Inside Counsel Takes Control: 2015 E-Discovery Survey

Thursday, July 30, 2015
02:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT

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Event Description:

Inside counsel for organizations large and small are grappling with a growing caseload, new data sources (e.g., cloud repositories, mobile devices, social media), and the mounting threat of data breaches. To find out how they’re prioritizing and addressing these challenges, Guidance Software conducted the 2015 E-Discovery Survey, and we’ve asked leading security and e-discovery experts to weigh in on the findings.

Hear the Results on 7/30: In our one-hour webinar, “Inside Counsel Takes Control: The 2015 E-Discovery Survey,” you’ll learn how your peers are:
  • Meeting the e-discovery challenges of cloud-based ESI
  • Taking greater control of the e-discovery review process
  • Preparing for the rising likelihood of a data breach

Speaker Information:

Scott A. Carlson
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Mr. Carlson founded and chairs Seyfarth Shaw’s E-Discovery and Information Governance practice and is nationally known in these areas. His practice is entirely devoted to e-discovery and information governance issues from both the consulting and litigation perspective. Mr. Carlson teaches a Masters of Law course on the subjects of e-discovery, digital evidence, and computer forensics. Mr. Carlson’s strong technical background includes a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics and experience working in private industry as a software engineer. Mr. Carlson represents and provides e-discovery advice to a broad range of clients from small and mid-sized companies up to the nation’s largest companies. Mr. Carlson also advises clients in other information governance issues including, among others, computer forensics issues, records information management, information security / cyber security and IT-related policies and practices. Also an experienced litigator, Mr. Carlson has represented clients in a wide range of commercial disputes.

Chris Dale
eDisclosure Information Project

Chris Dale qualified as an English solicitor in 1980 after reading History at Oxford. He was a litigation partner in London and then a litigation software developer and litigation support consultant before turning to commentary on electronic disclosure / discovery. He runs the eDisclosure Information Project which disseminates information about the court rules, the problems, the solutions, and the technology to lawyers and their clients, to judges, and to suppliers. He was a member of Senior Master Whitaker's Working Party which drafted the 2010 EDisclosure Practice Direction and Electronic Documents Questionnaire. He writes an authoritative and objective blog on the subject and is a well-known speaker and commentator in the UK, the US and other common law jurisdictions.

Patrick Heim
Head of Trust and Security

Patrick has been the Head of Trust and Security at Dropbox since January 2015. In this role he is accountable for ensuring security and compliance for both the company and the Dropbox service. Prior to Dropbox, he was the Chief Trust Officer at Salesforce.com. Patrick has held CISO positions at Kaiser Permanente and McKesson. His career also spans two security technology startup companies and time leading security consulting, penetration testing and auditing teams at Ernst & Young.

Chad McManamy, Esq.
VP E-Discovery
Guidance Software

Chad McManamy, Esq., is the Vice President of E-Discovery and Assistant General Counsel. In this position, McManamy will work with judicial, legal industry and corporate e-discovery professionals to ensure that their specific needs are represented in the further development of the company’s EnCase® eDiscovery products, at a time when global data-protection, privacy, and legal technology requirements are undergoing rapid change.

Previously, Chad was the Senior Counsel and Assistant General Counsel at Guidance Software where he worked closely with influential judges, Fortune 100 legal teams, and government and law-enforcement agencies. He is a frequent presenter at legal and security technology conferences, such as the RSA Conference and Today’s General Counsel roundtable events, and has provided commentary on e-discovery rulings and industry colloquia such as the Sedona Conference Institute Program.

Earlier in his career, McManamy spent six years working on antitrust lawsuits involving multinational companies with potential fines in the billions of dollars. With e-discovery at the heart of effective litigation and legal defense, these exceptional cases were instrumental in helping him learn the practical needs of legal teams in an age when cases may involve collecting evidence from terabytes of data stored on a myriad of devices and in geographically disparate locations.