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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 02:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT
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One of the fundamental premises for building a WAN, whether for public Cloud access or for traditional Enterprise private WAN, is that network infrastructure needs to be predictable in the way it performs and deliver superior Quality of Experience (QoE). The Tolly Group recently published an SD-WAN performance evaluation, where they evaluated the TELoIP SD-WAN-as-a-Service offer looking at three key criteria:

  • WAN QoE
  • Multi-link Performance with and without Compression
  • Failover/Resilience

Many SMB & Enterprise organizations will undergo router refresh cycles during 2017 – 2020 where existing branch office routers must be replaced. This is an ideal time to consider different approaches more aligned with changing traffic patterns. Most analysts concur that SMB & mid-size organizations need a much simpler architecture that supports intent-based policies fully aligned with business priorities. By purchasing SD-WAN as a network-as-a-service, organizations can free internal manpower to focus on new initiatives.

Larger enterprises will live with MPLS as a primary WAN for the next few years. SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises are adopting public cloud at such a rapid rate that they must reduce latency on cloud applications by avoiding ‘tromboning’ and off-loading internet bound traffic to increase overall network performance. SD-WAN technologies like TELoIP’s Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO™) support packet steering and link aggregation to ensure the best path is always taken for business-critical applications. By utilizing multiple service provider underlays, 99.999% reliability can be assured for non-stop business operations.

The testing that the Tolly Group performed, validates that QoE can be delivered over broadband internet links (in this case DSL circuits). The Multi-link performance claims were validated along with the VINO architecture’s resiliency.

Finally, a network re-architecture should also reduce your capital costs. TELoIP delivers the TELoIP Cloud as a 100% OpEx model that depending on the situation can save organizations between 50 and 90%; reduce management & deployment costs by 50 -75%freeing up scarce manpower and result in lower recurring WAN costs over a 3 – 5-year period.

What you will learn in this Webinar:
  • How changing customer needs due to public cloud services are driving the evolution of the WAN
  • How SD-WAN technologies address these new requirements and are displacing traditional solutions like traditional routers and MPLS
  • How TELoIP’s VINO Architecture delivers: QoE, Performance & Resilience meets market requirements
  • How TELoIP’s TMC-Award winning VINO™ solutions empower organizations to capitalize on the SD-WAN wave

Who should Attend:
  • Executives, strategists and information technology managers for SMBs, Mid-Market Enterprises, MSPs, CSPs, VARs, and IT resellers working for or with organizations between 10 and 5,000 employees with revenue between $50M and $1B.


Kevin Tolly
The Tolly Group

Kevin Suitor
Chief Marketing Officer


Paula Bernier
Executive Editor