How Do We Approach Safety and Security for Next Generation Robotics Systems

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Aired live: August 14, 2019 11:00 AM EDT

Over the next few years, the Industrial Robotics world is going to go through a major evolution with the arrival of 5G technology, AI/ML and increased compute power at the Edge. How will these impact the approaches to safety and security at the system level.

Will Robotics need additional requirements, or can we adapt legacy ways of working. Security remains a game of cat and mouse. How do we be the cat and not the mouse. Can we adapt artificial intelligence into security and potentially certification? Video will become mainstream in the operation and control of Robots and Co-bots, potentially connected using 5G. Does the impact of these technologies improve Safety and Security? We will explore the potential impacts and how we can use them to accelerate innovation whilst either maintaining or drive new approaches for security and/or system certification

Additionally, we’ll outline several use cases that will highlight how with 5G, cloud-capability and machine-learning, robotics gain new capabilities from navigating a factory floor to safely working alongside human workers. We will discuss how 5G wireless network capability can undertake the task of delivering data more securely and faster to robotics to help deliver the levels of safety and security that will be required for their growth in both factory operations and other industrial functions.

Join this web seminar to understand how your industrial robotic operations and business plans can prepare for, and take advantage of, the advances that 5G, AI/ML and increased compute power at the Edge will bring to industrial robotics.

Ricky Watts, VP, Industrial Solutions, Wind River

Brandon Lewis, OpenSystems Media
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