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For lawyers, understanding and implementing cyber security requirements for their firms often seems overwhelming. In addition clients are taking the necessary steps to ask their law firms to explain their process for cyber-attack prevention. Law firms are facing unprecedented cyber-attack challenges from the widespread use of electronic records and mobile devices.

Not surprisingly, top clients are filing lawsuits against law firms that are marketing itself as using sophisticated data security products to protect clients’ information but in fact had numerous vulnerabilities that already have been known by hackers.

The data and information kept by law firms are largely protected by the attorney-client privilege and/or the work product doctrine, as well as by various legal ethics requirements. This makes the data that much more valuable to hackers. There are many types of sensitive data being collected, transmitted, and archived that are target-rich for cyber-criminals. Hackers target critical, highly valuable corporate records, intellectual property, strategic business data, and litigation-related theories and records collected through e-discovery.

Evaluating risk begins with defining data security polices for the Digital Age. This complimentary webcast will give you a look at how cybersecurity breaches and data privacy issues leave law firms and their clients exposed to risk, competitive disadvantages, and theft of intellectual property by cyber criminals and rogue insiders.

Attend this webcast, and you’ll learn:

  • About the Panama Papers breach, the stolen Secret Service laptop and how something similar could happen to you;
  • How client/attorney privilege extends to the cyber realm and how you can comply with the ABA Model Rule 1.6;
  • Why technology alone will not prevent breaches; and
  • How you can protect your clients’ data without spending a fortune.
  • NYS DFS Cybersecurity Regulations (23 NYCRR 500) and the EU GDPR, how they impact your firm
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Chris Henry
OneForce Technologies
Chris Henry is an experienced Regulatory Compliance and Cyber Security executive, with over 12 years of experience in Bank Compliance, Governance and Risk Management.

Arthur van der Wees
Managing Director
Arthur's Legal
Arthur van der Wees is attorney at law with a global practice, and advisor to the European Commission and other regulators and authorities around the world in the domain of cybersecurity, personal data protection, cloud computing, AI, IoT, digital society and compliance.

Peter Simon
OneForce Technologies
Peter Simon founded OneForce Technologies with the vision of bringing enterprise class data breach prevention solutions to small to midsize organizations.