Advancing FT-IR Imaging – Synchrotron IR Imaging in Your Lab

FT-IR imaging is now a well-established analytical tool for obtaining spatially resolved spectral and spatial FT-IR chemical information simultaneously in the micron size domain. This technique has been applied across many different application areas, from polymer science to biomedical imaging. During this web seminar, we will present a novel method of magnification enhancement utilizing standard objectives, while maintaining high sensitivity, delivering ultrahigh spatial resolution FT-IR imaging capabilities in the laboratory in the order of 1 micron/pixel, previously thought only possible on synchrotron IR imaging systems.

This new capability opens up exciting new areas of application, such as live cell chemical imaging in water at high magnification and exploring biomedical tissues at the sub-cellular level for early disease diagnosis and characterization and applications in polymer and material science.

Furthermore, this web seminar will expand on the newly introduced “sample preparation free” approach to micro-imaging using Agilent’s “live ATR FT-IR imaging” technique.. By removing the need for resin embedding, this technique reduces overall sample analysis times from ~1 day to 5 min, and provides high spatial resolution (~2 microns) FT-IR images, making it idea for FT-IR imaging analysis of polymer films and laminates and delicate samples such as those seen in electronics and art conservation. Such capabilities are invaluable tool in troubleshooting and product development.

Mustafa Kansiz
FTIR Product Manager
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Kristen Moore

Multimedia Producer

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