Forensic Science Techniques

Original Broadcast Date: Thursday November 6, 2014
Duration: 1.25 hours

With far fewer high-speed chases and gunfights than late night television may lead us to believe; for many, forensic science is still just as exciting. Encompassing diverse disciplines including biological and DNA analysis, trace and chemical analysis of non-organics, pathology, and toxicology; forensic science utilizes a myriad of techniques and equipment in an attempt to collect, preserve, and identify crime-scene evidence. Recently, advances in biotechnology and instrumentation have revolutionized the modern forensics lab presenting new challenges and opportunities for the forensic scientist. Join Lab Manager’s free educational webinar where our panel of experts will discuss the latest trends and tools in forensic science today. Join in the live discussion and receive feedback from our panel on the latest equipment and best practices that you can implement in your forensic lab.

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