KPMG COVID-19 Webinar Series

Coronavirus is a global health crisis with far reaching implications, the extent of which are still becoming apparent. We are committed to supporting our clients through this period of extended uncertainty. We will therefore be hosting a series of webinars to provide updates and discuss immediate, medium and long-term actions that can help you manage the challenges ahead.
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Upcoming Webinars
 September 02, 2020  12:30 PM - Preparing for the new reality - Week 20
 September 16, 2020  12:30 PM - Preparing for the new reality - Week 21
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 Preparing for the new reality – Week 19 – Featuring the CBI and MedCity
Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General at the CBI, shared her key considerations for business and Government over the next few months, including addressing regional disparity, international trade flows and a green recovery. Neelam Patel, MedCity CEO, provided a medical perspective on ‘track and trace’ and vaccine developments. Angelika Huber-Straßer, Head of Corporates at KPMG in Germany, provided insights into the local economy, sectors impacted by the pandemic and their ‘return to work’ experience. Claire Warnes, KPMG Partner and Head of Education, Skills and Productivity, looked at what businesses can do to support the skills disparity and levelling up agenda.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 18 - Featuring Severn Trent and British Business Bank
On this webinar we checked in on 'return to work' strategies and the Government's stimulus measures. We were joined by Liv Garfield, Chief Executive of Severn Trent, who shared her perspective on 'reoccupation' as well as the future relationship between employer and employee. Patrick Magee, Chief Commercial Officer of British Business Bank, shared insights around the support for businesses through recovery and beyond. Mark Williamson, Partner and Head of People Consulting at KPMG, shared views of what businesses are doing on their return to work strategies. Donna Sharp, Director and Solicitor, Employer and Legal Services at KPMG, walked through the latest developments on furloughing.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 17 - Featuring Coca-Cola European Partners and UKHospitality
On this webinar, we were joined by Peter Brickley, CIO of Coca-Cola European Partners, who shared his lessons learnt from managing through the pandemic and how he plans to take these forward to the “future next”. As pubs and cafes start to reopen in some capacity across the UK, it was timely to welcome back Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive at UKHospitality, and hear her latest insights as the sector starts the road to recovery. Javid Hamid, Head of Corporate Consulting, KPMG, discussed the latest developments in virtual service delivery and as the Chancellor makes his fiscal statement, Melissa Geiger, Head of International Tax, put the spotlight on tax in the new reality.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 16 - Featuring British Land
On this webinar, Chris Grigg, CEO of British Land, shared how they are preparing for the recovery and their outlook for the future, including expectations around occupiers' footprints and opportunities for future investment. Tim Knight, Customer Advisory Partner at KPMG Nunwood, provided latest insights on customer expectations and what this could mean for the future of consumer behaviour. Paul Henninger, Partner and Head of Data & Analytics at KPMG, discussed the significance of data as we plan for the new reality and how we can use it to revisit business models. Finally, Alasdair Murray, Director of External Affairs at KPMG, joined us to summarise the Government's plans to kick start the UK economy and what this means for business.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 15 – Featuring McKesson UK & Centre for European Reform
On this webinar Toby Anderson, CEO at McKesson UK, shared their story on how LloydsPharmacy and AAH Pharmaceuticals have maintained resilience during the pandemic and how they have been planning for the new reality. Sam Lowe from the Centre for European Reform, provided insights on Brexit developments and expectations for how these will evolve. From KPMG, Maureen O'Shea, Partner, Operational Transformation, shared insights on supply chain implications arising from COVID-19 and Brexit and Rebecca Okuda, Director, Head of Trade & Customs, delved into developments impacting customs and tariffs.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 14 – Featuring The Investment Association and Lakestar
We heard from Chris Cummings, CEO at The Investment Association, who discussed the market volatility, attitudes of investors and expectations for the new reality. Stephen Nundy, Partner and CTO from Venture Capital firm Lakestar, shared his views on funding mechanisms and deals. Bob Cowell, KPMG Makinson Cowell, provided insights into managing investor relations during the pandemic and beyond. Sue Bonney, Partner and Head of ESG at KPMG, looked at the rise of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda and what businesses need to consider. Finally, Donna Sharp and Kay Swinburne returned to answer timely questions on the Job Retention Scheme and financial stimulus packages respectively.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 13 – Featuring Minister for Investment and Bosch UK
We heard from Lord Grimstone, Minister for Investment at the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, who explored the Government’s plans to re-ignite the UK economy and attract investment. Steffen Hoffmann, President of Bosch UK, shared how they are managing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and preparing for the new reality. Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Infrastructure, shared his insights on inward investment around infrastructure and the regional levelling up agenda. Finally, Bina Mehta, Partner, National Markets, shared views on investment for SMEs and fast growth businesses, including what we’re hearing from our clients on international trade expectations.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 12 - Featuring NatWest Group and Be the Business
Alison Rose, Chief Executive of NatWest Group, shared a banking perspective on managing through the pandemic and how they are planning for the new reality. Tony Danker, CEO of Be the Business, also joined us to share insights on how SMEs are preparing for the new reality, particularly around tech adoption and productivity. Bill Michael, UK Chair & Senior Partner, KPMG, discussed his reflections on what COVID-19 means for the future of business, and Catherine Burnet, Regional Chair for KPMG in Scotland, explored what’s happening around regional clusters to support SMEs and stimulate demand, including a perspective on Scotland. And finally, our expert Donna Sharp shared help and guidance following the Government’s latest updates on the Job Retention Scheme.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 11 – Featuring Vodafone and Hanbury Strategy
We were joined by Nick Read, Group Chief Executive of Vodafone, who shared insights on their COVID-19 journey and their planning for the future. James McBride of Hanbury Strategy explored the possible trajectory of COVID-19 and the variables that will impact it, including expectations on the UK’s emergence from lockdown compared to other countries. Giuseppe Latorre, Head of Deal Advisory at KPMG in Italy, shared insights on how Italy are easing out of lockdown, returning to work and reigniting their economy. Finally, Jo Stringer, KPMG Strategy Partner, shared her perspective on how businesses are preparing for the new customer in the new reality.

