much you have to pay. And often you need to analyze the letter to find your consumption. So it's not every time very clear so you are not really aware, but how many water you use for everything at home, industry and buildings. Again, because you don't have this data. Available when you want. Just a simple analogy, I used to explain. Imagine you are in your car without dashboard with just indicator at. You need to reduce your speed from 90 to 50 kilometers hours. How can you do that without the speed indicator in front of you? It seems the same thing for water consumption. Today. We need to reduce water consumption everywhere, but without water consumption indicator. So it's just impossible to do it right. You can't measure what you you can't manage. Sorry. What you can't measure as Norton and Kaplan said. And remember what I said in this line? One we can reduce by 20% water consumption in industries by just managing people, but only if you have this indicator of water consumption invented. So this is the reason why we created a robo to provide in real time everywhere an indicator of conception. Simple, but with IoT sensor inside connectivity and a useful platform to read data, analyze them. And be able to use is very simple with the solution we measure. Consumption everywhere sensors are installed or sensors and data to get way with Rowan Protocol and then the gateways and all the Tattoo Robo platform in real time. In the platform you can see what your consumption in real time. The trend of consumption in graphic and you can download all the time in Excel if needed you can compare consumption of different sensors. You can solve conception of different sensors to have a global consumption of an area and you can set up areas you can set up a load threshold on the high threshold. Depending on your need. If there ever is rich, then receive a text message or an email to react immediately and to fix immediately. The problem lies that you can save water. Just a simple example with the toilet is the flush is blocked and there is nobody inside the building. It's a common situation now is a remote work without indicator on areas. If you let the flush like this during one week, water with stage is about 60 cubic meters, means 60,000 liters just in one week. Just imagine and with the solution technical guy can react quickly and fix the problem in less than one hour means only. 0.3 public matter wasted. But we tried to use visual management into the platform to help people to read easily in formation about water consumption and we continue to develop artificial intelligence insights platform to allow people to Iraq to react even faster to fix or issues with virtual networks and results. Today are significant because we managed to save more than 30% of water just building 1 indicator also now. So we calculated savings we did with our 2020 customers only, and it's equivalent to five or a big pools means more than 12 million litres. Protected and conserved sense tool solution and we should reach 25 Lincoln Cruise in 2021. Some show examples everywhere in the world as you can see in the slide. So in an airport in France, for example, savings are about 40%. We covered all the airport with sensors to be able to detect all initial gave your weather network as soon as there is a little rich biosensor facility manager reacts and go to see what happened. Another example in the building in Paris with 24 hours more than 100 cubic meter a month are safe when started 2 devices by floor and free leaks were detected in a year and fixed before huge claim sensing we've we've. Where else in Ukiah when we capture solution was installed, the technical guy receiving a large is aware of this and it was an itch so his customer was very happy to have installed or solution be cause he would have lost some goods without the solution. In commercial centers in Iran, France and China, we are property owners to St. Water consumption by store and to detect unusual conception. Can compare consumption between two addresses are for example fast food restaurants and can exempt to reduce water consumption when they clean kitchen for example. At least another example for L'Oreal, we asked them to regulate external watering to avoid water with stage and winstar sensor into sanitary Brooks and Liberal laboratories and savings in one year are about 40%. Using or solution for water point so. So this is a good example of how to protect water. Thanks a lot Silva, that was awesome. Presentation and OLAP analysts were outstanding and to share with us that use cases. I want to two now take some couple of key points for conclusion. Um, what is the motivation that we can find when, as engineers or business guys we are dealing with technology, the motivation that can be very inspiring? For us is to find a better performance or better ease of use. Our lower cost versus competitors. I think it doesn't pay so much or life so. If we were starting to use technology for the for the good for the planet, for the mankind, that's the ambition of protecting water. Birds has shown us how the digitalization of water network distribution can improve efficiencies accountable, as with ecomoda shown, new sensors that can help to monitor. Many parameters for the water quality. Trigger. As one sensor to connect Smart Valve which are good for different use cases to stop. Waste of water. To take actions. Anoro Bouazza clearly demonstrated how to empower the end users. To realize to understand how much they consume and how they can save better and more whatever. So. What we can say is we have here a large portfolio of proposal and to improve efficiency in every country, it's replicable all over the world. It's also says to US law one is not only for materia as very well known today, but also for many use cases. Many knew perhaps knew IoT use cases. I want also to share a fact that this market of IO T sensors. Out of the metering. Are meeting a faster growth than the metering. Indeed, it's more than a certain percent of component neural growth rate according to market and markets so. That's for conclusion of the five G5G. As one, it's a key goal from United Nation. Ciganda we get inspired. Here. And we can find yeah, good way to have a global. Responsibility for the good and for the growth. True. I want to again to thank or sponsors matching Q from Comcast Group. Birds from the area. And Charter Communications. If you want to join the Lions, you can find more details on web pages of the LA Dash alliance.org website. You can use the email address as well admin@la-alliance.org to contact and get more details. So now I want to thank you all again for your attention. I want also to thank all the panelists for their tremendous efforts to present here today. Thank you. I might _1615112628365

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Water is life. Protecting water is protecting life and helps developing and maintaining a sustainable planet and society. In this panel, leading experts in the water industry will share their latest deployments with LoRaWAN technology as well as the promising use cases of the IoT that increase water-use efficiency across all sectors. From residential solutions to large scale irrigation installations, the overall goal is a common one; to improve distribution of water and detect water losses. New use cases are rising with remote control of water quality thanks to innovations capable to detect hazardous chemicals and pollution.