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SAP ASE Cluster Edition 15.7 and Cluster Edition Roadmap

This presentation discusses SAP ASE Cluster Edition with a focus on how it can be used to achieve mission critical high availability. We’ll start with a quick recap of high availability solutions for SAP ASE and then focus on Cluster Edition capabilities. We’ll show you how SAP ASE Cluster Edition can be configured to provide maximum availability for mission critical applications, while providing DBAs with the ability to provide tiers of availability in case of multiple node failures. In addition, workload management features will be discussed including how these features can be used with the new rolling upgrade to provide for non-interruptive patching of cluster node instances. New features introduced in SAP ASE Cluster Edition 15.7 SP130 will be discussed – including single instance database, cluster locking changes and rolling upgrades. In addition, we’ll take a look at the Cluster Edition roadmap including SAP ASE Cluster Edition 16.0 and beyond.

Featured Speaker:

Jeff Tallman
Product Expert, SAP ASE Product Management

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