 Preparing for the new reality – Week 10 – Featuring Octopus Energy
We were joined by Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy, who shared his thoughts on the acceleration of digitisation as businesses move from Recovery to the New Reality. We explored what businesses can be doing now to either make up ground or get ahead on the digital front with our Chief Digital Officer Lisa Heneghan and looked ahead at the expected consolidation in the deals market with Liz Claydon, our Head of Deal Advisory. Isabel Ost, Legal Services Director, took questions on data protection in relation to workplace Apps. Finally, Kay Swinburne and Donna Sharp answered questions on the Government’s financial stimulus packages and JRS.

 From resilience to recovery – Week 9 – Featuring the Mayor of the West Midlands and JJ Churchill
Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, shares his views on how cities and businesses can prepare for the new reality. Andrew Churchill, JJ Churchill Ltd. Executive Chairman, a family owned manufacturer discusses his experience of how they've been managing through the pandemic and adapting new ways of working. Chris Hearld, KPMG's Head of Regions shares insight on how businesses across the UK are coping and what reigniting the regional economies means for SMEs.

 From resilience to recovery – Week 8 – Featuring Sainsbury’s and UKHospitality
Sainsbury's Chief Executive Mike Coupe shared how they've been managing through the crisis and preparing for the new reality. Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality CEO, also joined us to shared her views on the hospitality and leisure sectors and the impact on consumer attitudes and behaviour. Linda Ellett, Head of Consumer Markets, Retail and Leisure shared her perspectives on this. In addition, Andy Pyle, Head of Real Estate provided an update on the re-opening of property including the high street, as well as the longer term trends and the future property footprint.

 Building Resilience – Week 7 – Featuring Sir Roger Carr, Chairman, BAE Systems and James McBride from Hanbury Strategy
Sir Roger Carr, Chairman of BAE Systems shared his views on the challenges of returning to work and maintaining resilience across operations and complex supply chains. In addition, James McBridge from Hanbury Strategy discussed the key areas to focus on to restart business. Our Chief Economist Yael Selfin returned to discuss the latest regional economic update and Iain Prince covered practical tips for the return to work.

 Building Resilience – Week 6 – Featuring the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Sarah Munby, Director General at the Department for BEIS shares insights on the government’s support schemes and the strategy to help ensure our economy is ready to emerge from COVID-19 to recover and grow. We also hear from KPMG’s Managing Partner for Delhi who shares his views on the outlook for India and the impact on international supply chains and outsourcing operation.

 Responding to COVID-19 – Week 5 – Featuring Kerry Foods
Duncan Everett, CEO of Kerry Foods, discusses managing operational resilience alongside a line-up of KPMG experts including Karim Haji, KPMG's Head of Financial Services. Andrew Hynard, CEO of The Howard de Walden Estate, also shares his views on the UK property market.

 Responding to COVID-19 – Week 4 – Featuring UK Finance and the Stabilisation Unit
Exploring the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Schemes and developments on the Job Retention Scheme, with Stephen Jones, CEO UK Finance and Mark Marshall, Former Lieutenant-Colonel, Palladium Operations Director, Stabilisation Unit.

 Responding to COVID-19 – Week 3 – Featuring HSBC UK
Ian Tandy, MD of Global Trade & Receivables Finance at HSBC UK and Andrew Weir, Partner, KPMG in Hong Kong, discuss developments from government’s support package for businesses in response to COVID-19.

 Responding to COVID-19 – Week 2 – Featuring UK Finance
Covering government measures for businesses & employees, including how to access funding & finance support to build financial resilience, featuring Stephen Jones, CEO of UK Finance.

 Responding to COVID-19 – Week 1 – Featuring Eurasia Group
Hear from experts from Eurasia Group and KPMG’s specialists, including our Chief Medical Adviser, on the immediate and medium to long term actions you need to consider.

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