Miniature NIR Spectroscopy and Development of NIR Methods for Blend Analysis

This presentation was recorded on October 16, 2014.


Advances in miniature near-infrared spectroscopy instruments in terms of size, weight, affordability, and performance are starting to democratize the technology whereby a new population of users across a wide range of industries is starting to emerge. The new users are able to take measurements in the field, at-line, or on-line to ascertain quality, improve yield, increase productivity, reduce cost, and make faster critical decisions.

In this webinar:

• The breakthrough MicroNIR™ spectrometer that weighs 2 ounces and measures 2 inches in diameter, will be featured for its capabilities and performance attributes.
• Two case studies will be presented whereby
o 1) The spectrometer is used for rapid and nondestructive identification of pharmaceutical raw materials.
o 2) The spectrometer is used in a study for end-point blend uniformity.


Prof. Carl A. Anderson
Associate Professor
Mylan School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Christopher Pederson
Applications Engineer
JDSU Corporation

Steve Brown

Technical Editor

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