Increasing the Level of Reliability of Deployed Software Defined Radios

On-demand webcast:
Aired live: November 14, 2017 02:00 PM EST

As SDRs are increasingly being used in remotely deployed applications, a critical gap has emerged in how a remote operator of a Software Defined Radio can ensure the device is functioning and has not exceeded critical operational and environmental parameters. With this gap in mind, new tools are being developed that improve the remote management, maintainability, and reliability of deployed Software Defined Radios by providing the ability to update firmware, recover from errant software or firmware updates, and push critical patches to multiple deployed radios.

In this webinar, we will outline how a new generation of SDRs are being designed with these Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, and Maintainability (RASM) features and tools as a core of the radio.

Ben Coffin, Product Manager, USRP Software Defined Radios and Massive MIMO Prototyping Systems, National Instruments

John McHale, OpenSystems Media
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