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Web Seminar Overview:

There's no doubt about it: Macs have arrived in Enterprise big-time. Gartner predicted the surge in early 2013, and in the last 18 months it has come to pass. Several studies show at least half of all enterprise IT departments now formally support Macintosh, and one recent survey puts the number at over 70%.

So, how are you managing the Macs in your enterprise? The good news is that it's not as hard as you thought, and it's getting easier at a rapid pace. One way to look at Macs is as full Windows-PC equivalents, but with "something extra." Macs can run Windows -- either natively or within Mac OSX via virtualization -- so in that respect you can manage their Windows persona just like any other Windows desktop.

The key to complete Mac administration is in knowing what that "something extra" is and how to manipulate it. In this webcast, Macintosh expert Mel Beckman—a long-time writer for both Macworld and InfoWorld, as well as an active Mac deployment specialist—joins the business solutions team from Parallels to discuss how to leverage your existing Windows investment to deploy and Manage Macs. You'll learn:

  • The hidden value Macs bring to enterprise computing
  • The latest commercial management tools available
  • How to extend your existing Microsoft SCCM infrastructure to completely manage Macs beyond native functionality
  • How to create a strategy for integrating Macs in your enterprise

This session will also feature a segment from Parallels Program Manager, Yury Averkiev, who will present real-world guidance for supporting Macs in Windows-heavy environments. Yuri will provide a demonstration on the performance and usability of Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, as well as their industry-leading desktop virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop Enterprise Edition.  

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Mel Beckman
Bio: Mel Beckman has built two regional Internet service providers and is currently president of Beckman Software Engineering, a technical consultancy specializing in large-scale, high-bandwidth networks. His past clients include Apple Computer, the City and County of Santa Barbara, DuPont Displays, IBM, Loral Federal Systems, United Airlines, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Department of Energy. Mel has presented seminars on computer programming and network technology throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.