New Ways of Automating Analysis in Confocal Raman Imaging


Recent advances in Confocal Raman Imaging have dramatically improved its efficiency and performance. Measurement speed, sensitivity and resolution are available simultaneously without compromise for comprehensive characterization of materials and specimens three-dimensionally with the highest spectral resolution. Automation is the key to effortlessly managing the image-acquisition and data evaluation using a software-controlled and motorized microscope system. This webinar will explore how the most intricate Raman Imaging experiments can be easily accomplished, leading to a greatly improved ease of use and productivity.

We will discuss how to overcome the boundary between  simplicity and ultimate capability in Raman Imaging.

A particular focus will be placed on industrial and academic R&D issues requiring outstanding spectral and spatial resolution, ultra-fast acquisition times, and exceptional signal sensitivity in combination with automated and intuitive measurement procedures.

Automated data-evaluation tools support the user in extracting the relevant information from a hyper-spectral Raman-Imaging dataset. A set of tools will be presented and the advantages of the automated approach will be discussed.

Correlating Raman Imaging with other microscopy techniques (SEM, AFM, Profilometry) is even more beneficial when an intuitive and automated microscope is the enabling technology in combining the techniques facilitating these correlative measurements. Various examples and applications of correlative Raman Imaging will be show


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