11 Tips for Implementing a Contractor Management System
Event Date: April 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm Central Time (1:00 pm Eastern Time, 10:00 am Pacific Time)
The use of contractors can be both a great opportunity and a challenge. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization of skills and equipment. However, they can also bring risk to the companies that employ them. More companies are seeing the need for prequalifying contractors and suppliers. This could include verifying insurance requirements and tracking safety trends, to ensuring social responsibility and financial health.

Identifying risk and protecting your company’s brand are key considerations when managing your supply chain. Contractors and suppliers bring specialization, but they also bring risk to your organization. BROWZ has more than 17 years of experience developing and implementing supplier pre-qualification programs for the world’s largest organizations. We know the elements of a successful program.

Join us for our live webinar, “11 Practical Tips for Implementing and/or Improving Your Contractor Management Program.” We’ve assembled a panel of experts from various companies to provide their insight.

1. Be Realistic
2. Know your Stakeholders
3. Define Contractor Accountability
4. Tackling Insurance Requirements
5. Reviewing Safety Statistics
6. Defining Levels of Risk
7. Ensuring Licensure
8. Assessing Financial Stability
9. CSR and Your Business
10. Technology
11. Being Forward Thinking

Brett Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing, BROWZ
Brett Armstrong is vice president at BROWZ. He's been with BROWZ for more than ten years, and has experience managing teams that have supported the world's leading organizations, during the implementation and ongoing management of supply chain qualification programs.
Earlier at BROWZ, Armstrong led the operations team for more than 7 years. This experience provides him with the foundation and understanding necessary to support the communication needs of BROWZ’ clients and contractors.

Dennis Robinson, Business Development Specialist, BROWZ
Dennis Robinson has been with BROWZ for over 10 years and is currently working as business development specialist. Prior to his current role, Robinson managed the assessment specialist team responsible for the validation of all contractor documentation. Robinson’s experience provides him with a first-hand knowledge of the details and documentation organization’s rely on to ensure they are working with safe, responsible contractors.


Alan Ferguson, Associate Editor, Safety+Health
National Safety Council associate editor Alan Ferguson covers worker safety for Safety+Health magazine. He will moderate the session.

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