2019 Data Collection Form and Federal Audit Clearinghouse Update
Webcast Description:

Completion of the Data Collection Form (DCF) serves to communicate the results of the audit to the federal agencies that rely on single audits. It is important that auditors and auditees complete the Form correctly. This GAQC Web event will provide participants with important information on the following: • Auditors must include the actual text of the audit finding on the form. • Auditors must indicate whether there was communication to the auditee in a written document relating to any issues that were not an audit finding but warranted the attention with those charged with governance. • Auditees must include the text of their corrective action plans. • Auditees are required to include the text of the notes to the schedule of expenditures of federal awards. • Updated data entry instructions for the FAC Internet Data Entry System (IDES). Key Topics: • Changes to the 2019 Data Collection Form (DCF) • How to correctly complete the Form
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