Development strategies for high-performing perfusion media

Biomanufacturers are increasingly driven to develop innovative solutions for highly efficient and cost-effective processes. Integrated continuous processing, comprising production in a high-cell density perfusion culture coupled to a continuous capture step, is a potential solution to serve as a universal biomanufacturing platform.

In this webcast, an expert describes a structured approach for developing a perfusion medium from a combination of commercially available medium and feeds. The medium optimization resulted in a final process with a cell-specific perfusion rate of about 20 pL/cell/d, a decrease of more than 75% compared with the starting process conditions.

Learn how this methodology can be applied to other cell culture media to serve as a fast route to an efficient upstream perfusion process. When combined with a continuous downstream operation, the resulting overall process can meet many demands of tomorrow’s biomanufacturing.

Key Learning Objectives:

• Understand technologies that enable modern perfusion cell culture.
• Review a fast and convenient strategy for developing a high-cell density perfusion process for Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells based on commercially available cell culture medium and feeds.
• Learn how design of experiments (DoE) can be used in a structured approach to decrease the cell-specific perfusion rate in an existing process.


Andreas Castan, Ph.D.
R&D Scientist
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Andreas Castan is an R&D scientist for GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business. After studying chemical engineering at the Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), Germany, he received a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. His research was focused on the characterization and scale-up of processes for the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins in high cell density cultures. Before joining GE Healthcare, Andreas was Director Upstream Development at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB, working with the development of expression systems, process development of microbial and mammalian cell based processes, and scale-up to cGMP manufacturing scales. During the last 20 years, Andreas has held several positions within biopharmaceutical development, including project and line management as well as manufacturing.


Rita Peters
Editorial Director
BioPharm International

Adeline Siew
BioPharm International

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