Agile, Continuous Practices and DevOps: How far can you go in Embedded Software Development?

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January 29, 2015 02:00 PM EST
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Software development and methodologies are constantly evolving and incorporating agile, continuous practices, and DevOps can have profound effects. Effects can include a transformation not only in development methodologies, but also in how companies choose to organize themselves, how they view their business, and most significantly, how they deliver value to their customers.

Historically, embedded software developers have lagged behind IT in the adoption of agile development practices largely due to the requirement of developing for the target hardware. In this web seminar we will discuss what embedded developers are doing to adopt and embrace the methodologies that can transform their business. With the Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the key drivers, we will look at how some IT trends are being applied in Embedded. We’ll also discuss some of the unique challenges embedded developers face, some of the strategies some firms have used to advance their efforts to evolve their development practices, and some of the rewards for doing so.

Chris Rommel, Executive Vice President, VDC
Prathap Dendi, Vice President, Business Development, Electric Cloud
Graham Morphew, Senior Director, Product Management, Wind River

Eva Skoglund, Sr. Marketing Manager, Simics, Wind River